Our Struggle


by aryansorna

Iran’s upcoming presidential election pits Mr. Mosavi with an implacable resume against the current Ph.D. president. All indications point to a soft win by the challenger and a shift in Iran’s foreign affair and relation with its western “friends/adversaries”. As a token of gratitude to the public for their votes, the new government will also grant them special freedom of wearing less and coloring their hair more. Sounds familiar? This was the Khatami’s “Grand Bargain” letter proposal sent to Bush and the company. In it, Khatami and his gang promised to forgo the Nuclear R/D, Cease Iran’s Missile and space development, forgo the support for Lebanon and let loose the Syria and Philistine to face the onslaught of the Israel. As the return, the US will let the Khatami’s gang alone. Suffice to say this was a surrender notice and not a “Grand Bargain”. Lucky for Iran and its citizens, a dummy was in charge of the white house. The Bushies grumble that “the real man goes to Tehran”, a reference to Tehran is next after Baghdad, and no negotiation. What the US relayed to Iran to do is “Just die”.

Let us examine what would have happened if US would have said “YES” to the Khatami. From 2003 to 2005, Iran halted its nuclear activities. As a result of such agreement going into a permanent status, some 3000 Iranian nuclear scientists currently in Isfahan would face a bleak employment situation. Most would pack their bags and leave for Australia, Canada, and some lucky few surrender to the US. Off course, the missile and space sector would even face a bleaker situation than the nuclear. Other sectors of the science and manufacturing such as auto and biotechnology would take back seats to the Imports. It is suffice to say Iran would have faced a second wave of brain drain, likes of which we have not seen yet.

The rewards, off course, would have been for the Khatami’s company to win the next election and reward themselves with the poses taken while professing “dialog of civilizations”. There wouldn’t be any benefits for the common street people, as they were already fed up by Khatami and his gang’s incompetence and double talk.

The west’s response of “real man goes to Tehran” prompted the Tehran to change gear. Election of the current government headed by a Ph.D. in Engineering accelerated R/D in all fields of science closely related to the survival of Iran and deflecting the invasion threat by US and allies. The approach, handeling and results have a lot to do with the Ph.D. in Engineering and personal understanding of the cause and effects. Something that other non-science fields, i.e. Philosophy, lacks.

Suffice to say that the new administration achieved the security goal by increasing many fold the cost of “going to Tehran” for the “real man”. As the results, the invasion plans were revisited, modified, recalculated and finally put on hold. New approaches are deemed needed to “go to Tehran”.

In addition to increasing the cost to the “real man” for his journey to “Tehran”, the new administration started to use the cause and effect to show the west that it is not any better than its own claim about the east. Most notably, the campaign of the influx of the western Yaghobies into ME is used to both show the west its hollow claims to civilization and democracy, and also expose, aggravate and rattle the root cause for the US’s ME policies for the last 50 or so years.

Iranians know well that the claim and excuse for Democracy as justification for west presence, pressure, and intimidation is a sham. After the 1953 CIA coup in Iran, the country fell in one of the darkest period in as far as political freedom is concerned. Most of our today’s paranoia and anxiety can be traced to that traumatic and unfriendly act.

A year or so after the Ph.D. made it clear that the Yaghobi can not hide behind a veil of propaganda about “Holocaust”, “Victimized”, and “The chosen ones”, the Yaghobi decided to have a mini Israel-Iran war in Lebanon and to show that the Ph.D. is a weak tweak. To their surprise, a severe defeat followed that rattled their invincibility and “chosen one” claims. Suffice to say that in all phases they were stopped. Their naval vessel was destroyed by a shore to ship missile (it was originally claimed to be either a stray drone or a suicide attack). Their communication was so jammed and encryption so broken that the Lebanonies would announce the Yaghobies’ movements and casualties directly from the Yaghobies’ communications. The madness that followed resulted in an indiscriminate destruction of the roads/bridges/ and infrastructure of Lebanon for no apparent reason or military gains, but to destroy just to destroy.

After the mini war, it became apparent that to stop Iran, they need to discredit the Ph.D. by any means possible. Yaghobi’s media went into blitz. A Ph.D. in engineering, earned from one of the same colleges that have trained scientist and engineers responsible for these rockets sent to the space, reinvented the nuclear science, becomes a mad man and a lunatic Yaghobi hater. There is not one day that we wake up and not find an article by the butchers of the Jerusalem about how and what the world needs to do or else they’ll destroy him (the Ph.D.) and Iran.

It is now the opportune time. The elections are upon us. A massive world-wide campaign is underway, likes of the 1953, to roll back Iran. With a much fanfare in western media a former prime minister with, I should say, an implacable working history is challenging the Ph.D. The challenger is not under question, but rather his motive is. After all he is the one that declined to run in the last election for claiming to be “semi-retired”.

A scant cursory survey of the internet news sheds more light on the motive. Resurrect the “Grand bargain/Grand surrender”. Under a veil of “more personal freedom”, “less radical image”, and “better accountabilities” we will be pushed back to the days of Rafsanjani/Khatami with the exception that this time the west wont leave us untouched.

Should they accomplish what many are saying have a better than 55% chance of winning, most of the Space/command, control, and R/D will vanish in a few years. The nuclear activities at best will revert back to a scenario of 1970’s (i.e. we become a client and at the mercy of the Germans/French which by-the-way still owe us the reactors and the fuel that Shah paid for). And forget about our auto industry moving from 16 to top 10. A flood of imports will render it to the days of Pykan.

