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There is no argument that any form of distruction of human life is unacceptable. Wants it to be the holocaust or death in Iraq for what ever reason. It is amazing how western media and governments relate every action against its, not only civilians but also its military, as act of TERRORISM. If an angry middle easterner acts as a vigilanty and say wounds two US or British soldiers he is referred to as a TERRORIST.

At the end of second world war two US atom bombs killed over 200,000 civilians which included innocent Japanese children, old people and maybe even adults who did everything to avoid killing or being killed for their emperor. It is so shamlessly ignored that one asks himself/herself why is it so. If killing just one Israeli soldier by a suicide palestinian bomber is an act of terrorism, then what do you call bombing of Hiroshima? I do not recommend you to ask this question from G. Bush. Having less than average intelligent from other politicians, he probably comes up with an answer like they tried to finish the war to stop the blood shed! But then Palestinians or Iraqis can say exactly the samething, but they are still considered as terrorists. What US government did in Hiroshima was also an act of terrorism. I bet no one will ever ask this question from top US politicians because it always been avoided and they have no answer for it.


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programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Layla Anwar is the one "Iraqi" blogger that every other Iraqi blogger, regardless of politics, sect or ideology, can't stand. Nice job referencing her :P

I heard US Soldier's being referred to in Iraq as "innocent victims". What else do you expect from FOX News ?

Q, you're such a liar. Have you no shame?


To Jamshid

by amirkabear4u on

I really do not know what on earth you are talking about. You seem to be a very confused person. If you read my comments carfully you would realize I was not backing IRI. It is a very bad habit some have, the moment one criticise US in middle east, it does not mean supporting Iran's government. Since you benn polite, hanging opposition is dictatorship and plastic keys you mentioned was one way of abusing simple minded muslems (I think you know what I mean).

Have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Open your eyes and blame yourself,

by Majnoon (not verified) on

Iraq is going down because of your fucking Islam and its two cults for not getting along, maybe Saddam should have stayed in power and continued raping your asses for the rest of your pathetic life. Democracy is a culture and Iraqis are incapable of understanding it. There was no Iraq before 1930 and the world won’t miss it if they divide it again to keep you savages a part. By the way other than your camels, you have no culture or history; what you claim as history belongs to other ethnic groups, which you have slaughtered...


From an Arab Women To You

by Anonymous2000 (not verified) on

No Past No Future by Layla Anwar, From:


Is there anything in Iraq that the Americans have not destroyed ?

Anything at all?...The past - you have looted and destroyed. Trying to erase our collective historical memory...Our roots, where we came from, what our ancestors did, their achievements, their trials, their statues, their writings...

You do not know history, you are rejects of history. You have no history. You have no past, you have are nothing.

You are nothing but ogres of consumerism. Not just material stuff, but anything you can swallow whole you will. You even swallow other people's history whole.
You are a greedy, covetous, gluttonous, voracious, jealous, envious people...
Since you are nothing, your nihilism contaminates everything else...
You destroy and self destruct...
No Future - You have no future, because inside of yourselves, your future is limited to your own little egos. Little egos have no future. Little egos are amoebas, parasites, feeding off others...You think you have a vision but your vision is only about your stomach, your pockets and what you have in between your legs...That is it.
This is where it stops. Surely this does not make you seers...
What have you contributed to the world ? Anything of real substance? Nothing. Apart from brutal might and power... and your sickening culture that is as hollow and as empty as you are.
And just as you have no real future, you robbed us of our own. You are collectively a bunch of criminals, thieves, thugs and perverts of the worst kind.
Since your f****** 9/11, you have totally destroyed two countries. Afghanistan and Iraq.
And you have not stopped. Not one day, not one hour...
You wanted regime change in Iraq - you got it.
You also changed us, me, beyond anything I can recognize...I never hated you before. Today I do. I really hate you.
You collectively disgust me. Even our ancient Mesopotamian deities and spirits are disgusted with you. Every single letter of the Alphabet is disgusted with you.
The earth, the rivers, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the birds of Iraq are disgusted with you...The cosmos is disgusted with you ...
Everytime I spot one of you anywhere in close proximity and hear that ugly accent of yours I run away...I avoid you like the plague. I can't bear to hear you or see you.
You represent nothing but Death and Destruction to me.
Your ugliness is all pervading...
Everytime I switch on the TV or the Radio and see or hear one of you, I zap. I wish I can zap you out of my life once and for all...
I know, I keep repeating myself, but then you keep repeating the same acts.
Iraq is going down, with its past and its future...
I can only promise you one thing, however long it may take, we are going to take you down with us.


Amirkabear4U, you say that

by Jamshidd (not verified) on

Amirkabear4U, you say that "There is no argument that any form of distruction of human life is unacceptable. Wants it to be the holocaust or death in Iraq for what ever reason..."
What about in the form of torturing and then hanging anti-IRI political prisoners? What about in the form of sending hundreds of thousands to their death with a plastic key to heaven around their neck? Are these forms more acceptable to you?


Who Can Be Trusted With It

by Anonymous280 (not verified) on

An atom bomb is an atom bomb. Certainly. Who can you trust with it? It is fair to say that no one can be trusted with it, said Hans Blix the former chief of the IAEA. It is also fair to say those who have used it on civilians, and make constant threat to use it again should not be trusted with it at all. Secondly, those “civilized” folks who burned 6 million Jews cannot be trusted with it either either? Also, none of those who live in the “civilized” land which initiated two World Wars killing over 50 million people cannot be trusted either.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

THAT is precisely why nuclear proliferation is dangerous. Something Dr. Ahmadinejad fails to understand.

Maybe it would be good to know why he is jeapordizing the entire region by openly challenging the World with his nuclear ambitions. Even the Arab world is scared and everyone is becoming paranoiac with his absurdity and incompetence.

How do you want to take a man seriously when he claims that a young girl made an atom Bomb in her kitchen as an experiment for her classroom and that Gays do not exist in Iran ?

At least Charlie Rose tried his best to ask him direct and intelligent questions and treat him with respect but does President Ahmadinejad deserve so many excuses and above all IS HE WORTH IT ?

After all he is sending our country, Iran to War and useless confrontation with the US and the West in general. All Western Leaders are united for the first time against Iran be it Germany, France or Great Britain.

Its High time this mascarade ended and that they replace Ahmadinejad once and for all before he causes more pain and suffering to Iranians in general.

At least that other Moron Khatami had a minimum of an education and was dressed and cleanly trimmed beard albeit an archaic dress. This Guy is a Shame to look at and to listen too.





Hypocricy at its finest

by Q on

I heard US Soldier's being referred to in Iraq as "innocent victims". What else do you expect from FOX News ?