Dutch Queen Sparks Far-Right Outcry Over Headscarf During Oman Visit


Dutch Queen Sparks Far-Right Outcry Over Headscarf During Oman Visit
by Darius Kadivar

Dutch Queen Beatrix has sparked a far-right outcry in her country after being pictured wearing a red headscarf on a visit to a mosque in Oman. "It is really nonsense," the popular 72-year-old monarch said of the furore. (See More Photos of State Visit Here)

The row was sparked by questions posed in the Dutch parliament by anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders' far right Party for Freedom (PVV), which backs Prime Minister Mark Rutte's ruling coalition government.  In a written parliamentary answer, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that when "Her Majesty visits a house of worship, the dress requirements are respected".Reporters with the royal party in Muscat on Thursday described the queen as heaving a deep sigh, while saying she was not surprised by the row. (See Related BBC News) ( NOTE: Also Listen to debate in ENGLISH on AUDIO PODCAST Here or go further below @ recommended listening )

Dutch TV coverage on the Controversy:

Photo Essay of Dutch Queen in Headscarf in Oman:

Dutch Queen Beatrix Sparks Controversy Over Headscarf During Oman Visit




British Queen Elizabeth II dress gown during her
state visit to Abu Dhabi surprised But did not shock
the British



Queen Elizabeth Visits Abu Dhabi - Sky News (2010) :






Queen Beatrix’s State Visit Reception by Sultan Qaboos of Oman:

Queen Beatrix visits Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:






Debate on Dutch TV (12-01-2012) :

Queen Beatrix asked to convert to Islam during Concert in Netherlands (Eng. subtitles)

A muslim national created a mini scandal last year on during a Concert in Holland asking the Queen to convert to Islam. (Sept 3rd, 2011)






Dutch queen causes far-right outcry as she's pictured in a headscarf in Oman State Visit (The Telegraph)

Dutch Queen Beatrix has sparked a far-right outcry in her country after being pictured wearing a red headscarf on a visit to a mosque in Oman.
"It is really nonsense," the popular 72-year-old monarch said of the furore. She was quoted by reporters with her on a state visit to Oman, where television pictures showed her at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque sporting a red headscarf draped over her traditional black hat. She had also worn a headscarf during a visit to Abu Dhabi a few days earlier on the trip accompanied by her son, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Princess Maxima, who wore a turquoise headscarf in Oman.

The row was sparked by questions posed in the Dutch parliament by anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders' far right Party for Freedom (PVV), which backs Prime Minister Mark Rutte's ruling coalition government.

The PVV said it regarded the headscarf as a symbol of female oppression and wanted to know whether Rutte agreed.

In her reaction, the queen added she wore the headscarf because "you adjust out of respect for a religion," Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported.

Rutte agreed in his answer to the PVV's questions posted online, saying, "Proper respect for dress code should be shown when visiting a place of worship."

Wilders, who has likened the Koran to Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and wants headscarves banned, was acquitted on hate speech charges last year for statements attacking Islam.

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For the Geo Quiz we are looking for one of the cities in the Arab world where Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands paid a visit and got into trouble because of what she was wearing.The 73-year-old Dutch queen visited a number of Arab cities this week along with this city, which is the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Oman.  Much of the city dates from the kingdom’s medieval hey day when it was the center of a trading empire that spread across the Indian Ocean. Queen Beatrix is a stylish dresser, but one of her accessories that she chose today for her visit to the city’s grand mosque sparked a controversy back home.Muscat, the capital of Oman is the answer to the Geo Quiz. This is where Queen Beatrix wore a headscarf on her visit there sparking a political controversy in the Netherlands.Anchor Marco Werman talks to Klaas den Tek, a political editor with Radio Netherlands

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Dutch to get rid of blasphemy law

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Dutch to get rid of blasphemy law (bbc)



Dutch authorities approve a motion to get rid of a law making it a crime to insult God, saying that the legislation is no longer relevant.


However, it still remains illegal under Dutch law to be disrespectful to police officers or to insult Queen Beatrix, the country's monarch.

Freedom of speech is a much-cherished right in the liberal and traditionally tolerant Netherlands.


Darius Kadivar

Dutch designer aims to boost Muslim women's football

by Darius Kadivar on

Fifa v hijab (bbc)  By Anna Holligan

BBC News, The Netherlands

A Dutch designer has created a hijab aimed at convincing the world football governing body Fifa to overturn its ban on women wearing headscarves on the pitch.

