This is why Israel will bomb Iran!

Asghar Taragheh
by Asghar Taragheh

Just listen to our great IRI Scholars these days talk in Farsi referring to jews as Joood, telling us that Wahabisim is a Zionist plot, the Elders of Zion want to rule the world and destroy it, Iran was to become a second Israel and all other great none sense in a sixteen minute video on IRI TV to further brain wash our hamvatans and the ultra Bisij/Hezbollahi crowd.



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This is Natural

by SamadAgah (not verified) on

The IRI is pressured by the West so they are naturally responding to the West by sending them the following message:

"If you can make trouble for us, we can make trouble for you".

Let the poker/chess games begin.


This is the true Face

by Hamvatan (not verified) on

Of the IRI and political Islam. This is why we have extremists like Bush and AIPAC looking for any excuse to attack our homeland. This is an ideology (IRI) that will only lead to bloodshed.


The Honesty

by Zion on

AnonymousMashhadi and AhmadTala,

Hold it baby. The free world is full of making fun religions and religious figures. This is just one example:

The Nazi like ideological demonization of Jews is something entirely different. Only the Islamofascist anti-semitism gets near it.

But hey, at least you are direct and honest.


Don't protect the......

by AnonymousMashhadi (not verified) on

Yiddish supremacist apartheid state of Israel! These are more failed attempts at trying to provoke an attack on Iran.


What is the Big Deal?

by AhmadTala (not verified) on

Israelis do this about Muslims all day. Europe had the cartoons about Muhammad. What happened? This is pay back!

Keyvan Talebi

This is Sick!

by Keyvan Talebi on

I watched this 2 times today. In the past, they would say that "Zionists are different from the jews and we only hate Zionists". But as we can see they mix the two up without hesitation. And look how they treat the poor Bahais. This is a sick society.


Very Sad!

by AnonymousHaha on

This is just disgusting! I can not believe that they show this garbage. I can not believe that there are Iranians who actually think this way.




Oh my God!

by Tahirih on

I have never seen grown men standing and lying so calmly in front of TV cameras!

As Bahai's we call Iran "Arze maqhsod" because it is holly for us ,since Bahaullah was born there. And these ignorant idiots say we had plans to take over Iran?

Also we believe in emancipation of and equality of women , and it is not a vicious plan to destroy Islam!

this holly man !! says Bahai's have caused trouble for Muslims in small cities? Please any one name one!

What a shame, they way they are brainwashing people.


Thanks Asghar

by Zion on

This video is really revealing. Especially since it debunks the usual claims of the known apologists of the Islamofascist regime in this website, who claim the regime in Iran differentiates between Iranian Jews and 'zionists'.
This is getting really worrisome, an exact duplicate of the Nazi regime. That is why everyone should raise their voices to stop this madness, to ask for total global pressure on these lunatics until they crack, so we can all avoid another war or another Nazi like catastrophe.
I have added this link to my previous blog post:

I hope you don't mind.
Thanks again.