UN APOLOGETIC MONARCHIST: Khosro Fravahar interviewed on Israeli Radio Radis


UN APOLOGETIC MONARCHIST: Khosro Fravahar interviewed on Israeli Radio Radis
by Darius Kadivar

Fellow Iranian from Austria, Khosro Fravahar, explains why he advocates a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchist for Iran.


Khosro Fravahar interviewed on Israeli Radio Radis :

Khosro Fravahar on his Own TV Program explains the difference between a Fair Referendum and Free Elections :

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Thank God Aynak jaan you are no King of England!

by anglophile on

Can't you really see the hypocrisy in your argument? If you are saying that the Islamic republic, the Egyptian republic, the Syrian republic, etc, were not "real" republics and at the same time you claim that the Pahlavis were not "real" constitutional moanced, then how come you are prepared to give the "republic" another chance but are not prepared to extend the same right to monarchy? If both republican and monarchical systems have failed to deliver, then how is it that you are only prepared to give the republican system another try?   So much for your democratic thinking!! 

Darius Kadivar

Aynak Folks like You Supported Assad's Rule in the 70's

by Darius Kadivar on

As your other LeftWing likeminds supported Gaddafi whome you folks initially saw in him the "Che Guevera" of Libya merely because he toppled the progressive and Pro Western Monarchy of the Sennussi Dynasty ...


PHOTO :Gaddafi hailed as the « Che Guevera » of North Africa by West Residing « Hippies » Left Wing Students and Intellectuals after his Coup against the Libyan Constitutional Monarchy  


You Folks even Admired Nasser's Rule ( the very founder of the Egyptian Republic) for emulating Mossadegh's Nationalization applied to the Suez Canal only to establish a Military Junta.

So Quite Frankly to say in retrospect that these regimes today are not what you call republics when back then your likeminds hailed their inception because they were founded on so called Anti Imperialistic Slogans combined with Anti American or Anti British ones is far more hypocritical than RP 2 expressing admiration for Nelson Mandela or Gandhi.


Why didn't you say this back in the 70's or 60's when gathering at your Student Confederation to sing your revolutionary songs and Join your silly Choirs:


"Lalaee": Confederation of Iranian Student Choir | Iranian.com



It is not surprising that the Country you so often set as a role model for Iran: India, is such a staunch Ally of Bachar Assad's Regime in the same Way South Africa's Zuma is.


India's position on Syria: a tight balancing act | East Asia Forum


All that because they are hostage to their own Blind Anti Western Stance while Cutting deals with China's Republic as their first economic partner:


BBC News - Chinese colonialism: Africa's main economic partner?




Both countries so admired by naive westerners were also staunch supporters of Gaddafi in the name of Solidarity with a Third World Leader:


Africa shaken, not stirred, over Gaddafi as India keeps mum



But I grant you as Much as RP 2 has nothing in common with Mandela or Gandhi I have to admit that -- to paraphrase Ari Siletz far fetched analogy -- that there might be something of a Freddy Mercury in You after all (sic) ...


Queen (Freddie Mercury) - the great pretender


If Not the King of England ONLY in your wildest dreams !


Sean Connery in the man who would NOT be king 1975




Also an Un Apologetic Constitutional Monarchist





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"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow. 




Syria and Egypt have *NEVER* been a republic

by aynak on


  or better, seized to be a republic as soon as Hossni Mobark wanted to and Hafez Assad put his son as his successor.   Any person calling that system a "Republic" is either not truthful or a retard.  Plain and simple, because Republic *has* a meaning.   This is also true about Iran.   If Shah Ali Khamaneh-ee can overrule election, what kind of fucking Republic would that be?   Plus he plans to put his son as the next king/VF.  

Now anybody can call anything whatever they want.   Reza Pahlavi can call himself Nelson Mandela, and I can call  myself king of England, but it won't change reality. 



Iranian " Republican" buy yourselves a mirror !

by Shemirani on

Are all this Republican's country Democrate and trustful ?????? ( Republic of Syria, Republic of Egypt, Republic of Tunisia...even the very corrupted Republic of Greek or the very undemocratic Reublic of Russia)

Who told you Republic is a better choice ? & you just admit it without even thinking what suits our country ????!!! We don't need to copypaste France or USA just because we can't admit that our brain was polluted by lots of Clichés and Prejugés and tones of lies, why should we imitating like "monkeys" do, we can think further ???!!!! I leave French's republic to french people its their choice, I don't need to copy it just to say i'm a democrate or modern ! I choose what suits my motherland more !

Iranian Republican should do a better job to convince iranians that republic suits them better !!! ! but for 33 years we heard all sort of insults but any valuable point was given to us ?!!! insulting pahlavis is the only program you offered, and its far from being enough  ?!!! (it was good enough to bring the blood revolution 79 but in 2012 people will not trust you again !!!)

Do you think i will give my vote to this narrowmind people to rule  our future (Banisadr, Rajavi,Heshmat, ganji, ....X Y Z)  ?????

