by afshinazad

Iranian suppose to come out for solidarity and release of Mousavi and Karobi and for those Iranian who really their agenda is to show to Regime no longer they are welcomed in our country and enough is enough and 32 year of tyranny in enough.

Question is here what if people wouldn’t come out for support of so called green party leaders and what would be the consequences of that?

 Regime has calculated the outcome of their arrest and they have witnessed that with cutting subsidies and increase of prices there was no respond or demonstration against the government or by executing over 120 young Iranian there was not even complain from any one in Iran and what is that today Iranian are facing quite Ironic, not only Iranian will be facing harsher punishment in near future but also will be end of any demonstration and opposition for decades to come.

Two weeks ago thousand come out for 25 BAHMAN and less people in 1st ESFAND and now tomorrow is another day to show the public power to Regime and I am quite disappointed with those who call for demonstration this Tuesday and next Tuesday if necessary and this type of leadership shows the weakness of the movement and prepares the regime for preparation to clamp down the public, why they are not asking for demonstration till regime is toppled and of course by history of Islamist reformers they want their power back and they have been out of power from last 5 year and I believe they don’t give a boggy about people’s right or the freedom and democracy they talk about is a golden era of Khomeini.

Iranian must get united and organized for change and put the all differences aside and act like a adult and for first time in their life put personal interest aside and put the country and the nation before anything else, if there is a country or the land is been occupied is Iran and nation is taken slave from last 32 year and there is no person in this world could live with themselves to see their future and their kids future is stolen before their eyes. Today we are witnessing Arab countries are rising against dictators that they been ruling them over 3 decades and they have been successful to topple the tyrants and rest of Arab Regimes are marked and soon will be end of insulting their nation as they were bunch of camels, but no more thanks to their brave heart young man and women who lost their lives for democracy and freedom of their motherland. And I hope we Iranian will have a same courage to come out till this satanic regime is toppled. Long live Iran and Iranian nation.


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