VIVA ESPANA : Spain's Royal Anthem Hails Rafael Nadal's Roland Garros victory


VIVA ESPANA : Spain's Royal Anthem Hails Rafael Nadal's Roland Garros victory
by Darius Kadivar

Rafael Nadal won his fifth French Open title Sunday, beating Robin Soderling 6-4, 6-2, 6-4. Nadal improved to 38-1 at Roland Garros, with the only loss to Soderling in the fourth round a year ago. (June 6)

Notice Nadal's GREEN Head Band ;0) ... a Happy Coincidence or a Sign of the Gods ? ...

See Larger Photos of Queen Sophia of Spain with French Prime Minister Fillon at Roland Garros Final

Nadal Wins 5th French Open Title:

Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 2010 Day 15 Champion Interview :

Spain National Anthem ( English Lyrics):

Rafael Nadal Interview Roland Garros 2010:

Juan Carlos Takes Oath as King Juan Carlos the First Di Bourbonne before Spanish Parliament (1975):

Born in exile during the era of the republic, Juan Carlos was the son of Infante Juan Duke of Barcelona he was chosen by Generalissimo Francisco Franco to be his successor in 1969. In his last days in 1975 Franco gave Juan Carlos full power and upon his death the Cortes proclaimed him King of Spain. He oversaw the transition of the country to a democracy and was instrumental in stopping an attempted coup by members of the military. In 1982 a socialist government was voted in which largely ended the King's active participation in government. Throughout his reign King Juan Carlos has worked to keep Spain united and strengthen ties with the nations of the former Spanish Empire. He is known for his informal and friendly style, his love of sailing and for famously telling the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to "shut up!"

El Cid - For King Alfonso and For Spain drives the Arab Moores Out of his Homeland:

Spanish Royal Family:

Madonna - La Isla Bonita:

Kings of Spain, from the Catholic Monarchs to Juan Carlos I:

King Juan Carlos to Chávez: "Shut up" to Chavez (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

Spanish TV Scoop shows Princess Laetizia of Spain and Constitutionally next Queen of Spain) sees her skirt blown by the wind revealing her underwear:

Madonna Pray For Spanish Eyes:

Queen Sophia is sister to former King Constantin of Greece, She is Greek but considers herself Spanish:

French President Sarkozy and Wife Carla Bruni Sarkozy Greeted by Royal Family at Palace in Madrid:

Spanish Borbóns:

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TITANS MEET: Shahbanou of Iran Greets Ex-King Constantine of Greece (Roudaki-Opera House, 1971)

ROYALTY: King Juan Carlos of Spain Greeted by Shahbanou at Sa'ad Abad Palace State Dinner (1978)

ROYALTY: Crown Prince Reza & King Juan Carlos of Spain

pictory:King of Spain State Visit to Imperial Iran (1976)

Royalty: Farah and Sophia at Niavaran (1976)

pictory: Shah and King Juan Carlos Share a Laugh, Tehran (1975)

ROYALTY: Spain Greets Iran's Prince Gholam Reza and spouse Manjineh (1978)

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Indeeed, Viva Espana

by Arthimis on

Mr. Kadivar,

Thanks for all your beautiful and educational blogs, comments and links...

May GOD save the KING :-)


Nadal should be called MR. FRENCH OPEN!

by Anonymouse on

I wonder who has the best French Open (on clay) record? 

Everything is sacred.