Why Are We So Hairy?

Why Are We So Hairy?
by Anonymous Observer

I have been thinking about this.  What’s the deal with our fur suit?  Seriously, have you Iranian men taken a look at yourselves coming out of the shower?  You look like wet black tamarins.  I’ve pondered all the possible environmental causes that may have given rise to what is now a genetic phenomenon--but none of them seem to provide an answer.

First I thought it must have been the warm, semi-arid climate which dominates most of Iran.  But if that was the case, Africans should be the hairiest of all.  But African men are usually not hairy at all.  Then I thought perhaps it’s the cold mountainous climate was the cause of this genetic adaptation, and the hair is a meant to keep our bodies warm.  But that doesn’t seem to be the answer either, since by that logic, Scandinavians should all look like apes.  But they don’t have hairy bodies either.  So, what’s the cause?  Any ideas?  

Oh, I had one last thought.  Perhaps I was wrong.  Perhaps there’s a God.  And watching us, she realized what a petty, silly bunch we are.  So, she built us a fur suit to make us look even funnier.  I think that theory makes the most sense.   


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AO joonam

by Fesenjoon2 on

I think they would too.

In fact I wouldnt be surprised if they each have a pubic hair of the Rahbar in their jaa-namaaz. :-))

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

You know these are Rahbar's groupies, just like, let's say...the Muse, when they're in concert.  But instead of throwing their bras on the stage, they will throw thier "mag'naeh" at the Rahbar.

Do you think they will agree to be Rahbar's sigheh if he so asks?  I think they would. 


Dear Red Wine

by darius on

You are correct and I apologize for my comments but I sincerely meant not disrespect. Thanks for your kind words. 



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


girls shedding tears of love for their reeshoo rahbar

by Fesenjoon2 on


بازم بگین ایرانیها اونجاشون خل نیست! 



by Truthseeker9 on

Most Iranian women are hairy too,  so it could be an evolutionary process to lock you to your mate like velcro.  

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

جنابِ داریوش خان، سلام به شما . . .


ما شما را به خاطر داریم،جنابعالی از اعضایِ قدیمی‌ این تارنما هستید و احترامتان چندین برابر . . .

این زنان،مادر،مادر بزرگ‌هایی‌ هستند که به نحوی با ما قوم و خویشی دارند،چطور کسی‌ دلش می‌‌آید به این بزرگان بی‌ احترامی کند ؟ ... هیچگاه نمیخواهیم کسی‌ از شما دوستان جایِ ما باشد،هر گونه دل‌ شکستن خطاست و این گونه خنجر زدن چه الیم و چه دردناک :(

جریان این است که حساسیتِ ما به خاطر این است که عده‌ای واقعاً بی‌ احترامی میکنند،ما نه سلطنت طلبیم و نه‌ تمنّایِ دیگر از این قبیل داریم،اما متأسفانه هستند افرادی که بسیار بی‌ تربیتی میکنند،بسیار حرفهایِ بعدی میزنند بی‌ آنکه اندکی‌ فکر کنند که اینها اشخاصی‌ هستند که حالا افرادی از اینها به جای مانده و درست نیست که این گونه ادبیاتِ بد استفاده شود،ما چندین سال هیچ نمیگفتیم،زبان به کام گرفتیم و گفتیم که اینبار..بارِ آخر است و ما چیزی نمی‌‌گوئیم اما اینها مردمانی نا ایرانی هستند و نه‌ نانِ سفره پدر مادر خورده ...!ما سخت جلویِ این افراد خواهیم ایستاد چون کسی‌ که این گونه رفتار کند بدین معناست که با همه همین شیوه را در پیش و کیش گیرد.

با سپاس از توجه و مهربانیِ شما . . .




Dear RedWine

by darius on

I didn't mean disrespect, they are all gone and may god bless them all.They lived according to what their time required of them. I am sure  in near future our life style will be criticized as well.

I do not have any proof just my own hypothesis, some of the woman feature and postures are more masculine than feminie.

I know , you are sensitve a bit about  this stuff,just my  opinion that may sound unfair and incorrect. 

I do appreciate your feed back




Red Wine


by Red Wine on


با سپاس از شما که اینقدر با مرام تشریف دارید...


راستی‌ . . . یادِ شب‌هایِ دربند نیز به خیر .



Just one word...

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan



a pashm problem? No problem!

by Fesenjoon2 on

All you have to do is stare at this picture for 5 minutes a day:


You will become pashmless as an athymic nude rat in 7 days!


Guaranteed or your money back! 

Our website:



می سرخ


در ازمنه جوانی که در جامعة الطهران به تلمذ علوم دنیوی و اخروی مشغول بودیم همشاگردانی همچون دخت گرامی رهبر آینده معظم ایران (آقا سید مجتبی) داشتیم. اغلب این دوشیزگان مجهز به یک فقره سبیل الله بودند و آن را نشانگر پاکدامنی و عفاف می پنداشتند. حتم داریم که شما نیز اینگونه جماعت را به وفور در میان اقشار ذوب شدگان و دلدادگان ولایت رویت کردید. در اصطلاح عامیانه به آنها فاطی کُماندو نیز گفته شده است.


مع الوصف از من به شما خواهش: زیاد جدی نگیرید. مزاحی بیش نبود. ما قربون صدقه زید ایرانی مان هم می رویم. اگر فرهنگ نیمه متوحش و متحجر اسلامی حاکم بر ایران نبود حتم دارم پایتخت مُد و زیبایی جهان به جای امثال میلان و پاریس همین تهران و شیراز خودمان بود (بس که در این زمینه ها مستعدیم). کلاغ-صفت بودن یک ارزش است برای این سفیهان گوبَلَک.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This is why

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Interesting Blog

by Albaloo on

Ah, this thread has sent me on a wonderful trip down memory lane of all the delightful chest hair I have had the pleasure of snuggling with in my life.