In short it is up to all of us to maintain and enhance the rise of Iran to its natural glory. It is up to us not to fall in for empty superficial promises again and again.


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Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Being the educated person that you are, I am sure that you know  the difference between what I am referring to and a news article written by someone who was a guest of the Iranian government.

As I said before, I am looking for independent, peer reviewable published material in scientific journals about IRI's so-called scientific advancements.  Show me an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Cell or even Popular Mechanics for God's sake that talks about any original scientific breakthrough or discovery coming out of Iran for the past thirty years.  Much to the contrary, every claim of scientific advance in Iran has been made by way of a government statement read or printed in government controlled media.  In fact, every time that the evidence has been shown it has proved the idea that what they claim to be something original is actually a very simple modification of an existing, and often antiquated, technology.  Take their "Saegheh" that I mentioned before for instance.  It's a modified 1960's F-5.  Plenty of pictures were shown of it with the extra tail (and stolen paint job).  Why don't they show pictures of the cockpit so that we can see if it's really a new plane?  Every other country does.  You can find photos of the cockpits of the most advanced U.S. aircraft on the internet.  Here's the cokpit of a B-2 Stealth bomber:


Here's Mig-35


Why can't the IRI show the cockpit of their "original" aircraft?  It's because we all know that it's the same old, 40 year old F-5. 

Same thing with their cloning claim.  When Dolly was cloned, all the data was published, scientists from around the world reviewed the data and determined its veracity.  But for the IRI, the "cloning" claim came (as usual) via a statement read on government controlled media.  See the difference?  There is no scientific credibility to any of IRI's claims of technological advances. 

Now, if you wish to believe the propoganda and live in fantasy land, by all means, it's a free country (at least were I live it is).  But I think it will be much more prudent for one to take his / her head out of IRI's propoganda trough and rely on more independent evaluation of these claims.

Peace to you as well!


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

I have shared this one with you before, but here it is again. it is the opinion of one of the world's greatest scientists, and he happens to be american:

Washington Post:

Iran Makes the Sciences A Part of Its Revolution


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Iran Daily is an IRI government publication that is published by the Iran Cultural and Press Center in Tehran.  Here's the front page of it and it has the info.


I asked for independent, international recognition of scientific work in Iran using objective data and objective sandards, one that does not repeat Iranian government propoganda and vague statements about their advances.  I still don't think that you'll find one out there.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

I have to take issue with several underlying assumptions here. I am for sure going to sound like an 'idealist' in doing so, but that has never bothered me!

Nuclear technology and employment in Iran:

None of the staff engaged in the nuclear facilities are engaged in bomb making. if there is anyone involved in weapons development, they would be located elsewhere with a tiny number being involved. there is no other way of keeping secrecy. I believe Iran's aim has been to develop the capacity, but not to actually build bombs. This gives enormous leverage to iran to gain what it is after: full knowledge and capabilities in uranium enrichment with iaea oversight and technical support in all areas that nuclear technology can help. let's not forget that uranium is likely to be the oil of tomorrow. in addition, a push to disarm israel. and so far the strategy is working.

empire building:

this is an outdated concept with failure as its inevitable result. look at the US. the world is heading toward greater equality on all levels, including among nations with the UN getting a stronger role in time. this is a requirement of our age because our problems are shared (e.g. the environment and the economy) and our solutions will have to be shared with a global rule of law. there will be a global currency, and agreed rules on so many fronts.  in any case there are other contenders far ahead of iran in any quest for empire building. even in our vicinity, turkey is significantly ahead of iran. we would do much better to learn to move beyond bad old habits. surely this must be the lesson for those of us in the diaspora. bani adam a'zaye yek digarand...

Kurush: surely at a time when the US empire is fading we want to make sure that there are checks and balances in place to avoid the possible rise and domination by other bullies. can you imagine a world dominated by China or Russia? i would rather have an empire that at least pretends to care about human rights.

aryansorna: is iran really on auto-pilot and destined to be an 'empire' throughout history? how about seeing the world as our 'community'? i must say, i much prefer a world without borders than one dominated by iran. you know there are very few nations whose citizens consistently have to apologize for being who they are: israelis, americans and iranians. we are all wrong in some things that we do. in changing, i would not want to switch places with americans.

Anonymous observer: try this:

Top Scientific Breakthroughs of Iran

Javad Sabet: Iran probably has the most independent foreign policy in the world.



IRI Apologist

by MargBarIRI on

With dreams of Seyed rule over our vatan. True ignorance at its best.




by Anonymous XXX (not verified) on

" As a result of such agreement going into a permanent status, some 3000 Iranian nuclear scientists currently in Isfahan would face a bleak employment situation. Most would pack their bags and leave for Australia, Canada, and some lucky few surrender to the US. Off course, the missile and space sector would even face a bleaker situation than the nuclear. Other sectors of the science and manufacturing such as auto and biotechnology would take back seats to the Imports. It is suffice to say Iran would have faced a second wave of brain drain, likes of which we have not seen yet."

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you just pull these numbers out of Khamenei's turban? Where did you get the 3000 scientists from? And why would any of these countries take these "3000 scientists"? To bring them 1950s and 1960s technology that the IRI is currently "researching" and "developing"?!!!!

