Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 1)


Hajiagha finds a girl-friend (Episode 1)
by Anonymouse

In season one's 10 episodes Hajiagha went through several khastergarees and in the last episode he went to an Iranian concert with his friend Hamid and ended up meeting a woman by the name of Roya.

Roya gave Hajiagha the infamous 867-5309 which is the Jenny song. 


H: Hamid joon I got it! I got her phone number! See?!

Hamid: Wow … wait a minute.  This is a bogus number, let me clear this up.

Shohreh: What happened? Did you forget something?

Hamid: No not really.  Our friend Roya just gave Jenny’s number to Hajiagha.  What's up with that?

R: Well.  I’m not sure.

Hamid:  But he is a good and decent man.  Don’t let some stuff fool you.  You’ll be good together.  How about giving him your email and if things work out, you can give him your phone number.

R: Ok, here is my email, give it to him and ask him to email me.

Hamid: You got it!

 Hamid walks over to Hajiagha 

Hamid: Here is her email, if you behave yourself, she’ll give you her phone number.

H: But my English no good.  I’ll loose this one too!  AAhhh, why must things be difficult? Sucks to Canada! 

Hamid: Don’t worry I’ll help you use your bad English and get her phone number.

H: Really?! That would be nice!

 Few months later, Hajiagha and Roya are friends (BF-GF :-) and in this episode they go to a mall for shopping. 

R: How do you like this shoe Haji?

H: I hate these pointy shoes.  They look sucky to me.  How about this one? Looks kinda Islamic and I can agree to the red color.

R: Nooo! It is like kindergarden shoes.  How about this one?

H: This one looks a little sexy.  So ok, sag khord.  Let’s buy it, mobarak bashe.

R: It is a little pricey, about $1,300.  What do you think?

H: WHAT?? It is more expensive that my apartment’s rent!  No way! I thought you were joking.  The hell with the sexiness.  Let’s go to another shoe store.

R: But ….

H: but nadare.  I’ll buy you a good shoe from Payless or K-mart.

R: K-mart??!! Oooh forget it!  I’ll have to do my own shopping.

 They go to a department store 

H: How much longer, I am getting dizzy here.

R: Just a minute bubba, what’s the rush?  Shopping takes time.  Let me try these outfits in the dressing room.  Here hold my purse, I’ll be right back.

H: WHOOAAT?!! I can’t hold a purse. How many are you going to try?  

R: hold this!  I’ll be right back, eh.

Fifteen minutes later

R: Haaajeee, come see this…

H: what? Are you done?

R: what do you think?

H: looks ok, are we done?  I’m getting hungry. Here’s your purse back.

R: eh.  Am I singing yaaseen to you?  Hold it!

Half hour later

R: Haaajeee, come help me choose.

H: I’m dying over here, buy one already, buy both.  How much are they? $5000?

R: No these are in clearance, 50% off.

H: If they are 90% off of $5000, they are still expensive.  Can you take your purse back?  I lost all my aberoo in this mall.

R: Hold your horses!

Forty five minutes later

R: Okay I’m going to buy this one.

H: Just one? After all this time, just one?

R: Give me my purse.  Are you paying for more?  You talk too much Haji.  Do you want to eat now?

H: Eshteham koor shod.  Not sure.  Lost my appetite.

R: How about some kabob at Sultan Kabob?

H: Now that’s my girl! Let’s go, after all the tortures today, kabob michasbe! Let’s go! Let go! 


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Thanks Anahid. I think of these episodes as like daily comics or

by Anonymouse on

Thanks Anahid.  I think of these episodes as like daily comics or episodes of a sitcom where each time there are just a handful of events.

Now Haji is in a world of his won and whether we believe it or not he represent a big chunk of Iranians in diaspora.  So imagining him with women or a girl-friend can be rich in comedy.

I'm sorry he is not sending his cartoons to i.com anymore.  I think his beef is with JJ not deleting his old cartoons which may be causing him problems in going back home for a visit or trying to find a new girlfriend.

His views change daily and I hope to have some funny dialogues, perhaps a funny side of relationships. 

Everything is sacred.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Anonymouse, LOL. Priceless story about Hajiagha

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Anonymouse, I am ROFL.  In order for someone to appreciate your story, they should have been reader of Hajiagha cartoons.  I remember all the times that I used to look at his cartoons and marvel at his bad English and the level of his male chauvinism. His cartoons used to give me high blood pressure.

(Haji if you are reading, according to dictionary chauvinism is: Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own group)

 Anonymouse jan, I insert my favorite part of your story here:

"Hamid: Here is her email, if you behave yourself, she’ll give you her phone number.

H: But my English no good.  I’ll loose this one too!  AAhhh, why must things be difficult? Sucks to Canada!"

This was great. Thanks. 


She did:Give me my purse.Are you paying for "more"? Haji has $!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by Souri on

Who paid for the dress? Don't forget poor  Haji has no money :0)