Alice in Wonderland

cyrous moradi
by cyrous moradi

For Alice in Wonderland (1)

My heart is a little mouse in an abandoned ship

Keen to smell cats, Jealous to rats

Witness took an oath inside a vacant court

Not accustomed to hardship, rhinos

Little mouse is gallant for golden fish

Spread my eyes on muddy puddles

To prevent the hardship if your cross

White pigeon reads anecdotes to geese chicks

Black cats flirting with classmates

For Alice in Wonderland (2)

When the weather is so dismal, in the Antarctica

Try to conceal your love with Gloria

Count Dracula freezes the bodies in the Himalayas

Eskimos like to start fishing in the north Alaska

A numb feeling comes to rabbit, when he reads the Gazzetta

There is great peril when you hunt in Namibia

Alligator reclined on his right arm, after receiving wrong data

Monkeys shriek when they see creasy puma

The sinister plot was uncovered to cheat the impala


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