BRITAIN'S WINTER OF DISCONTENT: Prince Charles Hard Day's Night


BRITAIN'S WINTER OF DISCONTENT: Prince Charles Hard Day's Night
by Darius Kadivar

Great Britain is under Shock after the attack on the country's heir to the Throne. Amidst the current international economic crisis in a Post Sept 11th world, maybe the current student upheaval, is after all a blessing in disguise for the World's Oldest Democracy, as a necessary reminder that no democratic institution is to be taken for granted and that the Political elite needs to find imaginative ways of connecting with the Nation at Large. ( See Further Below My Response to Comments on Previous Blog: ROYALFORUM: Prince Charles and Camilla's Car has been attacked by protesters )

Royal Couple 'Looked Terrified' in Car Attack:
An AP photographer captured the royal couple's shock while a local man recorded the chaos on his mobile phone

A Horse, a Horse My Kingdom For a Horse - Richard III:
The Death of King Richard III, from "Richard III" (1955) - Laurence Olivier

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent - Richard III:
Peter Sellers doing his version of Laurence Olivier's version of "Now is the winter of our discontent" through The Beatles' "A hard day's night" version. The TV program was 1964 "Music of Lennon and McCartney".

Blackadder the Third - Episode 6: "Duel and Duality":

The Duke of Wellington arrives to challenge the Prince to a duel, unaware that he and Blackadder have exchanged places. Hilarious clip taken from the classic BBC comedy Blackadder.

(NOTE: Watch FULL Episode Here: Part I, Part II):

Prince Charles, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie talk about Stephen Fry and Blackadder:

The Republican Rule and Legitimacy is No Less Challenged Than Monarchies

French President Sarkozy Insulted during a visit to the Agriculture Salon Responds Back:
Women Refuses to shake hands with French President Sarkozy during a visit to School for hairdressers:

Berlusconi attacked at Milan rally - 14 Dec 09:
Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, has been taken to hospital after being attacked in the city of Milan.

Pope Benedict XVI Knocked Down at Christmas Mass Dec 24th 2009:
A woman jumped the barriers in St. Peter's Basilica and knocked down Pope Benedict XVI as he walked down the main aisle to begin Christmas Eve Mass on Thursday. 2 Americans, Marybeth Burns and Steve Burns, captured that moment on their cameras.

Violent Crash Misses Dutch Queen:
Dutch TV says at least two people were killed when a speeding car raced toward an open bus carrying Dutch Queen Beatrix and her family during a holiday parade Thursday and careened through spectators. (April 30)

CNN Report with Subtitles:

The Queen's Reaction ( English Subtitles):

More Recent Attack:
Around 60 people were injured and the Dutch queen was briefly rushed to safety Tuesday when a screaming man caused panic among thousands of people gathered for the country's annual Memorial Day ceremony honouring World War II and other war victims.

QueenBeatrix has to run after scare ( With Photos)



Queen Sophia during Parade:

Spain's Queen Sophia Breaks Protocol by Responding Positively to an unexpected demand from a women despite

security measures Trying to dissuade her:



King Albert II
anarchist Jean-Pierre van Rossem interrupts Belgian King Albert II's Oath at Parliament by Shouting "Long Live the Republic of Europe"




King Ottakar Palace Reception interrupted by an unexpected intruder ;0)

Tintin arrested in trying to Alert the King of a Plot against him in Hergé's King Ottokar's Sceptre

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ROYALFORUM: Prince Charles and Camilla's Car has been attacked by protesters


These are symptomatic of a much deeper crisis in the Western due to the economic crisis.

The Violence in proportional to the frustrations people feel with what they deem unjust: Unemployment, social injustice, political incompetence to name a few.

Berlusconi attacked at Milan rally - 14 Dec 09

For 30 years after WW2 in what became known as "Les 30 Glorieuses" in France the West benefited from a social and economic growth unprecedented in the history of mankind with the US Marshall Plan which helped reconstruct Europe from the rubbles of WW2.

The Oil Crisis of '73 and then '79 were two successive blows to the European economy hence the unemployment issue that has crippled our economies since.

One of the great ironies of France's May '68 revolution was that there was No Unemployment issue in France at the Time, nor was there any particular reason for the the uprisings except an aging political establishment deemed out of touch with the youth and embodied by an aging Charles De Gaulle who despite all his services to France was unjustly seen by the Youth as a dictator.

