How to cook Ghormeh Sabzi

Chef KShar
by Chef KShar

Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the most deliciouse and popular Persian Stew. Watch these videos and you’ll look like a Master Chef with your Ghormeh Sabzi. Start watching and don’t forget to leave a comment when you’re done.




I hope you enjoyed the videos. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Chef KShar

bah bah

by Chef KShar on

Mesle inke party bar gharareh, chashm , salad ba man LOL.  faghat ghol bedeh ke shamsi khanoom dorost ghaza dorost bokoneh . Az davate shoma mamnoonam. be salamati to doost khob.   boro ke berim.

Chef KShar


by Chef KShar on

Thank you for your comment and you are right. dont use too much, but you need to use enough. Adding it soon or late will not effect the taste. keep it cooking. please let me know what you think of my website

Chef KShar


by Chef KShar on

My friend, Saffron is my friend and I use it in all my cooking. Try it, you will like it. keep it cooking.

BTW, have you visited my website

Chef KShar


by Chef KShar on

Roozbeh jon, I love your sence of humer, keep on Jogging and then keep on cooking. have you checked my web site. give my regards to your farangi wife.

BTW, dont forget the pitcher of DOOGH.  I make the best DOOGH.


How did I manage to miss this great blog.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

About my favourite Iranain food? You know nothing is better than a huge plate of GS and Rice with a separate plate of Thick Tah dig (you know the type my mother makes, no cheating on roghan!) after 15 miles of jogging and a shower on a sunday afternoon!

Thank you so much  dear chef. I always read your blogs and then try to teach my farangi wife how to replicate them, with various degrees of success.

BTW, IMHO, Lamb is essential for GS. Beef just does not cut it for me.


Saffron in Ghormeh sabzi?

by jasonrobardas on

I have never tried this . I wonder how tha would taste? 


I always thought

by statira on

if I fry shanbalileh too much, gormehsabzi gets a bitter taste. I usually fry parsley and chives first and at the end I add shanbalileh.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Try it the Indian way, with white cheese, as well. Indian Sagwala is done with spinach and cheese or lamb or fish. It's fantastic. Less beef or lamb and more pork or fish is healthier, in the long run. I used to love meat, but now that I cook more often, I use very little meat as a kind of flavor and for others to eat. Indeed, I try almost all dishes without meat, as well.


Ghormeh Sabzi

by KingReza on

I'm kind of disappointed this wasn't submitted by Ghormeh Sabzi himself/herself.


Jenabe Jeesh Daram

by Doctor mohandes on

ke nadaram LOL:)

Joone Akbari Aslan age man bezaram:)

Shooma Salad dorost kon man MAshroob jate Alkoli ro tahiyeh khaham kard.

Souri khanoom ham ke mashalah ashpaz banooyeh ghablei tasheef darand mara khejalat khahand dad va yeh Ghorme sabzi farde ala tahiyeh khahand farmood.

Va salam.

Jeesh Daram

Nilgo1 thanks

by Jeesh Daram on

Thanks for your follow up. I am all for chicken, beef or lamb. My comments were regarding why only few pieces not what kind of meat. I have heard that complaint from many foreigners that I took to Iranian restaurants, that what the heck is with the meat scarcity? Seriousely, they get upset.


As for my name, what can I say. Bad habits don't go away very easily! It has been five years that I have been groomed with this name....Someday I will change it, but that day has not arrived yet and thanks for your tolerance. I know it is hard to address someone seriousely when his name is Jeesh Daram!  But you see, I hate to call myself Darafsh-Daliran or Kourosh Hakhamaneshi, LongLiveAnarchy....etc. those were all taken.

Jeesh Daram

Yes Souri, lamb shank :)

by Jeesh Daram on

Exactly like you said Sorui khanoom. Isn't lamb shank delicious in ghormeh sabzee :)  And the leftvoer will continue to be delicious too....  Thanks for the invitation.


Meat is a personal choice.

by nilgol1 on

Mr (Jeesh Daram)

choosing the size, kind and amount of the
meat is a personal choice, I have made ghorme sabzi with beef, lamb,
chicken. I even have made ghorme sabzi az a vegetarian dish, with Tofu,
Mushroom or soy texture. 

I hope you can made it the way you like
it. I believe this is the way that Chef K.shar makes this dish, you
can,alter it the way you like.

And just a friendly comment, If I were you, I would change my name to some thing more appropriate. but that is my choice.

have  a good one :)



JD jon

by Souri on

When you say "ghalam" do you mean "maahicheh"? If so, then bravo!

I do the same!! I love Mahicheh (goosfand) with the ghalam ostekhan for ghorme-sabzi and baghleh polo. The best!

It's my pleasure to cook a good ghorme sabzi for you and DM. Next time we meet, enshallah :)


Jeesh Daram

قورمه با گوشت یا بی گوشت، مسئله در این است

Jeesh Daram

سوری خانم با اشاره شما موافقم  و قورمه سبزی با گوشت لخم خیلی بیشتر مرسوم است و اینکه من از قلم گوسفند استفاده میکنم بخاطر آن چربی خوبی که بغذا اضافه میکند و بعد هم مغز استخوان.  حالا شما هرکدام را لطف کنید و تهیه نمائید بنده و آثای دکتر مهندس در خدمت خواهیم بود.  شرابش با بنده، ایشان هم سالاد درست کنند.  من بهیچوجه شکمو نیستم، ولی دیدم این مسئله انقلاب مصر که حل نشد اقلا بزنیم به صحرای کربلا شاید مسئله قورمه سبزی حل شود. 


