Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?


Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?
by Darius Kadivar

A Response to the blog by Aynak: On anniversary of murder of Dr.Fatemi the architect of oil nationalization 


Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason" ? Specifically if you are the minister of a head of state you claim to serve be it in the name of the people ? 

And I thought Dr. Mossadegh and his ministers were claiming to be respectful of the Constitution, and their only goal was Iran's nationalization Not changing the Constitution from which they drew their legitimacy ? Or  Revolutionaries revolting against the Head of State and aiming to topple the regime ?

So what was Queen Soraya in the mind of Dr. Fatemi ? Marie Antoinette ?...


pictory: Mossadegh The Gentleman (1950's) 



Instead of turning their Sovereign into an Ally, DOKOTOR Fatemi and his likeminds chose to confront him directly and question the entire legitimacy of their country's hardly earned Constitution.


PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY: Shah Delivers Speech to Parliament (1951) 


Shah's Role in the Coup of 1953 debated by Historians Abbas Milani and Mashadollah Adjoudani and former diplomat Parviz Rajji :



It seems to me the Dr.Fatemi's comments attest to the Shortsightedness of some of the ministers of this so called Nationalist government counting on Populism and irresponsible slogans to stay in power, jeapordizing the nation's very existence at the height of the Cold War and a Soviet Union ready to swallow us at the first occasion.

Where was Dr. Mossadegh who wanted the Shah to relinquish his prerogatives as head of the Army during the Azerbaijan Crisis ?

pictory: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46

Fatemi's simplistic parrallels with the French Revolution is another proof of the Dogmatic approach of the Iranian Jomhurykhah's in regard to the political and historical reality of their country.

Had they been patient and not resorted to such provocative slogans at the time which finally undermined not only their own boss' political achievement (i.e:  Mossadegh's nationalization of Iran's Oil) but also undermined the efforts of the Constitutionalist movement (barely 50 years old at the time ) in Iran which had managed for better or for worse to limit the Shah's powers to a representative role just like in any Constitutional Monarchy in Europe at the time:


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?


Dr. Fatemi is another typical example of an Irresponsible Politician who got his Priorities Wrong and whose behavior doomed the COLLECTIVE efforts of those who intended to see a genuine democracy be established in our country !

But then that is Very Typical of Our Intelligentsia I'm afraid who seem to ignore the ABC basics of Politics  ...


HISTORY FORUM: Machiavelli's "The Prince" and the "Art" of Governing




We saw what the POOR CHOICE of the likes of Bazargan or the Ill fated Forouhars did to our country.  All of whom called for the abolishing of the Monarchy instead of looking for a Middle Ground like the late Shapour Bakhtiar:


pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)


Had they listened It could have avoided the so called highjacking of their demands by the clerical hardliners. 



HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution




Mehdi Bazargan and the controversial legacy of Iran's Islamic intellectual movement

Only to complain TOO Late keh "Goh Khordeem" ...

pictory: Mehdi Bazargan Denounces Khomeiny's Authoritarian Rule (1980's)



By the way isn't it strange that Dr. Fatemi's Son ( or Grandson) Prof Shaheen Fatemi an economist in Paris is a Supporter of Crown Prince Reza ?




My Humble Opinion,




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LESSONS IN DEMOCRACY: Shapour Bakhtiar Interview with LA TV (1987) 



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Darius Kadivar

Yes ... Yes .. Yes ... Well We All Have ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Our Shortcomings Don't We ? ...

Including Your Prime Ministereh Mahboob ...

(NOTE: To Watch Click Here )



Darius, yes, if Mossadegh had stayed on as a PM...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

If we had not had the CIA/MI6 planned Coup, then I believe that Iran would have remained a democracy. In which case quite likely a constitutional democracy. Most importantly we would not have had the 1979 revolution which brought this menace of islamist regime upon us. Do you know that the entire leadership of the anti shah guerilla movements of 60's and 70's (Mojahedeen khalgh  and fadayian khalgh) whose activities  many believe  had trigerred the 1979 revolution, were young Jebhe Melli or Tudeh activists during the coup? These guys would have under a democratic system turned to political activism for their cause rather than pick up arms against the shah's regime, the only choice left to them.

