Mullahs' Enthusiastic Classic Car Culture

Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

A video clip is made based on The New York Times report about the driving events & track session of a loose-knit group at the AZADI racetrack, an affiliate of a classic car club based in Florida, who started the TEHRAN branch of the club earlier this year. The reporter has tried to show that living under the rule of mullahs has no contradiction with democracy and modern life style. However,  in this video the reaction of a Mullah when he encounters with new trends and technology has been illustrated, he simply takes the modern society and turns it into an old-fashioned and out-dated one. The fact of the matter is that Mullah and democracy are like oil and water and can not mix. To watch the video clip click on the following link:


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Funny Alien :)

by HHH on

Ofcourse this is not Mullah's Classic-Car Club but it's Anti-Mullahs Classic-car Club. Nevertheless they have to tolerate the presence of mullahs for car-blessings :)

Mr. Sargord Pirouz is right. "Things in Iran are not as terrible as some exiles portray them to be", they're only as terrible as what Iranians inside Iran who can't wait to leave Iran and join Sargord Pirouz portray them to be :)

There's no need to mention the long list of terrible-things the regime has brought for Iranians but just to name a few:

Forced Hijab - Imprisonment of all who demand freedom or their rights- separation of men and women in beaches, buses, taxis, and everywhere else- hanging people for minor poverty-related offenses- punishing and harassing minorities- arresting reporters- sending Iranian people's money to fund and buy Arab/shia/Afghan/Venezuelan/African terrorists' support- complete censorship - rigged voting system - lie after lie.

No, it's not "that" terrible. People are still allowed to drive their cars and they still don't cut criminals necks off with sword in public.


Dr. Mansur Rastani

Lipstick on Pig will Never Work.

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

To  Pirouz:

Believe me you mullah lover, the things are worse in our occupied country, more than you may think. However the hands of imperialism through powerful News Medias (i.e., NY Times) and Sport entrepreneurs (i.e., U.S. Classic Car Clubs), desperately are trying to show the world otherwise by holding up the pieces of the almost fallen IRI government. But don’t worry, Lipstick on Pig will Never Work.

By the way if you are an IRI lobbyist, don’t dare to come back because no democracy is granted to them on my blog.





Mansur Rastani, PhD



Sargord Pirouz

Someone spent a bunch of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Someone spent a bunch of time on this annoying, crappy video clip.

Hey, it's nice to know some folks in the old country maintain these old 70s era cars in a club. But some malcontented exiles just can't stand the fact that--yes-- things are not so terrible as they'd like to portray life back in the old country.

I find it amusing that self-described "doctors" can be so petty. I suggest reading Hegel. Or maybe Jung. :) 

Immortal Guard


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Hasan Sabah was of the same persuasion!