Hafez poetry behind attacking UK embassy!

by Disenchanted

 There are some on this site who have been blaming Hafez and Molaana, the prides of Persian culture for the conduct of IRI and decadence of Iranian culture. AO posts are prime examples of such misguided attitude. Frankly I found that claim an absurdity and borderline insanity rooted in pure ignorance.

     I think every erudite Iranian should join me in condemning this misguided insult on the greats of Persian literature. As I mentioned the root cause of such misgivings are nothing but ignorance.

      To blame Molaana Shamsoddin Hafez Shirazi for the embassy attack is like blaming Socrates for the Greece's financial default! How stupid?! I am willing to bet those who so immaturely blame Hafez have not read him beyond their grade school education, not even that perhaps. It is the same Hafez who says "Baa doostaan morovvat,  Baa doshmanaan modaaraa" that is being blamed for mischiefs of bunch of illiterate folks in Iran.

          But again, if you think of it, it is all the fault of Internet after all that has given the opportunity to some to betray their ignorance far and wide in public. I agree there are issues in Iranian culture that needs to be discussed. But that is a very delicate subject that can not be approached by broad brush in the hands of brash and immature individuals. If you think of it, what is left of being a proud Iranian if we take away the likes of Hafez from Iran?! Please join me in condemning the immature conduct of some in smearing the jewels of Persian literature. Thank you.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Be disappointed; I do not mind. You put words in my mouth that I did not say. If you feel attacked join the club. This is what you said.

So are you saying the blogs about Islam being stupid, all the cartoons and making fun of Mohammed and Ahmadinejad are making fun of oneself?

I never said that and if you don't see if I have nothing more to say to you. Bye.




by Truthseeker9 on

How disappointing that you are turning my question into an attack, why do people play games....?  My point is, to millions of people Mohammad is MORE credible than Newton. He is their prophet and they spend their lives following him. But I dont like it when people become defensive and put the other person on a guilt trip. Lets just part on notion of "misunderstanding". I really cant be bothered with the games people play in this place.

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

شراب و عیش نهان چیست کار بی‌بنیاد

زدیم بر صف رندان و هر چه بادا باد

گره ز دل بگشا و از سپهر یاد مکن

که فکر هیچ مهندس چنین گره نگشاد

ز انقلاب زمانه عجب مدار که چرخ

از این فسانه هزاران هزار دارد یاد

قدح به شرط ادب گیر زان که ترکیبش

ز کاسه سر جمشید و بهمن است و قباد

که آگه است که کاووس و کی کجا رفتند

که واقف است که چون رفت تخت جم بر باد

ز حسرت لب شیرین هنوز می‌بینم

که لاله می‌دمد از خون دیده فرهاد

مگر که لاله بدانست بی‌وفایی دهر

که تا بزاد و بشد جام می ز کف ننهاد

بیا بیا که زمانی ز می خراب شویم

مگر رسیم به گنجی در این خراب آباد

نمی‌دهند اجازت مرا به سیر و سفر

نسیم باد مصلا و آب رکن آباد

قدح مگیر چو حافظ مگر به ناله چنگ

که بسته‌اند بر ابریشم طرب دل شاد


Ebi aka Haaji

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

No Truthseeker

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Only if you think Mohammad is as credible as Newton. Did I say leave Hafiz alone? I did not. What I say is that when you make a claim it better have some validity. The measure of credibility is up to each reader.

You are putting words in my mouth. When did I say "leave Hafiz alone" ? When did I say anything about Mohammad. I was hoping better than this from you. But it seems like the IC posters are showing their true faces.

Reminds me of Romney ad about Obama. Put false words in his mouth; the attack him. It is shameful. Now be fair if I said something then prove it. If not then don't accuse me of saying it. The IC is turning into a place for people to pick fights for no reason.


Please explain your logic

by Truthseeker9 on

" Anyone on the internet gets to spew out what they want. But it is credibility that matters. If I make fun of how stupid Newton was that is fine. But I am really making fun of myself."

So are you saying the blogs about Islam being stupid, all the cartoons and making fun of Mohammed and Ahmadinejad are making fun of oneself? The logic has holes in it don't you think?

To say "leave Hafez alone"  is like HFB saying leave Isalm alone. They can be criticised and even disliked! But the fact that such outrage has been caused shows it has hit a very sensitive nerve among some people.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I am out of the other blog

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


But I agree with the great post by Literary Critic. Anyone on the internet gets to spew out what they want. But it is credibility that matters. If I make fun of how stupid Newton was that is fine. But I am really making fun of myself.

After a while that goes and people get desensitized. It is like Glenn Beck; you just expect him to say things. No one gets upset or surprised. After all it is Glenn Beck. Now we got our IC version of them. I am sorry if I sound insulting but I call it as is.

By the way dear AB and Oon Yaroo. There is no need to "defend" me. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Never did anything wrong; never supported IRI or MEK. If anyone wants to accuse me let them do it. I am not afriad of any of the sides. 


VPK jaan

by Disenchanted on


           The advantage of agreeing with me is that you can pretty be sure that you are CORRECT! :-)

          As you admitted honestly you can't even figure out some of what Hafez says. That is an admission that our other brash bloggers have to make and leave Hafez alone!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Alright folks

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I don't normally agree with Disenchanted. But I want to be fair. The IRI is not Saadi or Hafiz fault and it is a cop out to blame today on them. Many centuries went by and many things happened since them.

