Middle East: Forbidden for Democracy.


by afshinazad

When it comes for countries like Iran and Egypt or Iraq or other countries in our region, democracy is against national interest of western countries and specially Israel and no matter who will come to power in any of our countries will dictate with Iron fist and there would be no democracy and political freedom and best freedom and democracy might be able to get would be half freedom of shah time and even if we could get close to Pre 1979 would be too much freedom and rights, for these foreign powers to accept it or to be satisfied for their sick and ill agendas. That’s why it is imperative for Iranian not to relay or even imagine countries who are advocators of freedom and human rights will support our cause and it is very important for every Iranian to join hand and hand for first time in our history to break Curtin of darkness. We were super power once and we had pride of being brightest people in region and our nation today has been shackled with Islamic chain and Iron fist, for every Iranian is important not lose the hope for better future and we have to educate ourselves we are alone in this world when it comes for best interest of our nation and the country and it is important that we should work hard to motivate our brothers and sisters that they are not struggling for us or anyone else but they are working hard for their own future and their kids future. One educated nation and with a lot of potential cannot bow to any man. We are proud nation and we are proud to be Iranian and we are proud to have thousands of years history and we have never been in struggle like today but we have been close to what we are facing today, but always we have survived and we are the only nation with such bloody history still standing tall and there is no short cuts or easy way to free our nation, there is only one way and only way is united to defeat this Islamic monster and move toward better future for all Iranian with same right for all four corners of Iran. Public service must be for national interest a protection of freedom and right of every Iranian, there shouldn’t be self interest in our agenda otherwise as young free country we will be crushed like a small boat to massive rocks and this is our goal to be free and survive from all the monster waives will be hitting us in the future. My fellow Iranian I hope we are committed to get united for free and democratic Iran.


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just a taboo to be eventually broken!

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