by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

I was Just thinking today about one Famous, far too little discussed, HOLOCAUSTS IN HUMAN HISTORY, today being the special day that it is.  So I would like to take this moment to Honor It and Give it a Name, Hmmmmm, okay got one. "THE AMERICAN GENOCIDE" Yes that has a positive ring to it.  Not that I would want to demonise the USA, after the wonders they bestowed upon the late Shah and Iranians by helping khomeini seize power, however I know that some on this community are now Iranian Americans and I wanted to use this PRECIOUS DAY TO revel in the rich history of THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, which I am sure you are aware of was inflicted upon the NATIVE Americans.

I think you are fortunate that I DECIDED TO CHOOSE "THANKSGIVING DAY" as the day to remember the American Genocide, and that is because you have the opportunity to learn today of the connection between Americans showing their Appreciation to people who helped them survive a difficult moment on the one hand, only to come back later on and return the favor by, well, Murdering them all.  Does this at all remind you of the story of the Late Shah, taking a clear stand in favor of the west against the Soviets as they were expanding and later on when the Soviets with his Majesty help had been completely contained came to see American Natures shortcomings in Practice.  

I'm not saying the Americans Invented Genocide, but surely its strange to celebrate a day in rememberance of the help given by Native Americans, who your people successfully committed the genocide on?  Oh well the Positive does have a way of making me see the value of Lying ones way through life, as democracies in practice teach us how to use choices based on manipulation and deceit to reframe entire issues and increase the suffering perpetrated on others everywhere. 

Today is a special time when we can come together around one another and realize how little the goodness, generosity and decency of any people in the world really matters when its government with the consent of the people can harm on such a scale. Maybe in time we can pat each other on the back and even give one another presents on such a day also and make it an even more HAPPY AMERICAN GENOCIDE DAY/HOLOCAUST DAY.  HAPPY THANKS GIVING MY ASS.  


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