Oh yes, I'm sure

by Souri on

Ask any Gorgani about that. This is their favorite khoresh. Just I don't remember what is made from. But I'm sure about its name and also its color being green !

No chamedoon :)


Suck ya chamedoon:))? Souri jan

by Doctor mohandes on

Are you sure it is called suck and not Keef dastii ya chamedoon?


Sorry I can't use farsi font now (DM)

by Souri on

Gorganiha yek ghazaee darand be esme Suck! ( not joking,  I'm really serious, this is the name) and that Suck is something like what you have tried : almost a ghorme-sabzi with chicken. But I never liked it. I find it is not fat enough. Kind a sauce for the diet people.

I love ghorme sabzi with lots of sabzi (just a bit taft dadeh but not sorkh kardeh) big piece of meet and the (little) red beans and also limoo ammani :)



Aya midanesteed kaaaa

by Doctor mohandes on

Ghoormaa sabzi can be done with Morgh as well?

jeddi migam. I have tried it. Taste just like the regular version. The experiences of a Single man!

Souri jan

Thanks for that tasty and mouth watering compare/contrast. After reading all about Mosaadegh and Virginity and The imminent threat of war on iran and PAAIA and ...folan  o beesaar..(sarakam geej raft)

That was muy refreshing and delicious:)

Jeesh daram

Nadaram. But i am addressing this to you. so that is why i say jeesh daram (ke of course as well know nadaram)

Liked your other blog:)


JD jon

by Souri on

Ta jaee ke man midounam, goosht ghormeh sabzi dorosht tareh. be hamin khater ham tedaad kamatari goosht dar khoresh mirizand, ke ziadi to zogh nazaneh.

goshte gheimeh dar avaz riz tareh va tedades hbishtar.

hala khodet entekhaab kon, kodomo mikhay?

Jeesh Daram

چرا آنقدر در قورمه سبزی گوشت کم میریزند، رحم هم خوب چیزی است

Jeesh Daram

جناب آقای ک.شار با عرض سلام و خدا قوت گویان از نمایش شما سپاسگزارم و یک سئوالی دارم که مدتهاست فکر مرا آزار میدهد.  عرض کنم سئوال بنده در مورد این مسئله بغرنج ملی ما میباشد و آن کم ریختن گوشت توی خورش قورمه سبزی میباشد برای مثال همین نمایش شما شامل یک ظرف بزرگ برنج است و یک بشقاب قورمه سبزی، یک لیمو و کمی گوشت.  خوب اگر شما این را جلوی بنده بگذارید و بگوئید مال تو و آنرا با قدری برنج بخور، بنده یک عمر نمک پرورده خواهم بود. ولی ما از این شانسها نداریم و بطور یقین یک بشقاب دیگر بهمان اندازه میرود طرف دیگر سفره برای چهار نفر،  خوب این بنظر من یکنوع زجردادن مهمان است.  چطور ما وقتی خوراک لمب شنک در رستوران درخواست میکنیم دو تا پاچه میگذارند، ولی اگر قورمه سبزی بخواهیم، دو تا تکه گوشت در عمق خورش بزحمت پیدا میشود؟  در رستورانی از خانم مدیرش سئوال کردم چرا آنقدر کم گوشت میریزید، آبروی ما پیش مهمانان خارجی از بین رفت ( البته از اولش هم چندان آبرویی نبود).  باری خانم مدیر صدایش را تا حد صدای مرحوم مرضیه نازک کرد و سرش را قدری بطرف شانه اش کج کرد و در حالیکه نگاهش به تار عنکبوتهای سقف بود گفت "آخه باور کنین آقا، مردم شکایت میکنند و میگویند گوشت کمتر بریزید وگرنه ما دیگر اینجا نمیائیم".  خوب شما خودتان یک ایرانی وطن پرست هستید و آشنا به روحیه ایرانی،  آیا در تمام دنیا امکان دارد یک ایرانی شکایت بکند که چرا گوشت زیاد توی قورمه سبزی ریخته اید؟ اصلا چنین جمله ای بخودی خود یک ترکیب ضد و نقیض و یا "آگزی موران" است.  خوب اگرغذایش فرضا زیاد بیاید میبرد بخانه اش و بقیه را فردایش میخورد.  ولی اینکه آدم چنین دروغی ببافد که مردم تهدید به تحریم رستوران میکنند، دیگر باور کردنی نیست.  لذا بنده خودم اگر برای چهار نفر قورمه سبزی درست کنم، درون آن هشت تا پاچه گوسفند میریزم و باور بفرمائید برای چهار نفر بندرت زیاد میاید.  حالا امکان دارد بخاطر کمبود گوشت در قدیم این رسم بوده که گوشت کمتر بریزند و لی دیگر در خارج از ایران چرا؟ با تشکر، شما دلیل آنرا میدانید چیست؟