My "global scavenger hunt" of men is far from complete, but my experience so far has been that Asians (northeast and south) are not very hairy, but most other ethnicities have at least some hairy men amongst them.

The hairiest guys in my experience were British, Irish, Danish, Arab, and Iranians.

Also, there is a definite correlation between chest hair and performance in bed! Better yet, a man who is balding AND hairy -- ladies, take my advice, these guys are the BEST!


PLEASE NOTE:  I just did some research and I really have not slept with my subjects.   

Anonymous Observer

Perhaps it's the goats

by Anonymous Observer on

Since we in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region were the prioneers in farming.  I mean, we have lived with goats for thousands of years--longer than all other races on the planet.  Perhaps some of their genes found their way into ours--especially taking into account the fondness of some of our fellow farmers for goat companionship. :-)

Anahid Hojjati

I asked

by Anahid Hojjati on

a high school student who has taken couple biology classes. She said that it is because of cultural biology since in these areas having more hair was more sexually attractive so for procreation and you know the rest. Kind of what Faramarz said when he noted:"

And chicks dig that! "

Bahram G

Dear A.O. You don't need a biologist

by Bahram G on

To answer your question and you don't need all these sages of the age who have already opined without really shedding any light on the subject of the hair particularly where the sun don't shine.
Just send your question, accompanied by a large donation, to any AYATOLLAH HOGHEHBAAZ and You will receive a most perfect conclusive answer derived from the UMUL KETAB which contains all knowledge accessible only to AYATOLLAHS. Which ayatoolh HOGHEHBAAZ you ask, since there is legions of them? Anyone of them will do.
Free advice to deliver you from your perplexity.
P.s. I fully agree with you. Iranian women are among the most beautiful, hair and all.



by Faramarz on

Are we talking about missionary position here?

Kama Sutra hair detection techniques, indeed!


European/Nordic women are just as hairy as Iranian women

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The difference is that Nordic women (scandinavians, germans , British) have very fair hair which can not be seen unless you are very close to them, kinda right on top of them... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

Iranian women

by Anonymous Observer on

are the most beautiful on this planet!

Let's just leave it at that. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

DM You got it all reversed

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We are hairy because we stole the hair from Jews. We took it from their head and put in our our bodies. Now we have lots of hair on our body and many Jews get bald. The blame sadly is on us not them. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

darius , Fesenjoon2 .

آیا شما بزرگان عَکسی‌ در دست دارید که نشان دهد زنانِ دیگرِ ایران بدونِ اَبروهایِ پُر پُشت بوده اند ؟ آیا این تنها مختص به نَسوان القاجاریه بوده است ؟ منبعِ شما چیست ؟ آیا تنها زنانِ اَعیان بدین نحو آرایش میکردند و زنانِ عام سَر تا سَر واجبی به بدن انداخته و اصلاً مو/پشم نداشتند ؟

شرطِ ادب کرده و لطف بفرمایید ما را راهنمایی کرده و به سئوالاتِ ما پاسخ دهید.

با سپاس .


Here's why

by Bunyip on

It's because we are the missing link, waiting to be discovered

Dr. Mohandes

Blame the Jews!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Why don't we? 

Sorry, Could not help you there as far as the evolutionary reason/causes go But i do know this that 

One of the most unfortunate   disadvantages of having so much freaking hair is the price most of Us, ME!!, will pay down the road and that would namely be the effect of too much Testostrone on our Damn prostates! yup. Believe me.

seems like this bad boy boosts the growth and enlargement of that other bad boy(prostate gland) that will mark the demise of some of us Men. 

I have so much god damn hair on my body that my first roomate back in the states used to call me A walking hair ball! I was just shedding left and right.

I tried everything including "kez dadan". Nothing worked!:)) 



by expat on

Yeah I agree. There has to be SOME kind of reason for it-surely if evolution was 'doing its job', it should've died out by now.  Having said that, my other half is really hairless (100% Iranian), as are the male members of the family so maybe the question should be confined to 'why are most Iranian men yeti-esque in body hair?'...

Fesenjoon-there was a comedy sketch by Omid Djalili (Iranian comic in England) who said before he got married, he was accosted by an Iranian mum foisting her daughter onto him, and speaking of her many attributes:

'She cooks, she cleans, she's smarter than a thousand women AND she's had 10 sessions of electrolysis so you don't need to pay for it..'... 


Dear Fes

by darius on

To be honest with  you, I doubt some of those really hairy women are  real female . I know there are some female Iranian that  are hairy but the look of some of those  women  Qajar dynasty are questionable.



oh yeah, check out this 100% Persian babe

by Fesenjoon2 on


Speak for yourself :-)

by Disenchanted on


        I think I fairly fit the category "Iranian men" but have no "hair" problem! :-)

         I know what you are talking about though...Some evven believe this is not limited to Iranian men but also women! OOPS!

Anonymous Observer

There must be (or must have been) a biological reason

by Anonymous Observer on

The body wouldn't waste all of the precious resources grwoing the abundance of hair on these bodies for no reason.  But I'm baffled so far.  No environmental reason justifies it. If the environment was the cause, then Scadinavians and Africans should look like Yeti.  But they're the least hairy of all races.  

Are there any evolutionary biologists here who can help with this mystery?

More responses tomorrow.  Bed time for now.