Persians are not Arabs, any more than Koreans are Japanese


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Why :

When I first Googled the term Persians, I noticed many non Persian websites showing on the Search Engine Result Pages that solely linked to topics on Persian cats. I was wondering why Persian sites didn't rank as well and why the sites didn't elaborate further on what "Persian" really means. I noticed that almost all websites on the first page were live since 1995, which gave them the competitive advantage of obtaining more back links resulting in better ranking. So I believed that we needed a site that would outrank them to share with the world the richness of our culture, our history and more and that is why I started the website. After going live in 2007, the site noticed a good amount of traffic and back links from bloggers and persian sites within the first few weeks. I had an editor and web designer enhance the content and design. As of today, over 90% of the traffic is generated from search engines.

Why this name for the website? :

Confusing Persians with Arabs, as well as the controversy of the Persian Gulf being called the Arabian Gulf has been the subject of public attention for many years. I simply chose a domain name that stated a fact, got right to the point and answered a commonly asked question.

Does the website denote negativity towards Arabs? :

Absolutely not - The domain itself, as well as the context, simply denotes the distinction between Persians and Arabs and briefly elaborates on the Persian ethnicity.


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Warning!! . Arabic words should be stopped on this site

by Siavash300 on

"Our own ultra nationalism since the beginning of Pahlavi era has had devastated affect on our national heritage and identity." Iran2050

It was Nationalism who saved Iran from the hands of arabs in early 80's. Our trained homafars and shahanshi army broke their jaws in a heat beat. The legacy of shah and his nationalism notion among army persoanels saved Iran.  The slogan :                                    چو ایران نباشد تن من مباد         

 No Arabic Avatar on no Arabic words here. Some people who pose as Iranian trying to promote arab culture and arab language here. It must be stopped. These are the same people who claimed ownership of our oil field not long ago. They were trying to call it "Moamareh". It is Khozestan and it will always remain khozestan. They were trying to call Ahvaz, Al-Ahvaz. Now they're looking at our Persian Gulf. This is big a threat to our "national interest".

They could be Iraqis, Palestinians, Lebananese. who knows?

 But one thing for sure they have to stop using our site to promote their agenda. Enough is enough.





by religionoutofgovernment on

Distorting the truth and slandering people with opposite views by demagogues is nothing new. We talk about preserving our 3000 year old heritage, they accuse us of racism. We keep saying this is not about being better, they turn a blind eye and talk about supremacy. Every nation and country in the world is proud of their heritage and celebrates their culture. In fact, tolerance and muti-culturalism is part of our heritage. 

Denying a nation its history and heritage and forcefully trying to replace it with medieval beliefs of the ruling few, is cultural homicide. And when we try to keep the heritage alive we are racist. It is hypocrisy to talk about "Modern world" and "equality" and also want an "islamic Heritage". The intolerance from your book dictates that you kill apostates who chose to no longer believe in Islam. Are you going to follow the word of your "god" and murder those of us? What kind of "modern thinker" would that make you? Or are you going to be a real modern thinker and refute your "Islamic Heritage"?

Iran 2050

Siavash3000, Racism is

by Iran 2050 on


Racism is inexcusable. The reason that we call what Hitler did racism where as people 80 years ago didn’t call it racism is because the human brain has developed and so did the human experience. You cannot say we cannot call what our ancestors did racism because those days no one did but we can all it now racism. Racism is racism. Now we know better.

This Aryan ideology among some Iranians is as bad if not worse than what Hitler use to preach. If those ignorant Iranians take over the country, they will do exactly like Hitler did. They were very influential prior to 1979. Let’s not forget that.

The reason that Persian Gulf should be called just that is because that is it’s name, not because we are better than Arabs or we are in conflict with Arabs or anything else. It’s simply a geographical and historical issue, nothing more. This whole crap started by Jamaal Abdul Nasser who was an Arab nationalist. He was the one who brought this to surface. That’s why I’m saying “ultra nationalism” is bad in any shape.

Our own ultra nationalism since the beginning of Pahlavi era has had devastated affect on our national heritage and identity. Tens of languages in Iran, which were an integral part of Iranian identity and part of the beautiful mosaic we call Iran has vanished under this Aryan BS supremacy mentality and state doctrine. Identify and respect for a huge portion of Iranians were gone. That extremism is the primary reason, in my opinion , that led to the 1979 revolution, and as I said before, IRI’s extremism is a reaction to nationalist extremism hat existed prior to 1979 and it is again on the verge of rebirth.


Bahram Gohari

Siavash300 you put it in

by Bahram Gohari on

Siavash300 you put it in right perspective and I couldn't say it any better, if nationalism is considered to be racism then consider me to be racist, doroud bar Iran va Irani.


