by afshinazad

As an Iranian how much politic and political party stopping you from unification to create powerful force to get our country back and to get our dignity back and restore our culture and get respected again?

Are we are fan of any group or the party?

Have we studying said parties and group’s policies and their agendas or their constitution belonged to that party?

Are we divided because we take everything personal and still live with past and our brain filled with wrong information because of Islamic Regime and propaganda was rooted to our core?

Are we are victim of our own conclusion and misunderstanding of ourselves and each other’s and our own nation or because mistrust created by three decades of treason.

Every day I read there are executions because they are enemy of God or the regime or drug traffickers, in less than a month over 100 people have been killed because of barbaric regime and occupiers who they have occupied our land and slaved the nation and they have been trying very hard to destroy the Essen of our culture and history and replace with their sick and twisted culture and the history. Every day there is arrest and killing and every single day our country is been sold bit by bit to foreigners.

If today we are sitting and doing nothing and if we are waiting for miracle to happen truly we deserve it all, if our people in Iran cannot raise their voices, what about us? We are about 5 million living in western countries, can you imagine if only in California one day all these Iranian come out against the regime and have their voice heard by all free world leaders, what would be the impact? Are we afraid of not being able to go Iran again and if you imagine with coming out with tens of thousands worldwide what kind of message would send to regime and Iranian in motherland.

We all Iranian and we have only one party that is built by our flag and our country and our nation and nothing else should replace these three. پرچم - کشور – ملت

Long live Iran and Iranian nation.


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