pictory: Bakhtiar and Children Born to French Wife (1970's)


pictory: Bakhtiar and Children Born to French Wife (1970's)
by Darius Kadivar
The Late Shapour Bakhtiar and his children (son Guy, and daughters Viviane, France) born to him and his french wife seen here during a family reunion. (circa 1970's)

Bakhtiar's Son Guy was to become an officer in the French Police and was in charge of his father's security during his days in exile. Bakhtiar was assassinated along with his secretary Soroush Katibeh by the Islamic Republic's death squads one of which Ali Vakili Rad was caught subsequently by the French Police and condemned to life imprisonment. He has currently served 18 years in prison but his predicament came to the spotlight of Iranian authorities recently in demanding his exchange for the French teacher Clotilde Reiss who was arrested in Iran on charges of Espionage. The French government has to date refused to bargain Vakili Rad in exchange for Clotilde Reiss.

Bakhtiar's son Guy died of a heart attack a few years after his father's assassination. One of the two other daughters Viviane also succumbed to a heart attack in subsequent years and died at the Age of 49 in her apartment in Cannes in the South of France.

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