The IRI, a Devoted Servant to World Powers


Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

You may wonder why World Powers continue to maintain their position on Islam and insist that it is a religion of peace and goodwill despite the extensive and long-time attacks by radical Muslims on their soils and interest sections. World Powers have preserved their devotion toward Islam to the point of dividing it into good or moderate Islam and bad or fanatic Islam, refusing to notice the real message of this religion, where it says “if you choose any religion other than Islam it won’t be accepted from you and you will be among the infidels”. They are ignoring the fact that in Quran infidels are doomed and destined to be sent to hell and furthermore Muslims are encouraged to see this through as part of the jihad in defense of their Islamic faith.

World Powers, contrary to their empty declaration in condemning the violation of human rights in countries with tyrannical and totalitarian Islamic regimes, provide mullahs with all the step-by-step know-how planning and supports they need to run and control the country they rule and make every effort to keep them stay in power despite the fact that the people of that country has never recognized them as their legitimate government.

The alliances of powerful countries are willing and prefer to deal with worthless groups of mullah mercenaries, whom have been acknowledged as the key-role leaders of a great nation, rather than recognizing and accepting the patriotic and nationalist groups of young intellects as the representatives of that nation! They fear to accept the patriotic freedom fighting of a great nation as the sign of its young heroes’ enthusiasm for nationalism but rather trying to interpret it in public as devotional struggle of its people toward religion and Islam.

United States during the last thirty years have embraced the recognition of campaigns of IRI lobbyists in Washington, the mercenaries of mullahs, labeled as NGOs, Think Tanks, etc., supporting them financially and promoting their undercover challenges toward reinstating a reformed version of Islamic or moderate-Mullahs government in Iran. As such, the efforts of real opposition groups of Iranians have been shattered and their voices have been gradually undermined and eventually faded out.

World Powers have the greedy vision for plundering the natural wealth of those countries that are rich in oil and gas. To make such a vision an easily successful mission they have to deal with that part of the society of the country who has no devotion to that nation, no passion for patriotism and certainly no desire for political independence. Religious groups and mullahs have been the most suitable candidates for this purpose, the plundered oil and gas contracts among the oil mafias in Iran, who mainly have roots in Pasdaran Militia, and the western oil cartels has raised an uproar.

For decades Western Powers have seen the Sunni Muslims as the dominant power in the region simply because of their vast population. Hence they felt strongly about endorsing Shiite governments as balancing powers against Sunni Muslims in the region. As a result the rift among different Islamic sectors in Iraq started to develop, however the IRI Mullahs were then on call to come for rescue by sponsoring the utilization of improvised explosive devices (IED) at large all over the country to demolish the nationalist opposition forces among Sunnis and this way smoothing the path for a relative stable Shiite government in Iraq. Such supports have been extended to Afghanistan.

World Powers as part of their geopolitics and geo-economics policies see it as a necessity to establish a key check-point in a strategic geopolitical location to practice their political controlling power against potential economic threats such as China. To make such watchdog a successful mission, it requires that the local governments to be consisted of elements with no patriotic ambitions. Again religious governments are favored, we have been witnessing that Iran loses benefits in strategic and geographic locations in Caspian Sea; we also notice an overwhelming world-wide conspiracy, which is going on among the western powers and the Arabic countries across the Persian gulf for changing the name of Persian Gulf to Arabian Gulf.

Western Powers, as the IRI puppeteers, has benefited from the perception of creating a virtual fearful scarecrow within the region like the lunatic IRI government, who irresponsibly throws threats to its neighboring countries. And as such they have been enjoying the receipt of humongous number of orders for arms sales from numerous countries surrounding Iran under the pretext of defense.

When it comes to war, these reckless and lunatic mullahs, in charge of ruling the country, has no respect for humanities, on the contrary they consider war as a blessing to humanity, as once was said by Khomeini. Knowing that war is considered as a vehicle for world powers to promote their economy, it is no brainer to see that IRI is indeed acting as a devoted servant to World Powers. Mansur Rastani, PhD//



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Good article

by fooladi on

A quick look at the history of our country Iran will clearly demonstrate the extent to which the "political islam" has been used by imperialist powers in order to deny the nation of a democratically elected govenment and in order to keep the cheap oil flowing into the European, american and now chinese cars. Plus fools like ahmadi and khamenei, with illusions of grandure are the perfect excuse for maintaining a massive military presence in middle east, just in case Iranian nation decides to pose a real challenge to imperilistic hegemony in the region.

free vs islam

British factory of mulla

by free vs islam on

about 50 years ago my friends father was working in Kuwait and he was saying that before 12 noon they have mixed the cement and it is ready to pure and this British engineer tells Arabs workers it is time to go and Pray and Arab formen goes crazy and says but sir we have 5 tons of cement if don't use it now it's going to be like a rock and it would be wasted and British man says it is ok because praying is more important that. And Arab workers worshiped the British engineer that he respects their religion and Arab formen is the enemy of Islam and this is been their policy for decades. You see Muslims always been their own enemy and they have been blind for centuries and it is not today’s phenomena and Iranian are adopted the same ideology and Western countries they have been riding us for very long time. We just don’t get it.


Great Analysis & Blog

by Cost-of-Progress on

The deconstruction of Iran and the advent of radical clergy and shia Islam in Iran has been one of the most cleverly engineered events in recent history. Religion, in this case Islam, is the main ingredient for its success. Luckily for those milking Iran, there's no shortage of simple minded people who give their right eye to wink at the emem-zaman when he finally lands beside Ahmadinegad during lunch or dinner (he already sets up silverware for him).

But why go so far? There are plenty of so called intellectuals living in the west among the infidels who subscribe to the same point of view that has brought us to this point in the history of our country. As long as we cater to that mentality we can expect to give rides instead of riding and be the servant to those who have had the smarts to separate myth (religion) from reality.