Wake up and smell the golab-e-ghamsar!!!!! Watching too much IRIB is bad for your health!!


Good point

by Abarmard on

Thanks for the post. We do need to be careful.


aryansorna, Mehrnaz

by Jaleho on

Thanks again for your posts. Dear aryansorna, your reminder of "Iran's Pearl harbor" comment was again very informative and to the point. 

I guess people like Mehrnaz or myself tend to be sick of racists who are frozen in 2500 years ago; are ashamed of not only themselves and their ancestors for 1400 years but  even of Hafez and Saddi and Molana since they were product of Iran during golden age of Islamic Empire; they are ignorant  enough not to know that Shiism was the most potent Iranian nationalist expression of anti-Arab and anti-Turk colonialism of its time; for gossake Samsam with his meaningless mumbo jumbo about Ferdousi doesn't even understand that Khorassan has been the center of Iranian natinalism AND Shiism in that period with typical heroes like his beloved heavily Shiite Ferdousi  ;-)

These macho racists equate the word "Empire" with all of its NEGATIVE military connotation, not the positive independence and cultural flourishing that we are happy about regarding modern Iran rising to its rightful potential.  No wonder the Iranian diaspora who beat its chest for Cyrus the great, tend to be politically in line with the American far right neoconservative and the doctrine of American New Centurey.

Remembering the "Iran's Pearl Harbor" incident that you mentioned, we also should remember the  vicious and DIRECT American attack on Iran during the end of Iran-Iraq war, when US EMPIRE openly entered the war, destroying Iranian navy during operation praying mantis, and US shamelessly signaled Iran about start of air war,  by commiting the terrorist downing of Iranian passanger Air line to force Iran to end the war without gaining any reparation or punishing Saddam. I think there's nothing "glorious" about a big Empire going around the world trying to stifle regional aspirations in order to steal natural resources of smaller countries.

Iranians should be proud for re-building their navy so quickly and in a much better form that showed the bullies it can not mess around an independent country without breaking itself. All of the American Empire bullying has not been able to defeat the Iranian people's aspiration for independence and technological advancement, and I guess that does cause for celebration.


And Mehrnaz jan, you know that I am an admirer of Hafez like yourself. So again:

گر بدی گفت حسودی و رفیقی رنجید

گو تو خوش باش که ما گوش به احمق نکنیم


One more thing professor

by Javad Sabet (not verified) on

Below is the full article. After the following sentence

"The Blue Sparrow, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, mimics a Shihab 3 ballistic missile, carrying a split warhead and with advanced radar-evading capabilities."

The article clearly states the following:

"The Shihabs in Iran's current arsenal do not possess such capabilities, but officials said that in this test, the Blue Sparrow impersonated a ballistic missile believed to be the type of threat Israel would face in the future."





Israel successfully tests Arrow 2 defense system

In the face of Teheran's continued efforts to obtain nuclear capability, the Israel Air Force conducted its 17th test of the newly upgraded Arrow 2 missile defense system on Tuesday. Officials said it was capable of intercepting an Iranian nuclear missile.

The Arrow interceptor was launched from the Palmahim Base at around 11 a.m. after the Blue Sparrow Missile - developed to mimic an Iranian Shihab 3 missile - was fired from an F-15 fighter jet over the Mediterranean Sea.

Tuesday's test was the first time a modified version of the Arrow 2 was launched and operated in conjunction with a new and more advanced model of the Green Pine radar system.

The high-powered American X-Band radar, deployed in the Negev Desert in late 2008 as a farewell gift from then-US president George W. Bush, also participated in the test and tracked the incoming target.

The test was conducted jointly by the IAF and the US Missile Defense Agency. Israel Aerospace Industries is developing the Arrow in cooperation with Boeing.

The Super Green Pine Radar - an integral part of the Arrow system - was first tested a year ago. In that test, the system also tracked a Blue Sparrow missile and, after locating and identifying it, related the information to the Arrow battery. However, an interceptor missile was not actually fired in that exercise.

The Blue Sparrow, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, mimics a Shihab 3 ballistic missile, carrying a split warhead and with advanced radar-evading capabilities. The Shihabs in Iran's current arsenal do not possess such capabilities, but officials said that in this test, the Blue Sparrow impersonated a ballistic missile believed to be the type of threat Israel would face in the future.

"The Arrow technology is always improving, and we cannot forget that the enemy is also advancing with its capabilities," said Brig.-Gen. Daniel Milo, commander of the IAF's Air Defense Division. He added that the test had been held in poor visibility and that the interception had taken place at one of the more difficult spots along the Blue Sparrow's course.

Iran is working hard to increase the accuracy of its missiles. In November, it successfully test-fired the Sajjil, a solid-fuel, high-speed missile with a range of 2,000 km.

Solid fuel is a significant breakthrough because it increases accuracy and can be launched immediately without the need to fuel the rocket first. Iran also has a number of BM25 intercontinental missiles that it purchased at least four years ago from North Korea.

The Arrow is also effective against the Syrian Scud D, whose range encompasses the entire State of Israel and is capable of carrying nonconventional warheads.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who was flying back to Tel Aviv from the Gaza border, hovered with his helicopter near Palmahim to watch the launch. Later, he said the test was another "achievement for Israel on its way to obtaining a multi-level missile defense system, starting with the Iron Dome to defend against short-range rockets, and to the Arrow."
[link to www.jpost.com]


Aerospace Professor You are a Terrible Detective

by Javad Sabet (not verified) on

I really don't know what you are trying to say here. Again, you are not responding to comments. Rather, you are just throwing more garbage on you pile.