I believe that the seeds of 1979 revolution were sown in 1953....  

Darius Kadivar

If as you claim they were elected representatives of Iranians

by Darius Kadivar on

If as you claim they were elected representatives of the Iranian people then that means that the Constitutional Monarchy under which we lived under at the time was a Democracy Right ?

In which case Fatemi's comparison of the Shah to Louis XVI absolute Reign Falls Short !

Thank you for proving my point !


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THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?


Darius, you are defending the indefencible...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Please read Hooshang's comment and note  the  savagery the likes of Shaban-bi-mokh and his noches committed against the elected representatives of Iranian people.

Dont you really see that Shah treated and suppressed the secular opposition forces precisely the same way as the islamist regime did in 2009?

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Hoshang Targol

Sar Tah " Jan", I couldn't have said it better,

by Hoshang Targol on

An "incensed foreigner"  "imposing a cowardly" presence;

that's as  accurate a description of yourself, here, on IC as it gets, cheers

Sargord Pirouz

While I personally wouldn't

by Sargord Pirouz on

While I personally wouldn't call for such, I could definitely see how people were incensed by a foreign power imposing a cowardly dictator on the country. Yu remember all those incensed people, right Darius? 1978/79?

But yeah, to answer your question in the current context: there's a lot of this kind of treason exhibited here on the IC. Even the site operator engages in such. 

Hoshang Targol

Dear Ms/Mr pas-e-pardeh, you make his execution sound so

by Hoshang Targol on

"clinical" as if he was tried in Switzerland , with all the amenities of a civilized legal system.

Facts of history however portray a very different stroy, below is an account of what happened to him right before his execution, in Persian, cheers


شعبان جعفری به دکتر فاطمی چاقو زد
خانمی به اسم هما سرشار در لس آنجلس با شعبان جعفری معروف به بی مخ
مصاحبه کرده و در قسمتی از متن کتاب منکر مضروب کردن زنده یاد دکتر حسین
فاطمی وزیر امور خارجه دولت ملی دکتر مصدق شده است.
فریدون مظاهر تهرانی که شاهد و ناظر این ماجرا بوده است در روزنامه شرق می نویسد:
«این موضوع برای من تداعی معانی شد و تصمیم گرفتم مطلب را آن گونه که
شخصاً شاهد و ناظر بوده ام به شیوه نگارش درآورم. انگیزه عدم انتشار موضوع
تاکنون آن است که در رژیم گذشته به خاطر اختناق سیاه حاکم بر جامعه به
وسیله نظام ستم شاهی کسی قادر به ابراز مطلبی خلاف منویات آن حکومت نبود.
ولی چه همان موقع و چه بعد از انقلاب موضوع را اغلب به دوستان و آشنایان
مورد اعتماد گفته بودم و حتی قرار بود مرحوم سرهنگ غلامرضا نجاتی نویسنده
کتاب تاریخ ملی شدن صنعت نفت ایران و کودتای ۲۸ مرداد مشاهدات مرا در یکی
از کتب خود بگنجاند که متاسفانه عمرش وفا نکرد. بگذریم و به اصل مطلب
بپردازیم. به علت بچه محل بودن شخصاً و از نزدیک شعبان جعفری را می شناختم و
عملاً شاهد و ناظر عملیات یاد شده بوده ام .»
شعبان جعفری ساکن محله پا گذر در«خونگاه» محاط بین گذر مستوفی و گذر
باغخانه و گذر قلی بود که خیابان های اطراف آن جلیل آباد (خیام فعلی) در
شرق _ بوذرجمهری در شمال و شاهپور (وحدت اسلامی) در غرب است و ما هم در
همان نزدیکی منزل وی ساکن بودیم.