What is partially their fault is mixing Persian and Arabic leading to the abomination known as Farsi. That is their fault as well as many other poets. When I read the ancient books there is a period where it is practically incomprehensible to me.

I also agree with Kasravi that the "do nothing" philosophy of some poets was bad. It robbed people of the will to act. But they were not the only poets. Others had different ideas. No one is required to accept a particular belief.



Admin, any reason my blog was removed from first page?

by Disenchanted on


       Let me guess. AO complained!

       AO can not go around trashing what Iranians hold dear and get away with it! His vulgarity needs to be addressed.

Esfand Aashena

Well Socrates IS to b blamed for the Greece's financial default!

by Esfand Aashena on

After all Socrates was used to dupe stupid foreign banks to loan them money to keep the artifacts that they couldn't afford any more! 

It all depends on what your definition of the word IS is! 

Everything is sacred



by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Those climbing the fence don't seem to be the Hafez and Sa'di reading types to me.

They look more like the kind of mob-for-hire that any regime nurtures: remember Sha'ban bi mokh?? How much Hafez had he read?



This is a case of

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Gonah kard dar balkh ahangari

Be shoshtar zadand gardane mesgari

-- plus a time dimension.


"Anonymous observer" if you have a case against Hafez

by Disenchanted on


       share with us! Here is your quote from another blog:

"We're the only nation on this planet that has attacked (and attacks) embassies and has taken diplomats hostage.  Yet, in the face of this shameful display of barbarity we have the audacity to brag about our so-called "great culture," and tell others how our poets Hafez and Saadi are the pinnacles of wisdom and humanity.  And we never lose a chance to quote them to prove our point.  So, the question is this: why not quote them and brag about the greatness of our culture now?"

and more:

by Anonymous Observer on

"This is part of our culture too.  Why don't we read them some Hafez?  May be that will cool them off. "

"Soooo, what do Hafez and Saadi and other great and cultured poets have to say about this?  Anything we can interpret in their valuable verses about attacking embassies and taking diplomats hostage?"

  This is the link I took the comments from:


         would you mind expanding on your quote and enlightening us?!


I consider Uk's policies in Middle East distasteful...

by Disenchanted on


        mischievous & exploitative. But obviously do not condone what happened in Iran today. Just for the record!


It is said Socrates was always behind his credit card payments

by Disenchanted on


      So he is to blame for Greece default on its foreign debt! I'll give a prize to anyone who points out which verse of Hafez poems was exactly behind the embassy attack :-)

       AO, Mullahkosh...anyone?

     Let me see. I'll let you know if I find it myself.


Anonymous bugger

by Disenchanted on


     Congratulation on your first post. I am sure it gets better with time :-)

     I am no history expert but isn't it Iran was called Perisa in west at least up until middle of last century. If nothing what is this Persian Gulf "thingy"?!

       As for Hafez, there is only one. Dividing one's fans does not divide the subject itself to many. Are you saying there is a black Obama for blacks. A Harvard Obama for Harvard alumni, A hoop Obama for basketball fans and so on and so forth.

It is a shame you wasted your first post in writing some gibberish :-)

Anonymous Bugger

Embassy thing is Iranian version of Arab spring

by Anonymous Bugger on


Omaru shaikhak style..::)) & risk free just like your pride of "persian" culture pacifism in face of tyrrany. Now as for your shaikh Hafiz there are currently several versions of the shaikh 1- the Omaru Imamu , yaa ayohal kossara version that  your buddie Imam Ruhollah love to call as their own, 2- the pacifist & stateless Hafiz that your Sabzollahi cousins love to claime as their own 3- the pedophile Hafiz that teryakii bacheh baaz maddah crowd claime as their own & finally 4- the good old romantic fun-loving wise Hafiz that majority of Iranians would call their own. Last group excluded, the rest are just Hafizollahis...:::::)) heeehawww and that is hafiz for beginners for you .

& btw what is it with you shaikh crowd & "Persian" thingy..buddie its been called "Iran" since 553BC , get with the program.



Bavafa Jaan I agree...

by Disenchanted on


with you. It certainly is not about any individual in particular. It is meant to drive home an important issue. As I said I agree that Iranian culture like most, has its own misgivings. But to include Hafez which is the pinnacle of humanity values and pride of our culture is a grave injustice.

     To tackle pros and cons in Iranian culture requires heavy weights who have a good grasp of history, literature and culture of Iran and beyond. One can not be cavalier with this regard as it has been the practice by some on this site. Thanks.


Dear Disenchanted: I rather not single out any individuals...

by Bavafa on

But I agree completely with the theme of your blog and the insanity that has taken over us, perhaps as a result of our contempt and hate for the IRI.  Nevertheless misdirecting it only takes away credibility out of our case.

 What a great selection in your poem and glad you caught the typo

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



There was a typo in Hafez poem I cited

by Disenchanted on


      The correct form is:

    "Baa Doostaan Morrovvat,  Baa Doshmanaan modaaraa"