Regardless, If you actually went to the Rafael website and did a little research instead of being under the anti-semitic delusion thinking that the "Yaghubi controlled media" is hiding stuff from us, you would have found the following link:


If you were not so schizophrenic, you would not come to the silly conclusion that "the Shihab 3 advanced radar evading technology" equates to "Stealth". The reference to radar evading technology is probably with regards to how the missile is programed to re-entry trajectory types. See Wiki article below. There is another missile, by the name of Kowsar, which Iran claims to be stealth. This was all over the media. Do a simple google search and you will find it. There is also the Fajr missile that is claimed to have multiple war heads which can also be referred to as "stealth". These are all claims without any proof. Remember the doctored missile lunch photos? Again, see the wiki article below.

Also, even assuming that IRI claims are true, you need serious help if you are inferring from this that the IRI is on the verge of becoming an empire. All these technologies are either North Korean or Russian. See //www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/iran/shaha...




The Shahab-3B differs from the basic production variant. It has improvements to its guidance system and warhead, a few small changes on the missile body, and a new re-entry vehicle whose terminal guidance system and rocket-nozzle steering method are completely different from the Shahab-3A's spin-stabilized re-entry vehicle.

The new re-entry vehicle uses a triconic aeroshell geometry (or 'baby bottle' design) which improves the overall lift to drag ratio for the re-entry vehicle. This allows greater range maneuverability which can result in better precision. The triconic design also reduces the overall size of the warhead from an estimated 1 metric ton (2,200 lb) to 700 kg (1,500 lb).

The rocket-nozzle control system allows the missile to change its trajectory several times during re-entry and even terminal phase, effectively preventing pre-calculated intercept points of radar systems - which is a method nearly all ABM systems use these days. As a high-speed ballistic missile and pre-mission fueling capability, the Shahab-3 has an extremely short launch/impact time ratio. This means that the INS/gyroscope guidance would also remain relatively accurate until impact (important, given the fact that the gyroscopes tend to become inaccurate the longer the flight lasts). The CEP is estimated to be at 30–50 metres (98–160 ft) or less.[7] However, the accuracy of the missile is largely speculative and cannot be confidently predicted for wartime situations.[8]

These improvements would greatly increase the Shahab-3B's survivability against ABM systems such as Israel's Arrow-2 as well as being used for precision attacks against high value targets such as command, control and communications centres.

[edit] Shahab-3C & D
This section does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. (July 2008)

Little is known about Shahab-3C and Shahab-3D. From what can be gathered, the missiles have an improved precision, navigation system, and a longer range. The missiles were indigenously developed, and are being mass produced. Iran has a production capacity of 70 units per year.[9]

[edit] History and tests

The Shahab-3 was first seen in public on September 25, 1998, in Azadi Square, Tehran in a parade held to commemorate the Iranian Sacred Defence Week.

Iran has conducted at least six test flights of the Shahab 3. During the first one, in July 1998, the missile reportedly exploded in mid-air during the latter portion of its flight; U.S. officials wondered whether the test was a failure or the explosion was intentional. A second, successful test took place in July 2000.[10][broken citation] In September 2000, Iran conducted a third test, in which the missile reportedly exploded shortly after launch. In May 2002, Iran conducted another successful test, leading then-Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani to say the test improved the Shahab-3's "power and accuracy." Another successful test reportedly occurred in July 2002. On July 7, 2003, the foreign ministry spokesman said that Iran had completed a final test of the Shahab 3 "a few weeks ago" that was "the final test before delivering the missile to the armed forces," according to a New York Times report.[11]

On November 9, 2004, Shamkhani said Iran could mass-produce the missile.[12]

On November 2, 2006, Iran fired unarmed missiles to begin 10 days of military war games. Iranian state television reported "dozens of missiles were fired including Shahab-2 and Shahab-3 missiles. The missiles had ranges from 300 km (190 mi) to up to 2,000 km (1,200 mi)...Iranian experts have made some changes to Shahab-3 missiles installing cluster warheads in them with the capacity to carry 1,400 bombs." These launches come after some United States-led military exercises in the Persian Gulf on October 30, 2006, meant to train for blocking the transport of weapons of mass destruction.[13][dead link]

[edit] Great Prophet III test
Main article: Great Prophet III

On July 8 2008,[14] Iran test fired a non-upgraded version of the Shahab-3 as one of 9 medium- and long-range missiles launched as part of the Great Prophet III exercise, within a few weeks of a recently concluded military exercise by Israel.[15]

Other missiles fired include the surface-to-surface Fateh-110 and Zelzal missiles.[16] Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps air and naval units conducted these tests in a desert location.[17] Air Force commander Hossein Salami advised that Iran was ready to retaliate to military threats, saying "We warn the enemies who intend to threaten us with military exercises and empty psychological operations that our hand will always be on the trigger and our missiles will always be ready to launch."[18]

