Why Embassies are not closed?


by afshinazad

What is the purpose of sanctions after sanctions and meaningless negotiations?

As far as future of our nation concerned we are helpless and the ruling government is making all kind of deals with Russia and china and American and other European getting their personal problems solved with china and Russia and quite ironic my friend is right advocating for freedom died with end of shah and end of cold war and as always our nation’s future and freedom is small casualty for foreign powers.

Why sanctions for nuclear but not for crime against humanity and human rights and why not close the regime propaganda life line and why not help the opposition of regime with tools and support their cause and wouldn’t that help Iranian and foreign powers interest, I guess they could do it but why not and there are a lot of answers.

What is threat of free and democratic Iran to foreign powers?

Is it stable Mideast?

Is it blue print for free Mideast?

Is it with free Iran, Iranian could advance faster than if their mind is not free?

Is it free mind with no worries about what would happen next, could challenge the government’s short coming and wouldn’t stop the foreign countries from taking advantage of them and wouldn’t make them less dependable. I guess we are alone and our people should invest in their own freedom and future of their children and they should unite like never before and from last 31 years we never had such veal to get rid out the regime that nation hate so much. My hope is for unified nation despite of their differences and beliefs for one united free country. We could choose our own destiny and we could right our own history and we could make mistakes and together we could solve any problems if set our mind in to it, there is no perfect world, there no right and wrong in freedom, there are solution.


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dear "Boycott,

by bushtheliberator on

Don't forget to warn the weak minded about snarky American Right-wingers, and the dangers of exposure to "neo-con thought"


I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is offensive to
the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site except to
warn other Iranians.

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