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Daniel M Pourkesali
by Daniel M Pourkesali

An article titled ‘Iran's missiles not an existential threat, study says’ published in Haaretz yesterday is a Cliffs Notes guide for anyone trying to understand Israel’s true intentions and concerns  as it obliterates the deceptive victim fascia so often portrayed through the Western media and reveals  its genuine regional ambitions.

According to results of a study conducted by Uzi Rubin, former head of the Defense Ministry's Arrow anti-ballistic missile system project, and Tal Inbar, head of the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies   Iran's missile arsenal are its main “deterrent” system. They state that “while moderate Arab states emphasize air power, Iran and Syria are adopting a resistance doctrine.”

Nothing earth shattering in these findings as they only confirm what has been repeatedly claimed by Iranians that their adoption of a missile system is for defensive purposes only.  What is new is the public admission by two senior and influential Israeli analysts to that fact and the conclusion that "Israel must provide a credible response to the threat of Iran's missiles."

Now how could such an admittedly defensive system pose a “threat” to Israel?  Simple, according to Inbar “in the absence of such a response, the country's ability to act militarily and politically, might suffer as a consequence.” In other words, it may no longer be free to commence at will the kind of bloody and gruesome attacks it has been launching against its neighbors for the last four decades.


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Mohammad Ala: THANKS! That's an awesome article!

by PeaceLover (not verified) on

Wow. brought tears to my eyes reading Uri Avnery's article. Uri is a great man, if I ever heard of one. So refreshing, so truthful, so sane.


Please ignore Fred, don't get into arguments

by Q on

with single-minded character assassins.

Flag his comments if they are slanderous and abusive. It works!


Charity starts at home

by Fred on

Ok, Professor says: “please ignore people such as Fred who has not said anything against waterboarding”.

I’m Iranian and preoccupied with the crimes of the Islamist republic against my compatriots. You, professor, need to show,  specifically cited and how many  times that you and your many internet based organizations have said anything against the Islamist republic’s nonstop raping, maiming, lashing and executing of Iranians.


Israel's arrogance

by Trailing Begonia (not verified) on

Israel's arrogance goes to the extreme of expecting people not to defend themselves when they savagely attack them. And the rest of the world are facilitators of their brand of madness and warmongering.


Thank you too Mr Ala


for the great article by Avnery.  It always gives me great hope that there are such nobel and clear minded individuals who defy the group pressure (and it is much more than just state pressure in Israel) in search of truth and justice for all.  It makes the prospect of peace less distant.


Great blog

by IRANdokht on

Thanks Mr Pourkesali. 

Israel's government has much to gain by blowing Iran's "threat" out of proportion. Unfortunately that does not apply to the people of Iran and Israel who are the true victims of this charade. 

I hope to see less negative propaganda against Iran and Iranians.

Thanks again


Mohammad Ala

Thanks for your efforts and Time

by Mohammad Ala on

Mr. Pourkesali:

Thanks for your efforts and time.  I appreciate what you are doing for our community.

Please ignore people such as Fred who has not said anything against waterboarding.

The following article raises some good points:




Thank you Mr Pourkesali

by I have a crush on Fred (not verified) on

This whole game is gone too far. Iranian people are being victimized by the economic sanctions and the obscene rules of IRI.
I hope that by revealing the truth about the ongoing propaganda against Iran and Iranians, normal foreign relations are restored and our people not only be set free of the threats of Israel, will be under less economic pressure too, so they can deal with the ruling regime.

Thank you


The furthest thing from their minds

by Fred on

Ain’t it nice and cozy, CASMII lobbyist U.K. congratulates fellow CASMII lobbyist U.S. and Islamists chime in and pat one another on the back for their support of their Islamist republic.

And the plight of Iranians being raped, maimed and murdered by their Islamist republic is the furthest thing from their minds.


What I find interesting

by PeaceLover (not verified) on

is that even people in Israel are being fed propaganda. There are only small factions in the ruling elite in Israel who are helping spread this falsehood. I myself, suspect a third party here. MI-6 has a long history of meddling in such affairs. Tension in the ME has always been beneficial for certain powers whom MI-6 serves.


Thanks Daniel

by Q on

great blog.


The myth of Israel's insecurity


has been irretrievably exposed, even in the West.  When someone like Max Hasting (Guardian 9th May), a known ardent supporter of Israel, says that his love affair with Israel has come to an end because of Israel's unhindered use of violence and playing the cards of existential threat and insecurity sixty one years after the Holocaust, with its vastly superior military power, that indicates that there is a shift in consciousness regarding Israel's pretexts for continuing expansion and its mounting threats to peace.  


I hope for the sake of people of Iran, the Palestinians and other people in the region, including the citizens of Israel, the path of dialogue between the US and Iran will succeed and will enable a lasting peace in the region.  


Israel will continue to fabricate information

by Ari (not verified) on

If one looks at every war of aggression that Israel has waged it was based on two factors: (1) to demonstrate its deterrance capability or as they say the "fear of us". This tactic serves the interest of Israel by cutting down anyone who stands in its way of theft of the Palestinian lands and expansion of its hegemonic desires in the ME; and (2) to foil any possible peace offensive.

Currently the only country standing in its way is Iran; and resistance groups such as Hamas and Hezbullah. As early as 1992 Israel has been pressuring the US to invade Iran and each year Israel continues to raise the bar for an invasion.

Israel is the greatest threat to the peace and security of not only the Middle East but the entire world!

All of this talk about Ahmadinejad's statement is nothing but bs, used by Israel to play the victim card as an "existential threat" to its existance. All of this hype about Iran's nuclear program is another hogwash as there is absolutely no evidence, and now we have the facts right from the "horses mouth" that Iran's defense system is also not a threat. However, just like Bush/Cheney Israel needs to come up with whatever false reports that it can muster up to do as it always does - a preemptive attack or ensure that Iran succumbs. Now with the puppet Arab regimes this tactic works, however not with Iran.


The Israeli agenda

by Abarmard on

Has not been to divert the so called Iranian "danger" but rather to stabilize their position as a declining power. Iran is now the other party that Israel needs to deal with and that's their main issue.

All their talk about Iran and Nuclear danger and propaganda like that is just an excuse for the general public.