در یکی از روزهای اسفندماه سال ۱۳۳۲ خورشیدی (احتمالاً شش اسفند)
درحالی که نوجوان ۱۷ساله ای بودم و به علت معالجه بیماری تراخم چشم مدتی
بود ترک تحصیل کرده بودم جهت دیدار پدرم که افسر شهربانی بود و در اداره
کارپردازی آن موقع واقع در کاخ شهربانی کار می کرد به محل یاد شده رفته
بودم و به توصیه پدرم در تراس و پاگرد ورودی کاخ شهربانی قدم می زدم و
منتظر پدرم بودم که ناگهان اتومبیل جیپی جلوی پلکان کاخ مذکور متوقف شد و
درحالی که یک نفر نظامی در جای راننده و نفر دیگری در کنار وی بود از عقب
جیپ مذکور یک نفر غیرنظامی را که ربدوشامبر تیره رنگ به بر و دمپایی به پا
داشت و دارای ریش توپی سیاه رنگی بود درحالی که از جلو به دستانش دستبند
زده بودند از جیپ پیاده کرده و او را از پلکان به بالا آورده و سپس از در
ورودی داخل سرسرا و هال کاخ شهربانی شده و به انتهای هال رفته و از طریق
پله های موجود در کنار اداره مستشاری آن موقع شهربانی یاد شده را به طبقه
بالا (دوم) اتاق مخصوص رئیس کل شهربانی بردند. موقعی که شخص دستگیر شده را
از کنار من عبور می دادند متوجه رنگ زرد وی در قسمت گونه ها و پیشانی شدم و
عده ای می گفتند یاد شده دکتر فاطمی است. مدتی بدین منوال سپری شد. سپس
دکتر فاطمی را به همان وضع که آورده بودند از طبقه بالا به پایین و هال و
بعد به روی تراس و پله ها آوردند. ناگهان مشاهده کردم در خیابان جلوی پله
ها که آن وقت خیابان ملل متحد نام داشت شعبان بی مخ به اتفاق تعدادی از
نوچه های خود که من برخی از آنها را می شناختم و چاقو کش های حرفه ای بودند
درحالی که نیم دایره ای تشکیل داده اند و هریک چاقوی برنده ای در دست
دارند و به سبک مراسم عزاداری تظاهر به سینه زنی می کنند بدون آنکه چاقو را
به بدن خود فرو کنند شعار می دادند: خدا، شاه ِ میهن (واژه شاه را با کسره
ه تلفظ می کردند.) موقعی که مامورین، دکتر فاطمی را از پله ها پایین برده و
وارد خیابان شدند و قصد داشتند او را سوار همان جیپ کذایی کنند و ببرند
ناگهان شعبان بی مخ و یارانش با چاقوهای برهنه به آن شادروان حمله ور شده و
ضرباتی چند وارد کردند که بغتتاً خانمی که بعداً فهمیدم خانم سلطنت فاطمی
خواهر دکتر فاطمی است و از طریق خبر رادیو مطلع شده بود که برادرش را
دستگیر کرده و به محل دفتر فرمانداری نظامی تهران که آن موقع در داخل کاخ
شهربانی بود آورده اند خود را به آن محل رسانده که مصادف با حمله اوباش و
چاقوکشان به دکتر فاطمی شده و خود را سپر بلا کرده روی برادرش افکند و از
۱۶ ، ۱۷ ضربه چاقوی حمله کنندگان شش ضربه به دکتر فاطمی و ۱۱ ، ۱۰ ضربه به
خانم سلطنت فاطمی وارد شد. مامورین به صورت بهت زده ناظر جریان بودند و هیچ
گونه اقدامی در جلوگیری از عمل چاقوکشان به عمل نمی آوردند. در نتیجه
مردمی که در خیابان به مناسبت واقعه ازدحام کرده بودند وقتی که فهمیدند
مضروب دکتر فاطمی است اعتراض و شروع به انتقاد از عمل مهاجمین کردند که به
ناچار چند مامور دیگر از داخل کاخ شهربانی خارج شده و به کمک مامورین قبلی
دکتر فاطمی را درحالی که روی زمین افتاده بود و خون از بدنش جاری بود با
همان جیپی که آورده بودند از محل دور کردند و خواهر دکتر فاطمی را عده ای
از مردم از محل دور کرده و بعداً فهمیدم به بیمارستان نجمیه برده اند.
توضیح آنکه شعبان بی مخ و همکاران چاقوکش اش در آن روز لباس ورزشی به صورت
بلوز و شلوار دارای رنگ های نواری آبی و قرمز و سفید به تن و کفش کتان
ورزشی به پا داشتند و نوار پهنی به صورت پرچم ایران دور سینه و شانه و کمر
خود بسته بودند که روی آن نوشته شده بود: «جمعیت جوانمردان جانباز!!» و یا
به قول خودشان جوانمردان شاه پرست و شاهدوست. بقیه جریان را که من شاهد
نبوده ام در متون کتاب های تحقیقی و تاریخی شرح داده شده و موجود است. و
اما بایستی اضافه نمایم که در آن تاریخ رئیس کل شهربانی سپهبد مهدیقلی علوی
مقدم، فرماندار نظامی تهران سرتیپ تیمور بختیار و فرمانده گارد شاهنشاهی
سرتیپ نعمت الله نصیری (ارتشبد بعدی معدوم) بودند که با مواضعه و توطئه
چاقوکشان حرفه ای و سرپرست آنها شعبان خان را خبر کرده بودند که درجا کار
دکتر فاطمی را بسازند و شایع نمایند مردم او را به قتل رسانده اند که
فداکاری خواهرش در آن مقطع تاریخی موقتاً وی را از مرگ حتمی نجات داد. _______________________________________________________________ اسرار ازل را نه تو دانی و نه من

