How Badly IRANIAN want Democracy and Freedom Compare to Arab Countries?


by afshinazad

We are witnessing tens of thousands people in Arab countries coming in the streets day after day increasing and they are determine to get what they want and even if some of them get killed makes public more angry and attract more people to demonstration and this is not because they don’t care about their life and their family, in fact they are very brave and nationalist people and even they have no leader to guide them at this moment but they are very organized and they are tired of these tyrants.

I never respected ARAB people and always thought they are worthless people, but today I have to admit that they are united and they want change and real change, look at Libya, people are getting shot at by air force and still they are on the streets and dictator is declared war against the nation just like Khamenie and there is no change in peoples motivation and such a commitment from people will bring them victory sooner than ever.

IRAN: in Iran we have brave young man and women who are willing give their life for freedom but most of the Iranian have not decided that whether to join these Brave Iranian, but why? Even they hate the regime and what is that holding them from such a commitment? Is there a political problem or they are not sure what is that they want or they do not see any chance of toppling of the regime?

Or just they are waiting for the last moment just like 1979 jump in wagon when everything is ready on silver platter for them to take it over and claim that they were the freedom fighters and fought for freedom for better position and business as usual in Iran and things never change and I am ashamed as Iranian to see our brave young man and women sacrificing their life for godless and coward Iranian who they claim to be Iranian. Our people don’t deserve freedom and democracy because our people are coward and not nationalist as they claim they are and they love to get screwed by cleric and pushed around and insulted on the street and work and any where they go, I say good for you and good for cleric which know how to suck the blood out of them because they deserve it.

Regime in Iran is weakest regime in the world and they have created the fear and they have made up things and they are so weak that with one million demonstrations this regime will come down within two days serious riot on the streets and taking over the military bases just like 1979 and police stations and TV station, I am confident because I was at ashura day there and we were able to pin the securities and basijies and pasdaran and If people would of continue to next level regime would of been down 20 moth ago, you see it is possible and it could be done. We are laughing stuck worldwide and I see that every day and we keep complaining and asking other countries to help us and then we will complain the foreigners are using us and taking our money and our government are puppet of American or the British. And our people think that if British or American want to change the regime they will change it and people shouldn’t do anything and typical Iranian daily understanding and commitment to their future, because still they belief that they had nothing to do with 1979 regime change and what a selfish nation.


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Joe L.


by Joe L. on

iranians are very active and vocal about their dissatisfaction with government. of course i am talking about the people and taxi drivers that i've met. i think iranians live freer under this system than other countries that i visit regularly. thats b/c people are freer and more relaxed. i never see too much government in peoples lives when i visit iran. but if anyone thinks that the revolution must come they must have the support of the lower class in iran. i personally think that right now the poor is not with the upper class in wanting to overthrow the regime.
thats what i see every time i go but i could have been deceived.



by MRX1 on

It's a combination of several things:

1)95% of people belong to hezb bad: which ever direction it flows they will bollow it, you can count on it!!!! One of the best examples:  1952, 26 mordad they were screaming 'long live mossadegh', blah ,blah, two days later on 28 mordad same people were yelling 'down with mossadegh'.  what makes you think this menthality has changed since then? period between 1978 and 1979 same thing.

2) Fear - you are dealing with psycho's who don't hesitate to kill teen agers, old men, pragnenet women, you name it and after tens of thousends if not hundred's of thousend of execution, well state of fear factor is very real.

3) Balkanization - great deal of balkanization has been happening due to IRR policies, as a result when one region erupts, others are quiet. Best example: Kurdestan had a complete shut down after the executions several months a go, but no other province supported it.

4) Finaly why would any logical person risk their life's to go from one bad version of IRR with Ann and khameni to another bad version under guidiance of opium fested moussavi and karoubi?

Till there is a resurection of Iran, restoration of Iranian identity, language, culture and way of life, everything else is hocus pocus. 




by afshinazad on

you must be happy by licking IR foot and other parts, keep doing good job.

you must read and understand what I am writing, since you have american flag as your avatar you must be expert in freedom. 

Joe L.

oh my lord, this stuff is getting better

by Joe L. on

"I never respected ARAB people and always thought they are worthless people"
my god. is this for real? unbelievable. this person thinks he can understand freedom? something is wrong here. something is very wrong here. if i were most of you, i would grab the feet of islamic republic and begin to kiss it. these are your alternatives? daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn