How do you say Goodbye (2)?

How do you say Goodbye (2)?
by Ali P.

I cannot begin to tell you what your messages of love and sympathy have meant to me regarding my last post    //

I am not ready to write the proper respond to them-I will do that in a couple of days- but as a token of my appreciation, I would like to share a video of my Dad with you.

Though not a professional musician, he loved playing violin. He didn't have much of a voice, but every once in a while, when he loved a poem, he would sing it as he played the violin.

He was too fragile to play for me during my visit, but I  have captured  him on video a couple of times in the past. These videos are very dear to me.

I would like to share this 5 minute clip with all of you, especially those who shared my sorrow. Every single one of those 63 comments, and each and every one of your words , I want you all to know, helped healing my wound.

For that, I am forever grateful.


Ali P.


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American Wife

your dad would be very proud of you.

by American Wife on

You will remain in our heart and thoughts during Thanksgiving.

peace and love to your family.


Ali, That was lovely.  I

by desi on


That was lovely.  I also like the black and white of your parents.  What a great looking couple.  Stay strong.

bajenaghe naghi

ali jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

that was a great video. he is a talented man. thank you for sharing it with us.


Wonderful. What a great

by Ajab Rajab (not verified) on

Wonderful. What a great man. I don't know him but he sure looks like the great ones I actually know. This is what life is all about.

Mohammad Ala

Thanks for sharing...

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for sharing this video.  I hope you learn to live with this and other fond memories of him.

Iranian parents are GREAT.  Lots of love to Iranian parents.  



Such a moving and poignant performance!

by Princess on

Your dad seems like a remarkable man. I also had tears in my eyes listening to him play.

I wish you peace. And do be gentle with yourself.



Ali aziz

by Khar on

Aanche Az Del Barayad Bar Del Neshinad. Thanks for Sharing!


Simply Lovely!

by Monda on

I don't know your dad and I have tears down my face while listening to him and watching his emotions performing. I hope you did cry with him during your visit on Sunday.

Ali joon make sure you keep at least one copy of this in a safebox.


Ali P

by javaneh29 on

A touching film that will forever be. Thank you for sharing it with us. Im sure it will always be a happy memory for you even at the most difficult times the future has yet to bring,.

I hope you are doing ok

with love



علی جان



علی جان ..اين سروده اماتور منو بپذير که برای خود و پدر نازنينت نوشتم

 ميبخشی اگه بی فورمه و بيک از دله کر بر دل نشينه


به گيتی نباشد به از نام تو      که چون خوشنوازی و اواز تو
پدر گر که هستی بدورم همی         کنم ياد وز مهر و اواز تو
گرم دور از ايران و سيمايه تو     منم ان علي, پور و همراه تو


What a wonderful performance

by observer (not verified) on

Not because he is a great musician or a singer but because he is full of humanity and love. Iranian fathers are the best in the world and I dedicate this song by John Prine the American folk singer to your father.



by maziar 1958 (not verified) on

Was nice of you to share that beautiful clip,the sad voice and all,
do you mind if I copy and save the music ? in my home town here we have Mr. Malek that is (was) famous violin player in Iran he may know him.. god bless you.


My dear Ali P.

by IRANdokht on

What a great video to have and to share!  I am in tears again... our fathers lost so much and went through a lot of pain in the second half  of their adult lives.  The nostalgia of these lyrics added to the melody of the violin and the very obvious lump in your fathers throat singing those beautiful words show the depth of his feelings for Iran and what used to be...

Simply beautiful! I hope when you see him again in the holidays, he'll be well enough to play his music some more. 

Thanks again for sharing your Dad's very emotional video.


Darius Kadivar

Great Tribute Ali P,

by Darius Kadivar on

Truly Great to be able to have this video for your Father playing the violin ans singing so passionately. I had goose bumps watching it. I am sure your kids if you have any or will in the future will look at it with pride and emotion.

God Bless,


Mona 19

May God dispel your sorrow

by Mona 19 on

Dear Ali.P....Such a great way to remember a loved one...thanks for sharing...Ali jan,Be thankful that you had this opportunity to see him, hug him, kiss him, and talk to him for last time. My parents live in Iran and they aren't young ,and if sth happens to them, I'm not able to go and see them for the last time.I might not even see them again....May God give you and your dear family patient and strength at this difficult time.



ebi amirhosseini

Ali Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Sepaas for sharing.

 For you :

این دل شیشه ایم می لرزد
نزنی سنگ به آن
نروی جای دگر
نکنی قهر شبی و ...
نزنی حرف بد آهنگ به آن
دل من برگ گل است
همه ی چلچله ها می دانند
سوسن و میخک و یاس
باز آواز مرا می خوانند
تکیه گاه دل من نسترن است
با تو ام ای همه آزاد و رها
دست های دل من منتظرند
که بیاویزند بر شاخه ی سرسبز دعا

پدرم در شب بیماری خویش
دست و پا می زند و وای به من!
کاینچنین صبر و قرارم به تلاطم شده است
پیچک سبز دعا - ناله ی من
پدرم دست مرا می گیرد
وای !تب دارد و آزرده دلم
چه کنم ؟ بغض گلویم را بست
به شکستن نرسد شاخه ی زیبای گلم!
عطر تبدار نفس های پدر
بوسه های شب بیماری او
یادم آورد که من در صدف تور سفید
نیز آن شب ، شب بی تابی او

آه ! کنون من و بیماری سرسخت پدر
به لبانم همه آویز دعا
اشک من باز چکید
یاد بغضی که مرا برد به دامان خدا...