One day later, on July 9, 2008, Iran once-again fired a version of the Shahab-3, amongst other missiles, which officials have said has a range of 1,250 miles (2,010 km) and is armed with a 1-ton conventional warhead. These tests were conducted at the Strait of Hormuz, which Iran has threatened to shut down traffic into if it is attacked. Independent national security webblog, ArmsControlWonk.com, analyzed Iranian launch footage and concluded that Iranian claims of testing an upgraded Shahab missile were unfounded.[19] A senior Republican Guard commander said Iran would maintain security in the Strait of Hormuz and the larger Gulf. Gen. Mohammad Hejazi, chief of the Guards' joint staff, called the missile tests a "defensive measure against invasions." He also said, Iran will not jeopardize the interests of neighboring countries. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the French news agency Agence France-Presse which published pictures from the missile test reported that "Iran had apparently doctored photographs of missile test-firings and exaggerated the capabilities of the weapons" and that an additional missile was added by photoshop to cover up a failed launch."[20]

In a sign of commercial fallout from the second missile test in two days, the French oil company Total S.A. announced the conditions were not right to invest in Iran as major oil companies have been under increasing political pressure from the United States and its allies over their activities in Iran amid mounting tensions over Iran's nuclear program. To ratchet up the pressure further, Israel also showed off its latest spy plane in what is seen as a display of strength in response to Iranian war games (missile tests).[21]

The test on 8 July 2008 caused more indignation around the world as the case for war is being ratcheted up on both sides, despite denials. The tests were seen widely as a response to Israeli aerial war games staged earlier in the month. Ali Shirazi, representative of the Revolutionary Guards naval forces said, warned that Iran would "set fire" to Israel and the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf as its first response to any pre-emptive strike by America or Israel over its nuclear program.[22] Brig. Gen. Hoseyn Salami, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' air force, said: "Our missiles are ready for shooting at any place and any time, quickly and with accuracy."[23] He also made the statement that "enemy targets are under surveillance." [24] Speaking on a visit to Malaysia on Tuesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed the possibility of an attack by the US or Israel as a "joke."[23]

Gen. Mohammad Hejazi, chief of the Guards' joint staff, called the missile tests a "defensive measure against invasions." He also said that Iran will not jeopardize the interests of neighboring countries.


to Javad Sabet

by aryansorna on

Let the sun of true knowledge shine on your mind

If we are to have an open mind and civilized, then I can bring you and the Yaghobi's proof of what you are asking for. As I am not connected or working for the Iranian government and have no access to its technical data, I can do a search of my own. However, as you and most others mezmorised by Yaghob's media won't beleieve anything from any other source but the Yaghobi's mouth piece, then here read this one taken directly from the Jerusalem Post, April 18.


The content is as follows"

On Tuesday, Israel successfully tested the Green Pine Radar - an
integral part of the Arrow missile defense system - as it tracked a new
missile made by Rafael - called Blue Sparrow - which mimics an upgraded
version of Iran's Shihab 3 ballistic missile.

Defense officials said that the upgraded Blue Sparrow was fired by an IAF fighter jet off Israel's coast. The missile, which is a newer version of the Black
Sparrow - used in previous Arrow missile tests - mimics an advanced
Iranian Shihab 3 ballistic missile carrying a split warhead and with
advanced radar evading capabilities


The "advanced radar evading capabilities" is called "Stealth" in Aerospace, Mr. doubtful.

Now, on one hand they (and as an extension YOU) say, they are second hand technology etc., but faeces is frozen in their behind.

My point is with Yaghobi's chock on media in this land of "Free", we have to be a detective to put 2 and 2 to find out what's the truth and what is a lie.





by aryansorna on

Third Occupation Ended in 1980 through Algeria Accord whereby US relinquished all rights it acquired in Iran through its occupation since 1941.

The campaign began with a dawn attack by the British Ship HMS Shoreham on the harbour at Abadan. The Iranian Ship Palang was quickly sunk, and remaining ships were destroyed or captured (This is Iran’s Pearl Harbor).

Resistance had not had time to prepare and the oil installations at Abadan were captured by two battalions. Further north, 8 battalions of British and Indian troops under Major-General William Slim, 1st Viscount Slim advanced from 100 miles north east of Baghdad and 300 miles from Basra) into the Naft-i-Shah oilfield and on towards the Pai Tak Pass, leading towards Kermanshah and Hamadan.

The Pai Tak position was taken on August_27 after the defenders had withdrawn in the night and the planned assault on Kermanshah on August_29 was aborted when the defenders called a truce to negotiate surrender terms.

The Soviets invaded from the north and advanced toward Maku, Iran, which had been softened up by bombing raids. There were also Soviet landings at Bandar-e_Anzali.

n naval actions, two Iranian warships were sunk and four crippled by the Royal Navy. Six Persian fighters were shot down. Approximately 800 Iranian soldiers, sailors, airmen were killed, including Admiral Bayandor. Approximately 200 civilians died in Russian bombing raids in Gilan. British and Indian casualties were 22 killed and 42 wounded.

Without any military allies able to come to its assistance, Iranian resistance was rapidly overwhelmed and neutralised by Soviet and British tanks and infantry.

The British and Soviet forces met at Senna, 100 miles west of Hamadan and Kazvin 100 miles west of Tehran
on August 30 and 31 respectively. Iran was defeated, the oilfields safeguarded and the valuable Trans-Iranian Railway was in Allied hands.

In the meantime, the new Persian Prime Minister, Fourughi, agreed that the German Minister and his staff should leave Tehran, the German, Italian, Hungarian and Romanian legations be closed and all remaining German nationals be handed over to the British and Soviet authorities.

