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Daniel M Pourkesali
by Daniel M Pourkesali

What is occurring in the streets of Tehran is greatly misinterpreted by many in the West some of whom still recall similar images of unrest from 1979 when people revolted against the monarchist regime of the late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

This time, however, the circumstances are entirely different – The demonstrators are not looking to depose the clerical system but demanding that it deliver on its promises of social freedom and equal opportunity. Reformist leaders like Mr. Mousavi, Khatami, Rafsanjani, and Montazeri are all members of the same politico-clerical elite who stand to lose everything from disintegration of the existing system.

What they and their supporters were opposing was the kind of concentration of power in the executive branch as well as the Basij and Revolutionary Guards in the last few years. Their demands before the elections was an end to that continuous slide toward autocratic style of governance.

But it is now evident that gross mishandling of last Friday’s election results has created a massive division within the Iranian population. Repressive measures against civil liberties and human rights such as use of violence against peaceful demonstrators, arrest of reformist leaders, harassment of students and activists in the days since has only deepened this divide and is now helping isolate the country by giving hostile external elements raison d'être to further demonize Iran in order to impose additional sanctions and raises the likelihood of foreign intervention.

For the sake preserving Iran’s national interest it is crucial that Iranian authorities stop the harassment and beating of all students and activists; release those arrested including reformist leaders; ensure the right to peaceful demonstration, and guarantee the security of all participants.


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Pourkesali's Error

by Wrong (not verified) on

Montazeri is not part of the same clerical elite, and Mr. Pourkesali shows his ignorance of the varied positions of and schisms between the 'ulama in Iran.


Fred what do you think of NIAC's response?

by Anonymous Question (not verified) on

They are being supportive! Why are you still going on about lobbies. Come down, baba.


An Apologist with a Tie!

by Anonymous111 on

Sir, your attempt at putting the best face on the ongoing revolution in Iran is nothing but pure propoganda. 

"The demonstrators are not looking to depose the clerical system but demanding that it deliver on its promises of social freedom and equal opportunity."

Really?!!!!  Is that why they are chanting "marg bar jomhooriyie islami" and "vay be roozi ke mosallah shavim" here?


And yes, you're right.  Iranians really want the IRI in charge.   They really like viruses like this murderer basiji shooting indiscrementaly into the crwod and killing at least seven people who wanted the clerical system to "deliver on its promises of social freedom and equal opportunity".  They just LOVE it.


They really want the IRI to remain so that the Baijis can stick around for a few more decades and terrorize thm on motorcycles with baseball bats and metal pipes.  They just LOVE it.  (The blog is 5 spots above yours if you didn't notice).

And these Iranians really love Islam and the Islamic system as well:


See, you are part of the problem.  The likes of you, out of touch ideologues, sitting comfortably in the west, and putting a modern and polished face on the backwards and barbaric IRI --you are part of the problem.  But, if you read history, you will see that every dictatorship had its mouthpieces and propagandists around the world to do exactly the same.  And they were all relegated to the trash bin of history after the fall of their masters.  That’s a fate that you and your brethren should be looking forward to.

But hey, on the biright side of things, look at who's congratulating you on a "great analysis"...resident hezbollahi Jaleho's twin sister, Irandokht.  I'm sure that gives you a lot of credibility!


The Red Robed reformist

by Fred on

CASMII lobby employee says:

 “Reformist leaders like Mr. Mousavi, Khatami, Rafsanjani and Montazeri are all members of….”
What they and their supporters were opposing was the kind of concentration of power in the executive branch as well as the Basij and revolutionary Guard in the last few years.”

His Red-Robed Highness with many many murders under his belt, the Billionaire Mullah who is the simultaneous head of TWO powerful bodies, Rafsanjani is a reformist now who is opposing the concentration of power in the “executive branch”? And the unlimited power of Basij and Guard power is limited to the last few years?

The lobbies are all trying to portray the unfolding events to their liking and it is perfectly understandable. But when an employee of a lobby whose U.S. boss has written in this very forum about his support and admiration for Ahmadinejad, one has to ask if they know of the concept of shame?


The lobby employee also knows what the masses of Iranian demonstrators do not want, that is changing the regime. They are just upset with as the lobbyist says:

“Executive power” in the Islamist republic where under article 110, the Absolute rule of the supreme leader is above all with all the “executive powers” concentrated in his hands.


Mr Pourkesali

by IRANdokht on

Great analysis, thank you!



I agree

by Anon138 (not verified) on

I agree Mr. Pourkesali. The US should stay out of this all together, because this is not a demand for a regime change. This is a protest and a demand for reforms, something IRI leaders could have given people peacefully since 1997 but have refused. If IRI leaders are savvy, they will grant people's wish and remain in power. Otherwise they will be ousted. Simple as that. Either way, this is something Iranians can solve for themselves. Everyone should stay out of it.