Adding Water to the Enemy’s Water-Mill


Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

On one of the weekend mornings I was watching a recorded worthless tech-talk show in one of the Persian TVs. The performer started his show with this statement that we all know that the Iranian opposition movement of Iran has come to an end and IRI has won the war. Then he spent the whole one hour and a half of his show soliciting the people’s brainstorming on his only question “What strategy IRI used in defeating the Iranian opposition movement?” (i.e., per his last-minute answer, TV Serials)! Next he shamelessly continued that IRI will remain in power for another not 2500 years but 5000 years as long as they use this secret strategy against the people, and that he is ready to make a bet with anyone about it. Also in response to couple of his viewers who were reminding him about and pointing at the issue of nationalism he replied that there is no more nationalism left among Iranians and every body would sell their country for a handful of money.

I’ve tried to figure out what kind of mentality can even think about such absurd and silly talks. I don’t know if he were witnessing the scene of his own children being run over three times by the police truck would he still be in this position to proceed with such cheap and foolish TV show of his? Hasn’t he seen the flood of bloodshed all over the land of our country? Hasn’t he seen enough of our young intellects being torn apart by these bloodthirsty hyenas? To me he is either a naïve person whose IQ is less than of a first-grade elementary school kid, or a parasitic impostor and an IRI lobbyist mercenary, which I think the latter scenario best fit his character.

Neda’s blood has awakened the asleep conscience of the world’s public and let them know that Iranians have been striving and risking their lives to recapture their stolen human rights once their predecessor King Cyrus the Great has brought to the world 2500 years ago. Too many of our brave young men and women stood and shielded their chest against Islamic regime’s bullets and dedicated their lives and irrigated the tree of freedom with their blood. They will always be in the Iranians’ memories whom will be the followers of their way. Then how dare such a moron can claim that Iranians have no passion for nationalism any longer. To him I say that it is not for you and alike who are sitting in a democratic country and issue such rulings. Only those can judge about the faith of such war who themselves has fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights.

There are hurricanes of furies and grudges buried inside the outwardly quiet genuine Iranians and there is no doubt that on time the tsunami of their angers will unleash and drown the foundation of totalitarian regime of mullahs. The war of the Iranian movement against IRI will never end unless it ends up with the fall of IRI. Iranians have lost the battle in Ghadesieh I and II due to the meddling of mercenary traitors like him who spread the seed of despair and disappointment to create hopelessness among people and make them cold feet and loose heart at this critical stage of time. On the contrary, a real Iranian outside the country who represents a genuine Persian character will show a 180 degree change of direction in his performance and demonstrates his rage and antagonism to the barbarian act of Islamic regime against our young generation movement and sees his duty to mobilize the world against the criminal rulers of IRI.

Iranians are not just fighting against IRI but also versus the World Powers who are supporting this killer machine. People of Iran have enough enemies; they don’t need more of their own to turn against them, which only add water to the enemy’s water-mill. Such an act of the TV performer was nothing more than promoting rifts among the oppositions inside and outside the country, which is exactly what our enemy IRI will take advantage of. To him and alike the Iranian outsiders would say “If your heart still beats for your nation and your bloody countrymen, it is your duty to join and show your correlation with your people inside the country to reach their scream for freedom to the national and international organizations across the globe”. Numerous recent statistics show that 80% of the Iranian population is asking for the complete change of the Islamic regime. Perhaps what makes the current condition different from the past is the same essence that every Iranian is in search of for years, the national harmony and conformity which guarantees the success.

Mansur Rastani, Ph.D.



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I suggest he change his IC

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I suggest he change his IC username to Dr. Myopia.

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Good to have connections

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Posting more than 2 blogs in a day, is something between you, and the site's owner.

Writing an exaggerated remark such as " Hasn’t he seen the flood of bloodshed all over the land of our
, however, is between you and your readers.

Please don't reinforce the IRI's apologists with further discrediting ammunition.