Time machine

by afshinazad

If I had a time machine and If I would of been able to go back to 1978 and tell people that what would happen to them in future and prove it to them that they will be executed and they will be raped and there would 8 year of war and hundreds of thousand young Iranian will be perished and hundreds of thousands of people will lose arms and legs and many other thing because of war and women will lose their freedom and there would be no freedom what so ever and also they will lose every social and economical  and civil freedom that they enjoy today and there would be corruption beyond their imagination and they will lose their safety and security that they enjoy especially women and if I tell men you would be no longer could drink your beer or you could hold your girlfriends hand and Most importantly if I would go to SHAH and warn him what would happen to Iran if leaves the country and if I tell him that his work and his father’s hard work from last 57 year would be destroyed by bunch of traitors and they are intend to slave our nation in the name of false god and their criminal prophets and Iran would be largest prison in world.

 Question is anyone would believe me?

And if you had a time machine would you go back and warn people about their destiny?   


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Dr. Seddighi, a man from the future!

by Pahlevan on

دکتر غلامحسین صدیقی در بحبوحه انقلاب در مورد وضعیت آینده ایران با بازگشت خمینی چنین گفته بود: «روزی خواهد آمد که شما در عرصه بین‌المللی از آوردن نام ایران و ایرانی خجل و شرمسار باشید».


Not 1978 but rather 1940!

by Pahlevan on

If I had a time machine I would go back to 1940 and convince Reza Shah to throw out the German advisers and join the Allied Forces. That would have been the best route for Iran to take, and would have kept Reza Shah in power and let him carry on with his laïque reforms. Unfortunately Mohammad Reza Shah took a completely different route, and instead of fighting against Islamism, promoted it as some kind of "strategy" to counter communism!

Traveling to 1978 would accomplish nothing. Back then, there were actually a few voices of reason, such as Dr. Bakhtiar and Dr. Seddighi, who accurately predicted the future! but their warnings fell on deaf ears since most were infected by either Islamist fever or Marxist fever (or a combination of both) and had gone mad!! 

In those days, Dr. Seddighi said: "There comes a time when you would be ashamed of being from Iran, in foreign countries!"

It was as if, the likes of Seddighi, Bakhtiar and Rahimi did in fact have time machines and had traveled to pre-revolution Iran from our era!

Anahid Hojjati

Great comment Ari jan, some Iranians still don't believe it

by Anahid Hojjati on

I think people would not believe it. Also some people were not blameless in how events unfolded. Killing leaders of IRI in early years of revolution, that surely made situation worse.

Ari Siletz

Answer: No!

by Ari Siletz on

Some Iranians still don't believe it, despite the evidence. As for the hypothetical time machine, tried it; didn't work.