Liberation in Iran first and its impact on region


by afshinazad

We all witnessed from start of Iranian demonstration against dictatorship and religion fascism has sparked the Middle East and given new life line for people of region to stand against tyrants and now they want universal right and freedom which they never had and for such a countries which freedom has never been implemented before and some of these countries only they have experienced with some social and economical freedom which they are not even aware of it or they don’t know even how to use it, Of course except for some, these rapid changes worries western countries a lot and they have no idea how to stop it, if in case another Islamic fascism regime appears before them and specially Israel is worried a lot about another Islamist regime in their door step. And what is the diagnosis for this problem and what could stop such a chaos in Middle East and the answer is quite simple and there is only one place and one source of all these troubles and that is Islamic regime of Iran. In order to disable all these Islamic nightmare in the region is as per Saudi king is cut the head of the snake otherwise this region would be in chaos for decades to come and this is why any revolution or any major change in this region must start with Iran, with toppling Islamic regime there would be no more claims or desires for such Islamic Regime and this would be victory for Iranian and countries in this region, of course if western countries and American would allow such a changes to happen, because of their national interest and let’s not forget that more chaos in our region more benefit for these western countries, in any case main change must start with Iran otherwise EGYPT or TUNISIA they cannot be forceful in region and these countries eventually will go back to square one even worse than where they are now.

We all must worry about religious intellectuals who they are mini BANI SADR or BAZARGAN or people like them with PHD’S or whatever they are claiming they are and we never should allow these people be part of the main movement or at least leaders of movement , they are anti Iranian and anti Iranian culture and history and there is no different between them and clergies and all they are interested in power and they don’t care about serving country or the nation, we must never repeat our mistakes again and we should be very vigilant and same time we should work on unification of all parties who are active for restoring our country and dignity, I am sure that any of Islamic parties would be part of our future political circle but they will never have the majority or the power again in our country and unlike Turkey these Islamic parties has been growing from last 10 years all the thanks to Iranian Islamic regime and our free money to supporting their agenda, but with toppling IRI every one of these Islamic tyrants will fall. I don’t know about tomorrow but I know if we all contribute every day one way or another to arrange the strong alliances to guide the nation for massive movement against tyrants and occupiers who are destroying our culture and history and country and our way of living every single day before our own eyes. Long live Iran and our brave nation from north to south and east to west of the country.         


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