The failure to meet the last of these conditions led to British and Soviet troops entering Tehran on September 17, the day after Reza Shah had been arrested and sent into exile in South Africa.

Iran never saw the light of independence and remained under the allies occupation with a sizable army of American technicians —engineers, teachers, military men moved into the country.

As Carter was proudly boasting that " President Carter in his press conference last week asserted that in the Shah's last days no fewer than 70,000 Americans were in Iran." Add to this the English, French, and Canadian, and we had over 300,000 occupiers in your land of Arya.

All had legal immunities and received "Savage Royalty" (Hagh Twahosh).

Mohammad Reza was never Iran's real Shah. A weak tweak, the torch was stopped by the occupation. He was "Hamid Karzi" of Iran.


Everybody Loves Jaleh 0 --NOT

by Anonymous111 on

That's right "Mehrnaz".  Everyone here loves Jaleho, like here for example, where she was chased off the thread by her "admireres":


She is most arrogant, uneducated and foolish of all users on this site.  I mean, there are IRI supporters that one can have an exchange with, but this woman sounds like, well....Khalkhali comes to mind: Islamist and just plain NUTS!!!

The previous commenters have a point: instead of government issued statements read on government controlled media, why can't the IRI present the actual raw data of its scientific achievements so that an objective examination of them can take place?  Everyone else in the world does that, even at the risk of being exposed as frauds (i.e., the South Korean scientist and the coloning fraud).  Why can't the IRI do that?  What is it afraid of?  Post the data and let us judge for ourselves. 

And who the hell is a Yaqoubi Mr. / Ms. aryansorna? Do you mean Israel?  Isn't Israel arguing the opposite of what you suggest?  Isn't it saying that Iran is a greater danger to it (so that it can convince the U.S. that it should attack or put pressure on the IRI) that Iran actually is?  At least isn't that what the IRI is claiming?  You are saying the opposite.  So, who is lying, you or the IRI?  And instead of insulting and labeling people, why don't you, who talk about all these accomplishments, respond to the criticism by posting a link to the objective research regarding IRI's claims (if any)?  This is not Iran.  You cannot insult, label or threaten your way out of criticism.  Please act in a civil manner.

God, what a bunch of ......


For The Anti Iranian Pro Islamist Aerospace Professor

by Javad Sabet (not verified) on

Funny how you accuse me of slandering while all you do is come here and blame all the world's problems on the "Yaghobi". You did not seriously respond to any of the points raised and as usual, like a typical Islamist loving radical, made up some idiotic/outlandish comparisons to justify your bankrupt world view.

For example, how in the world does your mind come up with Iranian made household goods/non American made household goods and lack of a realationship to empire Status? Who cares about "household goods! We are talking about wealth and military power which what makes empires empires. IRI has no wealth and no military power. IRI's wealth is dependent on the global price of oil. A real empire, or an aspiring empire, actually manufactures (assembly does not count) goods that the world desire and is wealthy like China for example. The IRI is a failed welfare state and but for the oil it could not sustain itself for a minute and would look more like Afghanistan than any other place on earth. All the smart and educated Iranian want to leave the IRI for better opportunity in the West.

Please keep on writing your Schizophrenic Yaghobi centered garbage and watch how your beloved turban headed IRI leaders screw our country as they have for the past 30 years.

All I have seen from you so far is some oghdeh and nothing else. Your Mullahs will never succeed! Never!


To Javad Sabet

by aryansorna on

It seems that it is easy for you to slander, but hard to argue with the facts on the ground. firstly, today, an Empire is a country that its will and decisions carry weight. USA is an Empire and so is the aspiration of EU. Iran’s status as an Empire is on the rise as it has demonstrated through statesmanship and skill in the past several years.

Today in an Iranian household you will find more Iranian made products than in a US household attesting to the fact that in today’s world, production or lack there of it bears nothing on the status of a country as an Empire, as we are witnessing today that almost all of our household/Consumer products used in the US are foreign made, US car companies in bankruptcy court and US financial institutions in stress.

The western stock market you are so proud of is the biggest Yaghobi’s scam in the US, whereby they stole the 401K of the middle class and siphoned the money to Yaghobi land. Bernie Maddof is just the tip of the Iceberg, during Aug-Dec. 2008, some 4 Trillion $ vanished and exited this country through the dubious banking channels, whereby leaving this US Empire bankrupt


Dear Jaleho


I was aware that this was the article in the racist blog you mention and for that same reason I had not given it any attention at the time!    When I did read it on this blog, however, I was of the opinion that much of its content was anecdotal and so I did not take issue with facts and their accuracy.  In relation to Mousavi vs Ahmadi-Nedjad, I do not agree with the analysis, neither with the assessment of Khatami era, because I believe reality is far more complex.  In relation to Ahmadi-Nedjad himself, he was made into the image of "Hitler" not after the Lebanon war, but almost as soon as he came to power in 2005, within 3 or 4 months!  But of course, the background scenario had already been established; Iran had already been assigned to the "Axis of Evil" as early as 2002, that is when Khatami's Dialogue of Civilisations was in ascendence (!) and when the "grand bargain" of 2003 had already been offered by Iran and rejected by the US.  The doctrine of 'pre-emptive' strike had already been put in place as part of the US National Security Strategy.  So Ahmadi-Nedjad came to power on the back of and as a response to the rising provocation, hostility and threat towards Iran and his hardline stance has mirrored an entrenched hardline attitude towards Iran.  What I did agree with was the main point, as I saw it, of the necessity for independent technological development and military strength because of these geopolitical realities.  I believe a different tone and style in foreign policy does not contradict a resolute stance in defence of Iran.  I have no indication that Mousavi would go back on those.  I apologise if I misconstrued Aryasorna's meaning regarding glory etc.  Hearing those words and their disgusting associations give me the creeps.  

