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Ali A Parsa
by Ali A Parsa

I never understand why we discontinue some practices that worked in the past. Chief among those was that we could click on a contributor's name, access the contributor's email with their permission. This would be another stepping stone to reach each other and exchange ideas outside of public arena. For some reason beyond my comprehension that system is abandoned and my query has not been addressed by the administrator.

I notice that so many potential contributors are at a loss in using paypal. Some of us could help those if we knew their eamil address and trust. In fact someone could run a tutorial for doing this. It seems like some of us do not know that Paypal is an excellent way of transaction involving sending and receiving small amount of money. It has the big advantage of avoiding credit card fraud. That is not to say that paypal is immune from fraud, but paypal's advangage is that if one opens a small account for paypal its potential for fraud and loss is minimized and one ould not lose nearly as much if any. For this and other reasons I wish we could at least contact those who are willing to be contacted and expand the exchange of ideas personally for those who prefer that level of communication.


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Ali A Parsa

Power of religious belief in America

by Ali A Parsa on

This appeared in December 18' 2011 issue of Mansfield News Journal. There are also other versions of religious belief in America.
Dear Abby:
I am a middle aged woman who is Baptist by faith. My problem is, if going to heaven means being reunited with my parents and other family members, then I don't want to go to hell, either. Any thoughts?-Eternally confused in Mississippi
DEAR ETERNALLY CONFUSED. YES. When you reach the pearly gates, talk this over with
St. Peter. Perhaps he would be willing to place you in a different wing than the one your parents and other family members are staying in. And in the meantime discuss this with your minister.




by yolanda on

As long as IC does not reveal my real name to the world, I am happy! I know some of the people blog under their real names and photos, but not everyone is that brave....I know I am not and I need to remain anonymous....

Another thing is that not everyone wants to be contacted 'cause you don't know what they are going to say.....they may call you a never not everyone activates the contact button....

good luck!


Who says...

by Princess on

Who says you can't contact people who wish to be contacted?

Just go to their page, and if the contact tab is showing click on it and you can send them messages. It certainly works for me, or am I missing something? 


bajenaghe naghi

Ali A Parsa jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I don't think that most people have problem in utilizing paypal. My take in reading a number of posts is that there are some people who wish to send money without giving away their identity. To use paypal you need to open an account under your name and give other personal information.