Iran2050 possible misunderstanding.

by Siavash300 on

"This whole Aryan ideology is nothing but a myth. That being said, who says being Aryan makes you better than anyone else? Oh yeah, Hitler said that and now we say that" Iran2050

Again usage of Aryan by Nazi Germany and Hitler is western concept the same as Racism (or rather racial hate). It is less than 80 years old. Our king Koroush over 2000 years ago identify himself as Aryan on Naghshe Rosatm. Nazi Germany used this race as justification of massacre of jews back in 40's. For example, 100 years ago if you were saying you are Aryan, no one accuse you as being racist. This concept perpeutated in 40's by Nazi Germany. For over 2000 years no one accuse Koroush as being superior race by saying I am Aryan. it was the same as you saying I am chinesse or Japanesse. This misuderstanding started once Hitler use this race for massacre of million innocent people just less than 80 years ago. We idientify our race as Aryan and our homeland as the first settlement of Mendes in platu of Iran. That distinct our territory from turkish or arab land. Our platu is Aryan land and our Persian Gulf. It has been Persian Gulf since ancient time.

Payandeh our Aryan Land Iran.   

Iran 2050

Warning to all free

by Iran 2050 on

Warning to all free thinking, modern Iranians,

I guess I’m one of those “unknown sources” (Yes, I do have ties with BBC, Englisiha, CIA, MI6, Arabs, and others..and I hate “Aryans”, and yup, as always, I’m part of a “conspiracy”), who is “promoting Arab culture” on this site and is “hog washing the pure, blonde, blue eyed beautiful Aryan Iran, with its culture being “better”  than others, and its race “better “ than others, and its food, and music, and ….”Better” than others”.

I guess calling for Racism to go way amongst us Iranians is “promoting Arab culture”.  Calling for hate to go way is “promoting Arab culture”. Calling for us to think we are humans just like others and we are in no way, shape or form better or worst than others is “using Arab words” and “promoting Arab culture”.

I guess saying lets stop having medieval beliefs that makes us looks like bigots amongst other nations is “promoting Arab culture”. Saying let’s build a future democratic Iran where all are equal is “promoting Arab culture”. Saying lets think as modern 21st century humans not living in a past that has as many things to be proud of as not to be proud of, and by that, is no different than other cultures in the world, is “promoting Arab culture”.!! Thanks for clarifying what “promoting Arab culture” is.

I guess some folks who want to “purify the Aryan identify of Iran!!!” and who are upset that there are Arabic words in Farsi, need to go back and take Arabic words out of Golestan and Boostan and Khayyam’s books, and demolish all mosques, and kill all who have “Arabic” blood or ancestry in them. Folks, imagine an Iran like that!!!

It is really really sad that in the 21st century, we have people who think as we are in the 1st century! Very sad indeed.

salman farsi

But patri(o)tism is about racism

by salman farsi on


You put your foot right into it the middle of it brother Siavash.

 For an Islamic democracy

Iran 2050

Salman farsi,   You

by Iran 2050 on

Salman farsi,


You are right about the lineage. This whole Aryan ideology is nothing but a myth. That being said, who says being Aryan makes you better than anyone else? Oh yeah, Hitler said that and now we say that!

Again I do have to say, IRI’s extremism has caused many of us to become national extremists. But you cannot overcome extremism with your own brand of ideological extremism. You’re just going from one hole to another. We shouldn’t be losing our head. Just because IRI says it does things in the name of Islam, we shouldn’t be buying that. That shouldn’t turn us into bigots. I understand it’s hard because of what IRI does, but again, we shouldn’t lose our head.

The most effective way to combat IRI is not to call them “Arabs” and think once they go way we will bring back Iran to the pre Islamic days and wipe out Islam off Iran. The most effective way is to say to IRI we want a FREE Iran, not one ruled by religious ideology, whatever that ideology is. IRI won’t have an answer to that. If you want to tell them we want to replace Shite with Zoroastrianism (Which I think by the way they have way more similarities between them than Shite and Islam have), that would just be replacing one extremism by another.

 I want a completely secular democracy. One that religion is out of state affairs. Whether it’s Islam or Zoroastrianism or anything else. Religion is a private matter and it should kept that way.


Warning to all patriatic Persians

by Siavash300 on

There is a big threat from unknown sources that tries to hog wash our nation by using arabic words and promoting arab culture on this site. NATIONALISM has nothing to do with RACISM. Once we say Persian Gulf, it is aimed to protect our national interest and has nothing to do with racism. Racism is western concept that breed from history of slaverly and slave trade in Africa. It has nothing to do with Persians. All Arabic words should be cancelled on this site. This is, not This action has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority complex. 