On another point, ignore the background noise.  ma baraaye vasl kardan aamadeem, and you are dearly loved by many on this website.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

The only ignorant person here is you POS hezbollahi moron.  Judging by how you get slammed by every Tom, Dick and Abdullah on this site everytime you open your filthy mouth, everyone has figured out what a lowlife idiot you are. 



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The enemies of Aryan are abundant, that has been the case all throughout history. Semitics (Ibrahim culture/religion) has envied the greatness of Persia and Aryans the most all throughout history and even today. In particular, they are envious of its shining star, great leader and symbol, Cyrus the great. Why you ask? Because Cyrus is not just a name or a person. Cyrus is a concept. A concept that if Aryans rediscover and wake up to again, that everyone of them has the potential of becoming, the enemies and those who envied Persia all throughout history know well can make Persia great again. MAKE PERSIA THE RULER OF THE WORLD AGAIN. We created civilization; we created the first empire and biggest one in history right in the middle of a region with so many rivals and constant turmoil and took it to the rule of law and respect of human dignity and freedom. These are no trivial achievements. The same people who did this still are there and from time to time show a glimpse of their abilities and potential. We have everything a big country could ask for, vast natural resources and smart, capable human resources. The only thing we lack and lack by design of our enemies is the right management and leadership of these resources.

"I am Darius the great king, king of kings, king of countries containing all kinds of men , king in this great earth far and wide , Son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid , a Persian , son of a Persian , an Aryan , having Aryan lineage ,


Dear Mehrnaz, to be fair to aryansorna

by Jaleho on

I think his argument was not centered around any "Empire Glory," but it was rather an "antidote" to those who constantly talk about Iran's ancient and glorious Empire, at the expense of belittling every achievement of Iranian people made under IRI. He wrote this piece as a mere comment in Samsam's blog, and he was kind enough to print it as a blog following my request. You can also read Anonymous Observer's typical ignorant comment in there:



I think if you add Ahmadinejad's campaign promise to stand firm for Iran's right to nuclear energy, and his honest straight talk, aryansorna captures the dynamics of undercurrents of Iranian election perfectly, as summarized by this paragraph:

"The west’s response of “real man goes to Tehran” prompted the Tehran to change gear. Election of the current government headed by a Ph.D. in Engineering accelerated R/D in all fields of science closely related to the survival of Iran and deflecting the invasion threat by US and allies. The approach, handeling and results have a lot to do with the Ph.D. in Engineering and personal understanding of the cause and effects. Something that other non-science fields, i.e. Philosophy, lacks.

Suffice to say that the new administration achieved the security goal by increasing many fold the cost of “going to Tehran” for the “real man”.


Thank you Aryansorna


for very interesting read.  I am in agreement with the general points, in particular about the necessity for independent technological development, although not sympathetic to ideas of empire and glory.  I would stop at an independent Iran that is socially equitable, technologically skilled and able, and culturally humane and confident.  

Also Korosh, thank you for brilliant analysis, I am very much in agreement with you, but don't believe the Dialogue of Civilisations as a response to Clash of Civilisations was a naive idea.  It would have been so had civilisations been uniform, ahistorical and representing the powerful elite.   We know however, that the Clash of Civilisations notion was constructed simultaneously with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the New American Century, Neo-Conservatism and the need for replacement of the old enemy with the new, in the shape of Islam.  To challenge that idea we don't need to respond with the same fabricated black and white view of the world.  There is a fundamental difference between being aware and alert, and painting history and societies in black and white.  Having said that, thank you very much indeed for your sharp analysis and clear vision.


The Islamist version of "Mein Kampf"

by Javad Sabet (not verified) on

What you write here is neither funny or accurate. Its actually very misguided.

If you think the IRI has an independent foreign policy or is about to become an empire, you are seriously delusional out of your hatred of Western powers and your twisted understanding and interpretation of Iranian history.

Empires don't rely on one resource to become great. In the case of IRI, if the West stopped its purchases/reliance on oil or stopped selling refined oil to the IRI, the IRI would be finished in a few months. This would be the case even if the IRI had a few flimsy nuclear weapons and attempted to use its forces as a tool to do what Saddam tried to do and failed. By the way, the Jews that you so much hate and are jealous off, have figured this out and are becoming the first to show the world how we can get rid of our oil dependence. Please see: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Better_Place

To be an empire, you need to have independent economic power. Have you looked at the Iranian stock market lately. Its a joke like your article.

25%+ inflation, 20%+ unemployment and an educated young population, the majority of which was born after the failed 1979 Iranian revolution, that understands what true freedom is will not blindly follow the Islamist shia path to your desired idiotic scenario that only leads to the bloodshed of innocent Iranians at the hands of a few turban headed retards who have robbed the Iranian nation for the past 30 years.

Your twisted version and interpretation of history will lead Iran and Iranians to the same place Saddam lead Iraq. Keep on dreaming.