این حرف معما ، نه تو خوانی  و نه من

هست از پس  پرده گفت وگو ی من و تو

چون پرده بر افتد، نه تو مانی و نه من


Oh… pas-e-pardeh jaan, nokaretam

by Bavafa on

On that account, do you know how many thousand (I don't know how many but I have heard many thousands) of Iranian youth have been "tried and sentenced to death" by IRI?

The same court put Dr. Mossadegh on trail and in house arrest for life.

I do believe it was murder as I believe the IRI court issues murder sentences.




by pas-e-pardeh on

@ bavafa:

May I correct you in that Dr. Fatemi was tried and sentenced to death.  There is a distinction here. 

Darius Kadivar

Difference with Those who call for the current Head of State

by Darius Kadivar on

The Difference with Those who today call for the current Head of State's Death ( Not the case of RP2 by the way) or Regime's

downfall ( which RP 2 does Call for through non violent civil disobedience ) Namely the exiled Opposition ( excluding the MKO) are not nor were Members of this Islamic Regime's Government ... 

They Unambiguously are opposed to the regime which they never considered legitimate. One can consider them wrong but not Incoherent !

Even in the case of the treacherous MKO to my knowledge never had ministers in the Revolutionary government or anytime under the current regime they fully supported and participated in it's creation before fighting it subsequently. 


Now if you are referring to Moussavi and Karoubi or the Refomists neither of whom to date contrary to the late Dr. Fatemi call or ever called for Regime Change. Nor have they ever directly called for the execution of Khameni or Ahmadinejad or the downfall of the Regime !


Khatami on compatibility between Democracy and Islam and against Regime Change: 

Copy and Paste In Browser to Watch:



So your comparison falls short ! ... Given the Fact that these fellows ( including my namesake Mohsen Kadivar ) are Definitively Not Traitors to the Regime they have been supporting for the past 30 years.

So the Real Question is Whether or not they are Loyal to the Nation which considers their Regime as Treacherous ?

People in Iran shouting Nah Gazeh, Nah Lobnan Janam Fedayeh Iran

Copy and Paste in Browser to Watch: 



I'm Not so Sure ... ;0)

Mohsen Kadivar distorting the slogans heard in Tehran:

Copy and Paste in Browser to watch: 







Yes, unless the head of

by Bavafa on

Yes, unless the head of state has engaged in the act of treason him/herself.

There is wide and loud consensus about calling for the current head of state's (IRI) Death and hardly any one believe such calls are act of treason.

The murder of Dr. Fatemi just added one more reason to the act of treason by the pervious regime in Tehran.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Parivash Fatemi @ Rahimi then Ahmadinejad's Dinner Party

by Darius Kadivar on

Rahimi and Parivash Fatemi (Hossein Fatemi's widow, Manijeh Rahimi's sister) at garden party at Hotel Darband - Tehran, June 15th, 1978.



And some 30 years later ... 


Dr Mossadegh, Dr Fatemi & General Rahimi would turn in their Graves!! by Kaveh Parsa