Players were prevented from wearing the hijab at top levels of the game for safety reasons, and because of rules stating that religious symbols were not allowed.

Critics say the ban promotes inequality at the highest level of the world's most popular game.

A Facebook page called "Let Us Play", which supports players' rights to wear a headscarf has already generated more than 60,000 likes.

And speculation is growing that the ban could be lifted this summer if the Dutch-designed hijab is given Fifa's seal of approval.

Out on the outskirts of Utrecht, 14 breathless girls are careering up and down the pitch.

VV Hoograven are playing DVSU. The girls are aged between eight and twelve.

The visiting team is made up of tall fair-haired light-skinned girls. All the girls in the home side are Muslims of Moroccan descent.








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Dutch court compensates Palestinian for Libya jail

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Palestinian awarded Libya damages (bbc)


A Dutch court has awarded 1m euros ($1.3m; £838,000) in compensation to a Palestinian doctor who was imprisoned in Libya for eight years for allegedly infecting children with HIV/Aids.

Ashraf al-Hajuj, who now lives in the Netherlands, was pardoned along with five Bulgarian nurses in 2007.

Dr Hajuj sued 12 Libyan officials under the principle of universal jurisdiction provided for by Dutch law.

His lawyer said she would now urge the EU to press Libya to cover the damages.


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Dutch prince in Coma 'may never wake up'

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Dutch prince 'may never wake up' (bbc)


Dutch Prince Johan Friso, injured in an avalanche last week, is in a coma and may never regain consciousness, doctors treating him in Austria say.

Prince Friso, who had been on a skiing holiday in the Austrian resort of Lech, lay buried under snow for about 15 minutes before being rescued.

He was taken to hospital in Innsbruck after the accident, in which nobody else was hurt.

The prince, 43, is the second son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

However, he is not in line for the throne since marrying in 2004 without the government's permission.

Queen Beatrix and the prince's wife, Mabel, have been to visit him at Innsbruck's University Hospital. 

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Dutch prince severely hurt in avalanche

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Dutch prince severely hurt in avalanche (cnn)


Prince Johan Friso, 43, a son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was skiing outside the bounds of the ski resort with friends at the resort of Lech am Arlberg when he was hit by an avalanche, a spokesman for the surrounding county of Vorarlberg said.

No one else in the group was affected, the spokesman said.

The prince was under the snow for a "short period of time," the spokesman said. He was wearing an electronic beacon that helped rescuers quickly find him, he said.

The prince was airlifted to a hospital in Innsbruck, where he is in intensive care, authorities said. Doctors described the prince as stable but not out of danger, according to a statement from the queen.

The prince gave up his right to the throne when he married in 2004 without Parliament's permission. He and his wife live in London with their two daughters. 

Darius Kadivar

John Simpson speaks to Oman minister on Iran tensions

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Oman minister on Iran tensions (BBC, VIDEO)


Iran's relations with the West took another turn for the worse this week when the EU agreed to impose an embargo on Iranian oil. One key player in the increasingly tense stand-off is the Gulf state of Oman.

It is in the almost unique position of having good relations with both Iran and the West, and also lies on the strategically important shipping lane, the Strait of Hormuz.

Speaking to the BBC's world affairs editor, John Simpson, Oman's minister of foreign affairs, Yusif Bin Alawi, spoke of the possibility of the current crisis escalating. 





by amirkabear4u on

I am not a monarchist and not going to say some of the European royals are nice people too, but I need to tell you they had NOTHING to do with modern Islamization as you said it.(with one exception of british ones but that goes back to a long time ago when they started showing interest in mullahs).

I do not expect you to believe me but going to say it anyway. The main reason for middle east being as it is, linked to israel. Why not the hotter it is in that region the more they can milk USA of arms and financial support. It is good for them. All these trouble goes back since creation of that damn state.


Fairness and Equality in Justice

Darius Kadivar

Don't see how?Oman is everything except a Fundamentalist Kingdom

by Darius Kadivar on


Why Not!!

by masoudA on

Their Islamization of Middle East is paying devidents......Shell just kicked Chevron and Texaco out of Bahrain......

Royal Northern Europe (Holland, England, Norway,.......) are behind Islamization of the middle east.