Prussian Blue

cyrous moradi
by cyrous moradi

1- Your eyes, cross my heart


Deepest point in the North Sea


Your eyes , looking at rose fishes


Where is the centre of mass for the solar system?


Somewhere in your eyes


2- When I arrive,


I will not see you, sure


Forgive me


My watch is tune with Mars


UFO will blink, only for you


Prussian blue


Your eyes


3- Drink half of your coffee, only


Leave your spoon in the sugar


Don't quit the venue before I arrive


Prussian blue, your eyes


4- Oriental express of 6pm


Wagon No. 10


Don't stop at Paris


I will arrive " a' la gare"


10 minutes late


Prussian blue


Your eyes




Cyrous Moradi June 20, 2004


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