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Business Manager
by Business Manager

A quick history: Last September, upgraded from a manually crafted set of pages to a modern content management system that supported community / comment features. It was a big step forward, but it left a few issues.

First, it left a lot a screen space vacant. This format uses the more modern, wider screen. That should make it easier to view things.

We kept the three columns, but made them wider. That should make for easier reading.

The prior layout had two "skinny" columns on the right, which was hard to read. This one has skinny column on the left with "narrow" content, the main column with story summaries and a medium sized right column which houses video and other content better.

We are asking our advertisers to avoid animated ads and to use the extra space for making their messages easier and less intrusive. We want commerical messages to be available to those readers with a need without annoying everyone unnecessarily.

Last, the new format will better support the new features we plan for 2008. (More on those in a later post.)

What do you think? Any suggestions for improvement.


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by admin on

all comments are noted.


Suggestion for a change

by Troneg on


When a user is logged in, could you please add 2 shortcuts (Track & Create content) just beside My Account in the main page.

This is 2 actions we do frequently and going to My Account to have them is a waste of time and machine performance.

Thanks in advance.

PS : Hopefully .NET is not responsible of slowness ;-) Nothing is sacred even Open Source.

Foaad Khosmood

some responses

by Foaad Khosmood on

sorry, I don't get to check back here too often. The layout/column overlap issues should be gone completely by now. Please let me know if you're still having issues there, give your browser and OS versions.

slowness: it's being worked on. Wayne could let you know soon, possibly by Monday.

.NET: .net?? No way!!! It's all PHP on Linux here using the Drupal CMS.

irandokht: First, I'm not the business manager who wrote the blog entry above. The middle(content) section is definitly larger than before. The main idea behind format change was to have more room. There are now 7 photos on the top film strip on the first page instead of the original 6, and they are each bigger. And all 3 columns are bigger. The photo albums can now include huge pictures. Sorry, but I'm answering what I know. You should ask JJ for any other decisions.

alimostofi: I have suggested the same about the mobile page. It is on our list of projects to do. As far as emailing out comments, that has some serious implications, would take a lot of computer resources and could be abused.

David ET: Tell JJ about increasing that limit.



Slow as molassis. How long

by Slow (not verified) on

Slow as molassis. How long do we have to put up with this slowness?


regarding samsm1111 comment

by Troneg on

I wonder if as samsam1111 says you use .NET !

What technical platform do you use ?




by sb (not verified) on

whatever you did fixed my problem



by samsam1111 on

.....Good luck & don,t use too much .NET language slows it down.


I do not mind the look per

by sb (not verified) on

I do not mind the look per se but I still have problems when I go to from home laptop (IE 7). The top banner does not fit in "One Line" - that is the last two icons wrap to the “next line” which covers most of the first story on the middle panel. I do not want to change my setup (and then break something else). "refresh" did not help as it was suggested earlier., I did not read all the responses since to be honest I do not care that much - I still can manage to see what I want and if I get annoyed, I just will not go to the site from home (and therefore look at it less at work)


What's going wrong with

by Abarmard on

Do what you like, but having the tables displayed all over the place is getting annoying.


Much, much better now, thank you!

by Parham on

I always said one must make it goshad to enjoy it more.


I really like it now.

by Tahirih on

Thanks Foad khan,I did use the refresher, or whatever it is called and it looks great .

with warmest regards,



Nice but slow!

by Monda on

- I think keeping ads to only one side would make it even easier to focus on the content.

- I'm glad you moved the personals to the side! 

- I also notice that I have 1/3 of this page blank, shouldn't that make up for the speed?!

- Adding the news source would be great, even more important than the name of the sender.

- I wonder why I need to sign on each time I visit? And then my password needs resetting!

Thank you for your time on making this site work better for us.


Getting errors on the page at public library

by At public library (not verified) on

I wonder if the errors I get on the page has to do with this computer at the piblic library, or with the page itself. But it caused the page to be closed once, and since then each time I click to navigate in the site, I get an error on the page.



by alimostofi on

How about a version for mobile phones, and the ability to have updates on comments sent to registered users? 


Ali Mostofi





by frustrated (not verified) on

Even after hitting "refresh", the screen is all smushed looking. It's not really overlapping, it just looks like it. Extremely hard to read and a HUGE amount of empty space underneath the evil but necessary ads. Extremely slow. Hard to navigate. The ad's on the left side of the screen are cut out on the right side by the white text blocks. All in all, very discouraging and not an enticement to stay and visit.

Having said that... it's an awesome site for content.


Ads are ok

by Anonymouse on

It would be better if we could have a free website but until JJ wins the lottery, I think we can live with these ads.  It is probably this way or nothing at all.

Hopefully JJ and his partners can come up with ways to make these advertisers pay more, perhaps something like an auction from time to time so they can fight over prime space with each other.