Long live our Aryan Land Iran.

salman farsi

Well said Iran 2050

by salman farsi on


We are all brothers and sisters and cousins and nephews and nieces. I know that many of us hate to admit it but in our lineage we can trace Arab, Mongol, Tatar, Greek, and lots of Turkic ancestry.

We are one big well mixed family.


BTW brother an Islamic democracy IS as secular democracy - just in case you didn't know.

 For an Islamic democracy

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Just color me human ....... 

Iran 2050

Persian and Arabs are brothers and equal

by Iran 2050 on

So sad how hate, racism and chauvinism has become so mainstream amongst some Iranians. They are like Japanese and Germans prior to WWII, and we all know how WWII, which resulted because of those extremes turned out for both Japan and Germany. And we also know what happened to those nations when they rid themselves from hate and racism and became a modern nation.


What is this hate towards Arabs? What is this inexcusable racism? Don’t these people have any shame at all to call themselves “better” or “superior” than others? Can’t they see that all they doing are displaying their own sense of discomfort with who they are? Whoever belittles others is displaying his own shortages and doubt about who he is. Those people see an Iran on the verge of falling off cliff and see how backward Iran is, instead of saving Iran by applying modern beliefs and concepts such as universal human rights and respect for others, they have turned into racist fascists.


Who are we to claim we are better than Arabs? Based on what? Based on how old our civilization is? Arabs’ is way older than us. They had queens before Iran existed. They were center of commerce. They have good and bad aspects in their culture just like any other civilization.  


This is really dangerous, shameful and a threat to a future democratic Iran. Let’s rid ourselves from hate. No human is better than other. No civilization is “better” than other. That’s not how civilizations are measured. Can we think scientific once in our history?


For a future, democratic, secular Iran.


 Wanting an Islamic

by vildemose on

 Wanting an Islamic Democracy, an oxymoron, is fascist.

Lovely and eloquent.



by vildemose on



by religionoutofgovernment on

This has nothing to do with genetics. The fact that we want to be able to celebrate Nowruz without religious tones, that we want allIranians including Baha'is and Jews have the same rights as Muslims is not Fascist.Talking about blood mixing and genetic similarity is racist and fascist but wanting to preserve 3000 year culture and heritage is not. Wanting religion out of our politics is necessary for democracy and not fascist. Wanting an Islamic Democracy, an oxymoron, is fascist.


Salmon Party!

by Faramarz on

You are factually wrong brother man!

There was a DNA study that was done on Iranians a while back and the results were posted here. It found that Iranians are more genetically similar to Central Asians than the Arabs.

And the explanation had to do with the Y-chromosome and the fact that the Arab women never mingled with Iranian men back in Mo's and Al's time, so their DNA did not propagate into ours.

Different fish swimming in different ponds Salmon Party!




by Raoul1955 on

No problem.  :-)


Related article. Sorry,

by vildemose on

Related article. Sorry, Raoul, it's in Persian.




This new-found nationalism

by vildemose on

This new-found nationalism is the result of 32 years of systematic culturally genocidal actions of Islamic Republic to physically wipe, remove, annihilate, exterminate all vestiges of our heritage, identity and organic culture.

The more Islamic republic tries to further Islamicize Iranians and the more people consider their historical identity under constant threat of extinction, the stronger will be the nationalist movement. This is not any different than what is happening here with the rise of fascistic nationalism in Europe and the US.

salman farsi

There is sooooo much Arab blood in Iranian veins today

by salman farsi on

that you cannot separate them physically. Don't believe me? ask any seyyed or seyyedah.

 For an Islamic democracy


Arabs showed gumption,courage , guts, bravery and selflessness

by jasonrobardas on

by uniting , protesting , fighting on the streets daily , to bringdown their dictators , some were successful , some are still engaged in their struggles . Many have lost lives ......their struggle stll continues , While you Iranians of the diaspora are still writing about "How Persians are so uniqely different from Arabs and that the Persians are "Taft-e-ye ,  Joda bafteh"!!!




by yolanda on

Interesting blog and interesting discussions!

Thank you!

Wikipedia says Iran has 2-3% Arabs!