Will look for more!

by Jaleho on

Thanks for joining aryansorna! I was sure that many more epeople would enjoy this one, and with elections coming up, it is timely and great.

And selfishly, it would make my future search for it easier, as I am sure this one would go around ;-)


to Jaleho

by aryansorna on


I followed your advice. It is my first article, but now, it won't be my last. Thanks for the word of courage.


Very SHARP Ananlysis!

by Jaleho on

Thank you aryansorna for putting this in a blog. You have put a sharp analysis in a fun language to read which sticks with the reader.

You know, if you take away the intentional omissions and twists of Amir Taheri, (keep his sharp observations) you end up with exactly the same understanding of the current affairs of Iran as one would get from your honest and fun article! It is ironic that two good obsevers, yet with hundred percent opposite intentions can give a similar  painting of political situation of Iran!!

Although I believe that most probably Ahmadinejad will get elected, and even if Mousavi gets elected it won't be a "surrender" like Khtami proved to be, but I enjoyed your well written analysis and I found it a sharp review of the recent past. Thanks.


To Anonymous Observe

by aryansorna on

you are shooting from the hip and calling Iranian Rockets as NK's dig dong or
some mysterious Russian’s, you are completely wrong. You need to show proof
that they are so, as NK dig dong just failed to go to space and falls short,
and yet your funny claim is that the so called copy of it at Iran's hand goes
to its point and delivers its satellite. You can't challenge me in aerospace, as
it is my bread and butter for the past 30 years, both academically teaching it at
graduate level and working it as my career. Believe me if we just change the
length of an aircraft by one foot, it is a new aircraft altogether. JAA
requires a new Cert plan for going from A319 to A320 and A318. Each just differs
by a few seat rows.

these, as NK's digdong copy is yet an attempt by Yaghobie to discredit us,
demonize us, in the hope of annihilating us. Whereas it is truly them that cannot
make anything and are 100% recipient of their everything.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

It was an empire, and it was vastly different than the Parthians, who were essentially nomadic tribes with little centralized government.  Moreover, the Parthians followed the Greeks in many ways, ranging from their personal style, to coinage, etc.  The Sassanids were a true Persian dynasty with a strong central government, a well organized central army, taxation and judicial systems.  There was very little comparison between them and the Parthians, although I do agree that the Parthian administration was, for political expediency, assimilated to some extent into the Sassanid Court, with the most famous general, Rostam Farrokhzad being one of them.  But, in general, they were a separate and distinct empire than the Parthians (who, in my opinion, did not even believe in the notion of a unified Iran, or Eranshahr, as the Sassanids became to call Persia).

Also, on the issue of research and dvelopment in Iran, I disagree with you that there has been much.  Most of these so-called accomplishments are propoganda, with little or no independent evidence being offered to back them up aside from government claims.  Even their much bragged about missle technolgy is copied from Russia and North Korea, etc.  To begin with, can you find even ONE independent technical, scientific or medical peer reviewed publication that mentions any discovery, invention or breakthorugh coming out of Iran?


To Anonymous Observe

by aryansorna on

My point is the creation of the Empire. Sassanid Empire was merely a dynasty change from Parthian to Sassanid.

The Emipres are as follows:

Achaemenid started from scratch.

Parthian, after the Greeks ocupation.

Safavian, after the Arabs & Turks.

Islamic Republic of Iran, after the allied ocupation.


In each case The father land was occupied by forigners. In the case of Sassanid Empire, it was merely a dynasty change from Parthian to Sassanid. Same goes for the Nader shah and etc.

In the case of Islamic Republic of Iran, after 1941 ocupation, this is truly the first time that we are forming an independent government. If anyone thought that Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was an independent government, he has his head in the sand. The Allied (USA) never left Iran after 1941 until 1980.

Anonymous Observer

What About the Sassanid Empire?!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

You know, the one that shaped the Islamic administration, influenced the Roman Empire and Christianity and created the notion of Iran as we know it today? Doesn't count?!!!!


Thanks hossein.hossein

by aryansorna on

Thanks for the good comment. My point is that, he has a Ph.D. in engineering
from one of the good colleges in Tehran. It takes a hard working, more than average
smart individual to accomplish a Ph.D. in Engineering, for I know personally it
is true. Now imagine if the media in this land of "free" called him
lunatic Dr. Ahamadinejad, Ph.D., it would sound ludicrous and not right and very
hard to demonize. I am putting PH.D. all over this article to refer to him as
to show that, for goodness sake, he is not your average Joe, but a smart Dr. in
engineering, a Ph.D.

Although true that in specific cases "Leadership qualities are not
always = higher educational degrees", but in general it is true as
individual with Ph.D. are typically on the top of their respected career pyramids.


Leadership # Ph.D

by hossein.hosseini on

Good piece. What is with this Ph.D. business?  Are you implying that because the current 'President' has a PhD in engineering we should attribute all progress (made by Iranian people regardless IMHO) to him?  Are you also saying that the other candidates are all pro-western?  If that's the case, IRI's screeners are not doing their jobs?

I personally think you give too much credit to Ahamadinejad and his gang. Although I have indicated elsewhere that he will likely be there for another 4 year.  Reality is thet Jimmy Carter also had a Ph.D in Nuclear (if I am not mistaken) but he was NOT an effective leader.   Leadership qualities are not always = higher educational degrees.