HISTORY FORUM: David Starkey - Return Of The King (5 Parts)


HISTORY FORUM: David Starkey - Return Of The King  (5 Parts)
by Darius Kadivar

David Starkey tells the remarkable story of King Charles II, who secured the restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 upon the end of Oliver Cromwell's Religious Theocracy.


Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Description of David Starkey's New Series on the Monarchy:

With a deft blend of disciplined scholarship and dramatic flair, Dr. David Starkey continues his epic documentary on English royal rule. In this series, you'll meet lustful, cagey Charles II, who sired 17 illegitimate children while outmaneuvering his opposition; austere William of Orange, whom Parliament invited to conquer England; plain, pragmatic Anne, who oversaw the expansion of a great empire; George I, who established the Hanoverian line but never learned English; and regal Victoria, who ushered in a new age that saw the Monarchy become the model for middle-class morality.
This lively, engrossing narrative shows how events in the bedroom and on the battlefield shaped Europe's longest-surviving governing institution. In a world rocked by populist revolutions, how did England's monarchs manage to hold on to power? Starkey finds answers in the English tradition in which kings and queens rule by consent of the people, as well as in the adaptability and tenacity of those who sat on the throne.

Another Outlook by an American artist/historian George S. Stuart:

Excerpt from the from the historical monologue "400 Years of English History" presented by artist/historian George S. Stuart as part of an exhibit of his Historical Figures at the Ventura County Museum of Art and History in Ventura California. Visit the Gallery of Historical Figures online at //www.galleryhistoricalfigures.com

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