How about

by religionoutofgovernment on

How about read the post you are trying to respond, before you respond! This is not a just a matter of 1400 years ago. We are feeling the effects of cultural/religious invasion now. All Iranians with all backgrounds should be equal and respected. We don't deny that. We also do not say persians are superior. We only say that Iranian culture is not the same as Arabs. Believe me none of the Arabs that I know would like to be called Persian either. And that is fine. We can all live together, but there is no denying that as we speak Persians are being forced to deny their own culture and adopt a culture of nomads from the Arabian peninsula 1400 years ago!



by Raoul1955 on

It is best to start with: 'Think first before you write.'
Centuries ago one group of folks invades another and then they mingle...
How does anyone of you so-called 'Persians' know that your great great... grand folks were not among those so-called 'Arab' invaders.  Humans are humans and all are members of the same race, i.e., have the same genome, even Iranians share the same genome with the rest of us humans, believe it or not.
It is understandable why some folks originally from Iran are so embarrassed about their recent history, but that is life, live with it.


This may help

by All-Iranians on



You need find first and foremost what is Persian.

by choghok on

The term Persia was given by greek historians and later picked by Europeans. If you think logically you should call a Person German when the person has german as mothertounge or a person is Swiss if he speaks one of the official languages in there as mothertoung. A swiss does not hold any ethnicity, like Iranian. But Persian is connected to an ethnicity. Iran is bigger than persia meaning in matter of cultural and ethnicity.

So If you want to be correct you should say Iranians are prople from different ethnicities, where a big part are Persians.

Curious Joe

There are a few difference between Persians and Arabs

by Curious Joe on

1- Over a millennium ago, the Arab nomads invaded Persia and penetrated Persian women/Zoroastrians, creating generations heavily influenced by Arabic culture leading to today's stone-age mentality as articulated in Imam Khomeini's writings, as well as the current Iranian President who is waiting for the imminent arrival of a ghost called the 12th Imam to save the world.

2- Persian language has 32 letters, whereas the Arabic language has only 28 letters.  There is no letter "ch" in Arabic Language as in "church".  There is no letter "gg" in Arabic language as in "egg".  There is no letter "su" in Arabic language as in "measure".  And finally, there is no letter "P" in Arabic language as in "Persian Poetry". The Arabs cannot even pronounce those letters.

3- Accordingly, Arabs do not appreciate a Persian poem which says:

Khayaam, agar ze baadeh masti khosh baash

Baa maah-rokhi agar neshasti khosh baash


Chon aaghebat-e kaar-e jahaan nisti ast

Engaar nisti, cho hasti khosh baash

As you note in the above poem, there is the Persian letter "gg" in agar and engar.  There is also the Persian letter "ch" as in chon and cho.  Further, the poem talks about baadeh (= alcoholic drink), which is forbidden by the current bunch of Arab khalifs who have written an IRI constitution based on Valaayateh "Vaghih".

Furthermore, the culture of Iran since 1979 has been one of shohadaa, Behesht-e Zahraa, Taassoaa, Aashorra, Sinehzani, Zanjirzani, Ghamehzani, cries, tears, Azaan, Namaaz, ramadaan, death of Imam Hussein, becoming a Haaji by visiting Mecca, becoming a Seyed by going to Karbalaa, and qualifying to become a pawn in "the powerless Majles" whose members have to be pre-approved by higher authorities/guardians -- a bunch of Arabs whose motto is "Allah-o-Akbar" and who dress like Arabs, quote in Arabic from Qoran, wear a ropa over their head, and legalize "Sigheh", calling it "temporary marriage" -- their idea of how to be "khosh baash".

Frankly, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and behaves like a duck -- it must be a duck.

So, welcome to yet another invasion of Persia by the Arabs.  This time, nonetheless, in the 21st century.


For Ahura Mazda's sake, stop this non sense....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And think about how an Iranian Arab (yes, the ones living in khuzestan, where most of our oil is produced, the ones who paid most dearly for saddam/khomeini war, the ones  who were being massacred by the islamist regime only couple of months ago for their brave demonstrations against the fascist islamist regime...) would feel about such article.

Then go read this:


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by IranMarzban on

Nothing against arabs but we have our own culture.


Why we don't like to be called Arabs

by religionoutofgovernment on

I can't speak for everyone else but I can tell you my personal feelings about why I don't want my country and my culture to be mistaken as an Arabic one. The reasons are precisely religious and cultural.

From the religion standpoint, we were invaded and absolutely forced to convert to Islam. Then for hundreds of years we were given a supposedly "holly" book in a language we did not understand and and were forbidden to translate and analyze. This led to a group of few to claim their supremacy and connection to "god" and use it to take advantage of our people. We are now starting to translate and read exactly what is in this book. We are also freeing ourselves from the this small group who use this Arabic book to rule and destroy our country.

 From a cultural standpoint, our culture is very different from those of Arabs despite the common alphabet which was also forced on us. I have lived in several Arabic countries and I can tell you we do not share the same culture.  

In terms of genetic testing, of course it is not necessary. Being Iranian is who you are and you just know you are not Arab.