You know what would be worse than this? Websites who have more blinking ads all over their website saying "This space available for your ad" Or "Your ad here".  That would be worse.  If JJ does that I would join in a revolt!


Dear Foaad

by IRANdokht on


I think it's great that you're asking for feedback. So here it goes...

You said: We are asking our advertisers to avoid animated ads and to use the
extra space for making their messages easier and less intrusive. We
want commerical messages to be available to those readers with a need
without annoying everyone unnecessarily.


The "slowness" is most likely because it's taking time to draw the left
side column before the system moves on to the middle part of the site.
Previously, the main part was getting drawn first, so people probably
didn't notice that while they started reading the article
some of the
material on the right was still being loaded. It is kind of annoying

though, we will have to brainstorm a way to addressing this.

Unfortunately, it seems like not only the ads have become more intrusive, (the largest ad on this page is animated) they are loading up before the actual articles too hence the latency.

Why is the change in the format of the webpage, which has resulted in latency in the loading of the actual articles called an improvement?

The width of the actual article seems to be the same as before, as far as I can tell, we didn't experience any problem with embedded videos then either. The only difference I see is that now we're surrounded with ads, they seem to have multiplied in numbers and they seem more "in your face", to the point that the links to other articles and news are not as easy to find anymore.

I am sorry if I sound too critical, I just did not receive any specific answer the first time I asked questions.

Thanks again and khasteh nabashin



Very nice, Foad khan!

by sima on

I do like the new layout. It makes sense and is less cluttered. And I do hope you find a solution to the slow loading.

But I have one major complaint, which I can't remember if it has to do with the new layout! In "Featured News" the source of the news used to be mentioned right upfront on the front page. Now we have to go the actual link to find out. That's no good! To some of us the source of the news is terribly important. Please return THAT instead of (or in addition to) who sent in the item.

Dast-e shoma definitely dard nakoneh!


Looks good but the main content a little slow to load

by farrad02 on

My feedback:

The new design looks good but the main content (in the middle) is a little slow to load.  I also noticed that the ads on the left side load right away but the ads on the right side load after the main content in the middle has lazily loaded first. So, this makes sense though. You're loading them from left to right apparently. But you just want them to load faster!

Keep up the good work!



I take it back !!

by javaneh29 on

I just read the earlier comment by Foaad and refreshed the page and it is perfect now ... so i take it all back!!!!   



re : new layout

by javaneh29 on

Firstly I apologise in advance... I am sorry to be only critical but this new layout is not working so well for me,  and for some others it seems.

My main problems are the it is slower to load and some of the articles and images overlap each other and make it difficult to read. It also is a bit all over the place.. I realise we probably all got used to the old layout! but this isnt only about not liking changes...

I hope you can sort it out.



All ads on one side

by RostameDastAn on

Agha why don't you put all the ads on one side, right or left. The layout is too crowded with ads and feature titles. gives me a headache, man!  - R.D.


Hi guys Can you fix the

by Ali Reza (not verified) on

Hi guys

Can you fix the rendering so it works with Firefox please?

I hate having to use Micro Fuzzy's Internet Exploder.


It works

by Seagull (not verified) on

Thank you Foad, the refresh worked. It looks good now.
I am already used to it even though articles on the left make an easier read for me.
Thank you all for all the good work.


The new layout has problem

by Tafreshi on



A few points:

A.  I used  my own computer at home (Windows XP and IE browser). The right column is blank at the home page. If you scroll down enough you'll see the supposed content on the left column.

B. My computers at work (Windows XP and IE browser):

computer 1. fomatting was correct and the home page was displayed correctly.

computer 2. formatting was correct but the width of the page was extended and it would not re-size accordingly. The scroll bar at bottom of the page had to be used to display the whole page.

Good luck


No Comment


by No Comment on

i use firefox and it looks fine. i like this format better you can see more links on the screen


Just when I got used to the

by skatermom (not verified) on

Just when I got used to the old homepage. You guys had to go and change things. It will take me a few weeks but okay. I am however happy about the dating ads not in my face everytime I log on. I was starting to feel as if all Iranians had a difficult time hooking up with the opposite sex.

Red Wine

suggestions yokhdur !!!

by Red Wine on

Agha/baradar/boss/arbab/etc ...

Chera avaz kardin akheh ino ?? dastan chieh,ha ? beh ye zabuni begid akheh keh man-e shemrounie dehati,halim besheh !!!

Aslan ghashang nisst. 




by Anonymouse on

Makes sense, I changed my resolution and the strips got smaller but the font and pictures got stretched too! I don't like it that way so I went back.  I think they may call it true font or something.

I don't have to scroll left or right either.  I get the full screen and by the way as I mentioned when you went to this format the blue margins got smaller too.  So something must have given way for it to happen. 


Too slow

by bahram9821 on

Pages take up 10-20 seconds to load, I have tried on MAC and PC , same result.