But today's Crisis is Far more deep in not just Europe but all Western Democracies due to the economic crisis and the general loss of credibility of a political establishment both in the US And Britain which are engaged in a costly and bloody war in Iraq and Afghanistan which they have a very hard time to come to terms with.

On the other hand the Rise of Economic Giants such as China or India ( a Former Colony) or even Russia where Nationalism is replacing the inferiority complex which inflicted Third World Countries for the past 100 to 150 years is turning the table of values and priorities in the world and distributing a new world order equally economic, strategic and political.

Hence the Chinese Snub of the Nobel Peace Prize

China anger as Nobel award looms

which has totally lost credibility as an Academic institution since the controversial awarding of President Obama last year and seen as a Political tool of the Western Governments to justify their own democratic Institutions seen as an arrogant attitude by non western powers.

Where in My opinion we are mistaken to rejoice is the fact that the fall of Western Powers in the World which in the past 70 years since the end of WW2 were seen as a Beacon of Freedom and Hope will be challenged by new Powers for whom democracy comes second to nationalism and a thirst for political and geo strategic recognition they have always been deprived of.

The genuine danger is less the loss of credibility of the Western Political Establishment in general than the lack of understanding of the rising Asian Powers of the road taken by the world's Oldest democracies to reach a common understanding of what democracy means and the price paid to have one and keep it.

The sufferings endured by Europe and America during WW1, WW2, the Holocaust are overshadowed by Europe's Colonial rule which for the majority ended more than half a century ago yet is often used as a pretext by former colonized nations or even Iran today of having been exploited.

The question is will the Rising Economic Giants like India, China, Russia offer a social model in a near future which would meet the democratic and humanistic standards from when the West largely benefited throughout the 20th Century and particularly ever since the end of WW2 and the creation of the Not so United Nations in 1948 ?

I am not so sure.

When a Bellicose regime like that of the IRI calls for the death of Western Powers since 1979, or it's President Organizes a Holocaust conference with total disregard to the victims (not just jews but gypsies, homosexuals, Negroes from German Colonies in Africa, mentally sick patients on whom the Nazis did experiences on)

HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV

thus joining hands with the most undemocratic and racist political parties in Europe who rejoice at Ahmadinejad's comments each time they hear him:

Jean Marie Le Pen say's Holocaust Gas Chambers a minor Incident in WWII History

or When Ahmadinejad demands reparations for so called WW2 damages

Ahmadinejad Demands Compensation for WWII Invasion

when Iran hardly paid the heavy price of a country like France under Nazi Occupation despite having largely benefited from much of the western help at the time:

pictory: Allied Troops Bring Medical Aid to Iranian Children during WW 2 (1940's)

And contrary to the Germans, Italians or Japanese which were seen as enemies of the West, Iran on the contrary was encouraged to join the Victory Parades as an Equal Ally of Democratic Powers:

Iran in London WW II parade

Iran in London WW II parade (2)

As Much as economic victory and rise of geo strategic influence is always a source of pride for any nation, it is wrong to think that the Fall of Democracies should be a source of joy to ANY Nation which aspires to seeing the same democratic become a standard in their own country.

As Such, what is happening in the UK, Italy, France, or America as opposed to Rising economic powers in Asia is not something to rejoice from.

If The Ruling class and political establishment in these Western Democracies are to blame but so are the people who thought for more than half a century that Democracy was to be taken for granted.

As for other's who arrogantly rejoice from this decline of the West, and who see in the likes of individuals such as Holocaust Deniers like Michelle Renouf (which they ignorantly present as a "Human Rights" Activist) a Role Model ...

Well not only they don't know what they are talking about but more tragically are leading their people on a dangerous and unpredictable road to oblivion and totalitarian endorsements for which humanity at large paid the most heavy price.

History is bound to repeat itself if we don't learn from it:

Clearly many including on this thread still haven't.

