Iran- N. Korea

Iran- N. Korea
by Ali P.

Who can predict the final score?

Your predictions about politics suck.

Let's see you make predictions about soccer...


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hamsade ghadimi

i know ali p.  i was

by hamsade ghadimi on

i know ali p.  i was watching the game when your comment appeared.  next time, let's go crazy and predict the outcome before the game starts. :)

Ali P.

hg jaan: Read the time stamp!

by Ali P. on

I posted this in between two half times.

More predictions to come :-)


where can I see the game

by iamfine on

I greatly appreciate if someone tells me where I can see the game - many thanks



by Doctor mohandes on

Are we not supposed to predict the result after the game always?
the dictionary that i have traslates the meaning of the verb to predict as...

Oh wait... This is the arabic version. oops:))

assab namoond be vallahe...


doodoodoodo doodddooodood

by Doctor mohandes on

rooo doooodood ododdoo Iran

Ajab Gooli booooddd... Viva la karim . Viva la karim.

azzz uu can seee i kan berly Kontain de eksytment:

Iran vs Australia... Which will be kinda like a revenge match for the ausie's in the next round,


hamsade ghadimi

ali jan, did you predict the

by hamsade ghadimi on

ali jan, did you predict the outcome after iran scored the goal or right before? :D


my prediction:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Ahmad bi-mokh will pay comrade kim-ill-jun, through a joint pakistani al_gaeda friend with few millions of barrels of oil to:

a) fix the result and jointly invest their money on a  footbal lottery bet.

b) take delivery of one of those stalin era, Soviet Jew designed and manufactured nuclear bombs.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Ali P.

My prediction:

by Ali P. on

Iran 1 : N. Korea 0