Let Us Unite, With Humanity.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

This video has been translated into many language from Arabic & Vietnamese.

It would be great if someone who knows a person that knows how to do subtitles,

creates and Iranian, Persian, Farsi Translation.  Its a pity that we have excluded

ourselves from humanity to this degree. 

Iran and China and many places of multiple tongues are seen as an "Empire"

built on conquering which needs to be liquidated/ broken up into pieces, though

this can not happen if the people of iran stand for a united Iran first. 

As you may have realized, just because the USA has a democratic system in place, this doesn't

make it any less of an Empire which it is today, filled with hate, enslaving and robbing 

the world, in the late shahs case not delivering techologies that had been signed for

decades and refusing to allow the Industrialization of Iran and the education and

management growth of Iranians, in large part due to a fear of Iranians Progress and personal

Greed.  So He was removed when he went on this path for the benefit of the people.

American Hatred for the Shah-han-shahi is out of ignorance (historically the shah-han-shahi was

among the most ethical systems of governance for people of various languages, cultures and

religions, based like democratic systems, on Freedom of Expression & Thought, Freedom of Worship,

Freedom in all Domains, Zero tolerance for Slavery (unlike many western democracies of today),

Equality between man & woman and in particular unlike all western democratic systems lawfully observing

the national interests of every single country as identical, so one law for all with no veto's).

On that last point, Its going to be a long time before humans on this side discover Iranians already lived and had 

far better answers towards the troubles of the world, since Iranians are invisible/not playing as one can see by not

having the participation to even traslate such a meaningful speech, and our Shah-han-shahi is clearly under seige,

but if the world is to be blessed Iranians will restore the shah-han-shahi a true and tested basis for hope for humanity,

with the shah-han-shahi helping people realize greater democracy in their communities as soon as they are capable

and able to.


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