My Humble Opinion,



more from Darius Kadivar
Darius Kadivar

Indeed Fair Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

All the More that we even had partnerships with our natural Foe: the USSR :

At Isfahan steel complex ( Link and below comment From Shahbanou Farah's Website)

The establishment of an iron and steel plant had been in the mind of Iranians since the early decade of the 20th century. The first attempt was made in the late 1930s during the reign of H.I.M.Reza Shah Pahlavi with the assistance of German companies, since no other country would help at the time. But the outbreak of  World War II brought the construction works to a standstill and the project was never completed. Almost two decades after  World War II due to speedy recovery in the economic situation during the reign of my husband, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and an increasing demand for steel products, the creation of a steel complex was brought up again. The Steel Mill was the first direct investment the government made in the steel industry, and it represented many decades of effort and disillusion. An inter-governmental contract was concluded between the governments of Iran and the USSR to transfer the natural gas from Iran to the Soviet Union in exchange for heavy industry, a huge steel making complex with annual capacity of 550,000 tons in Isfahan was included. For this purpose, the National Iranian Steel Corporation (NISCO) was established for construction of the plant and mobilization of the relevant mines such as iron ore, coking coal, limestone, refractory , etc. The plant was successfully commissioned and came into operation in 1971.  Subsequently, a contract for expansion of the Isfahan Steel Plant to a capacity of 1.9 million tons/year of structural steel was signed with the USSR. Against much opposition, we were finally able to introduce steel manufacturing into Iran. In many ways this can be seen as a turning point because only after production began were we taken more seriously in international fora. 
See above pictures of the inauguration day! 

A VIDEO on the steel industry from Amir Khosrow Sheibany

In otherwords contrary to the destructive Death Chants we have heard for the past 30 years in those days we used to say let's get the Best of the Two Worlds: "Ham Sharghy Ham Gharby" at the height of the Cold War ...

Now Let me Get this right Isn't that usually called Independance ?  


Shah of Iran: "We are not toys of any country"


Even My Namesake Mohsen Kadivar Could learn one or Two things about integrity from The late Shah before talking Crap like our Household Sargord :

( lying : Ham Gazeh, Ham Lobnan etc ...) 

Mohsen Kadivar in VOA


Then We were being compared to the Japan of the Middle East, Now not only are we compared to but have become the mirror image of the miserable Palestinian or Lebanese these gentlemen have been aspiring to for the past 30 years:

Yasser Arafat Hails Iranian Revolution



Darius Jan

by Fair on

Exactly, and well put.  This is during a time when other countries like South Korea who were BEHIND Iran 30 years ago are major players on the world econmic stage, and are experiencing a REVERSE brain drain.  The US goes out of its way to attract students from these countries, and many of them go back to their homeland and are welcome.  Samsung is the world's largest electronics company with over $100 billion annual revenue, and Iran was ahead of them in the 1970's.  When a South Korean educated person goes home, there is no stinking mullah or IRGC terrorist thug screening this person to find out if they know what is doaye komeil or how many kafans do you put on a dead body or what your religion or personal beliefs are.  In Iran there is.

Hence the relative flow of brains (or as Hezbollahis put it, sh*t, because that is what their own brains are made of).


BULLSH*T Colonel Sanders

by Fair on

As usual.  The University of Tehran is free for THOSE WHO QUALIFY.  If you are Bahai, YOU CANNOT GO TO ANY UNIVERSITY IN IRAN.  If you are not loyal to the regime, you will be barred from ANY UNIVERSITY IN IRAN. 

Even the top students who get into the University past the regime's tough controls end up in prison if they stray the "wrong way" politically, like Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour:



Mohammad Reza was NUMBER ONE SCORE IN ALL OF IRAN FOR THE UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAM.  He went on to Oxford to get his PhD.  Yet he ended up in Evin prison in solitary confinement for being a Mousavi supporter.  Listen to what his poor father had to say:





Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Photographer recalls attack on royals during protests (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

Photographer recalls attack on royals during protests




Sargord Pirouz

Darius, this what's it's like at UC Berkeley

by Sargord Pirouz on

All they want is their human right to higher education (a right preserved in Iran):

Yuck it up, Darius. BTW, where did you attend college? 

Darius Kadivar

Indeed SPINK Jaan ... Keep them Coming ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Dumb Comments I Mean ... 

Tehran University after 2009's disputed election:


Sargord Pirouz

Students are pissed. Their

by Sargord Pirouz on

Students are pissed. They're pissed here in California, too, where it now costs tens of thousands of dollars for en education at UC per semester!

In Iran, it's a human right for persons that qualify to a public university such as UOT, which is free.

It used to be a human right in California, too, until Governor Reagan started charging students in the early 70s. Now it costs an unbelievable amount. That human right was taken away.

Meanwhile, that human right is preserved in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

That has been a terrible thing, yet i can not understand why they have done that to Prince Charles! should be cast into prison those damned persons who have done that.