Even the name "Republic Irani" is so cheap !!!! it reminds me republic tajekestan Republic azarbaijan Republic Pakestan  all this BADBAKHT REPUBLICS !!! Why whould i choose it for my Iran? just because you selfdeclared it's better ???!!

I don't see any democrates beyong iranian republican leaders, They don't even want us to have a fair Referendum  Because They cheated in 79's referendum in first place and don't want iranian to realise it and also because they know majority of iranian aren't against a monarchy. otherwise why are they hesitating (moosmoossing) that much !!!



Darius Kadivar

NOPE Bafava I don't see what YOU mean ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You Jomhurykhah folks are the one's who Boast about being such open minded 'Democrats' we Merely Boast to be what we always have been : PATRIOTS !


And we won't apologize for it ! 


We Clearly Saw What YOU Folks Did in the name of YOUR REPUBLICAN DEMOCRACY  which today YOU dishonestly claim was highjacked !


'BOOBOOLI, BOOBOOLI': Bahram Moshiri Mocks & insults Shah’s Executed Generals


Only to join the rest of our Miserable Lot in exile !


And in the land of the Big Satan too:


SOURCES OF FURY:Nader Naderpour on origins of IRI's "Death Slogans" towards US and Israel



Or in that of the British You pretended to Loath:



DOWNTON ABBEY: Ebrahim Golestan "Vomits" on Shah's Coronation & calls Ferdowsi a 'Racist'




As such You folks are the last qualified to preach about democracy from your High horse because we saw how you practiced it towards those who did not share your viewpoint: 


pictory:(FOR REFERENDUM BASHERS) Women Punched in Face by Revolutionaries



HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Chased by Anti Shah Protestors During Shah's US Visit (1977)


ALL of YOU who today advocate a Jomhury ( Secular or Not) endorsed Khomieny's Toppling of the former Monarchy and Supported the Revolution of 1979 so don't shy away from YOUR OWN POOR CHOICE:


Khomeiny’s Hichi


So Before Even Demanding let ALone Preaching HAmbasteghi !


If YOU Want US to Apologize Then YOU Should TOO for all the innocent people Your Political Family Sent to be Executed:


BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )




We are Not even advocating hambasteghi with you folks because we don't share your vision of Iran be it politically, culturally, or philosophically.


We are Just Warning you not to count on our Hambasteghi whatever the Iran of Tomorrow is to become.


We don't belong to the same Political Family and We are NOT Allies.


At least that way it's Clear Cut and You know where we Stand !


Oh and Feel free to quote Abbas Milani to your convenience ...


He Too needs to Apologize ! 


A Fish Called Wanda - Apology







Also an Un Apologetic Constitutional Monarchist




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow. 




See Darius jaan what I mean….

by Bavafa on

And if you think by mocking, ridiculing or accusing of “Arab parast”, you are chipping away in convincing others, well…. Then keep at it.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Darius Kadivar

VER IZ MY WOTE ? Secular or Not Arab Parasteed Deegheh ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on



Admit it folks Shoma Jomhurykhahan Iroony (Secular or Not) Arab Parasteed Deegheh  ...


Protesters in Iran Post Election shout Allah o Akbar & Death to Dictator (1 July ) - Iranian Riots& Protests 



A reformist mullah Mohsen Kadivar lies on VOA about Iranian protesters slogan





Hameesheh ham boodeed:



Yasser Arafat Hails Iranian Revolution



Mah Mashroteh Khahan Tarafdareh Padeshahi Parlemany Sabzollah Neesteem:


How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !


Gooreh Perdareh Hambasteghytoon:


LIMITS TO HAMBASTEGHI: Fravahar on impossibiity of Rallying Jomhurykhahs (Secular or Not)  





Also an Un Apologetic Constitutional Monarchist

Paris, FRANCE 


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"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow.


Monarchists need to do a lot better job....

by Bavafa on

A lot, a lot, a lot better job than this if they intend to convince Iranians that we need a ‘bekhor o bekhab’ best case scenario and worse case a ‘Agha bala sar’ for life and his children and his children’s children life.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



خنده دار ترین جمله در مورد توجیه سلطنت : در دهات هم سلطنت را ..




۱-شعار مردم ایران در انتخابت تبدیل به کودتا شده:   رای من کو ۲-بدترین حکومت روی زمین:   سلطنت ولی فقیه و سلطنت ال صعود ۳-خنده دار ترین جمله در مورد توجیه سلطنت :  در دهات هم سلطنت را می شناسند.   سوال، خوب که چی؟   اولا مردم ایران بیش از ۶۰-۷۰ درصد در شهر زنگی میکنند پس اینکه دهات چه می گویند چگونه مطرح می شود، ولی اینکه - قشر تحصیل کرده چه می خوهد مطرح نیست؟


ایران برای همه ایرانیان

دولت ایرانیان - فقط با رای ایرانیان

نه ولایت وقیح نه پادشاه سفیه