To the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton


Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

In a recent interview for broadcast Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”, you stated you have “grave disagreements “with the Iranian Revolution and said "But the early advocates of it said this would be a republic. It would be an Islamic republic, but it would be a republic. Then we saw a very flawed election and we've seen the elected officials turn for the military to enforce their power." In other part of your interview with ABC you expressed your concern about the rise of military power in Iran and said “And I can only hope that there will be some effort inside Iran, by responsible civil and religious leaders, to take hold of the apparatus of the state”.  

Madam Secretary, the Islamic revolution and the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has never been the government of the freewill wish of Iranians. As you must know, this regime have been imposed upon Iranians 31 years ago by the Western Powers, headed by the U.S. administration of President Jimmy Carter, as part of the implementation of their geopolitical policy agenda at the time. Those “advocates” you are talking about such as Abrahim Yazdi, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, and Bani Sadr, to name a few, were mainly the mercenaries of the Western governments, along with some Islamic maharishi like Mehdi Bazagan who all were on a mission to establish an Islamic government by replacing the country’s constitution of 1906 by the one with authoritarian and theocratic elements and to run a fraud referendum to adopt it as the constitution of the IRI. So the title “Republic”, which is hijacked by this government, does not mean anything more than a hoax gesture that the regime has used to erect its Islamic pillars among the public, besides the fact that Islam is a theology, which literally is inspired from God while “Republic” has root among people and as a result the combination of these two words does not make any sense. Today Jimmy Carter is considered as a symbol of hatred not only within the Iranian community but among the residents of earth since he was the introducer of the two world-wide known devils, Khomeini and Ben Laden due to whom the whole world is suffering today as we are witnessing. The unforgiving matter is that President Jimmy Carter is awarded Nobel Prize for his wrong-doing foreign policy during his administration instead of being put on trial.  

Madam Secretary, obviously “by responsible civil and religious leaders” you are referring to Mir Hossein  Mousavi (civil) and Mehdi Karroubi (religious).  After the forged election in June 2009, Iranian movement mainly headed by the young generation has shaken the foundation of totalitarian regime of mullahs, they raised their voice for freedom and against the imposed tyranny but they were faced with the brutal and barbarian forces of the regime who were cracking down heavily on dissent. Thousands of our brave young men and women stood and shielded their chest against Islamic regime’s bullets, fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights. So many of them have dedicated their lives and irrigated the tree of freedom with their blood. There were no sign of Mousavi and Karroubi in the battlefield, in fact they betrayed them and left those young people alone in the streets to be torn apart by the hyenas of IRI. The young generation has realized that these “no-leaders” are not ready to fight for people as much as they are willing to fight to save their Islamic ideology. In numerous occasions they both admitted that the people are not following them anymore and in fact they are the ones who follow them.

Madam Secretary, during the last 15 months the Western Powers have been witnessing the murdering scenes of young Persians in Iran’s streets and have done nothing to prevent them. On the contrary they helped the IRI regime with the supply of all the rigs and arms, the high-tech electronic surveillance supplies, electrical batons and riot products they needed for cracking down on oppositions. And also by not objecting to what was going on inside Iran they actually provided IRI with the leisure and tranquility to violate every aspect of human rights and to commit its mass murder genocide against young generation in the country to the point of butchering our young men and women in their jails and destroying and burying the bodies in places where nobody could ever find them. Now that the IRI have been able to clamp down the dissent through coercive power and bloodshed and imposing fear and terror among public, you are hoping that Mousavi and Karroubi to step in and “take hold of the apparatus of the state” to reject military expansion! 

Madam Secretary, Almost every family in Iran has lost a dear member of their own under the tyranny of the brutal IRI regime during the last 31 years. This nation will never allow criminal characters such as Mousavi and Karroubi, who have served the bloodthirsty regime of IRI for 3 decades and whose criminal records are not any less than the rest of the IRI members, to be their leaders again. These “no-leaders” who due to the rift among themselves are dispossessed of their powers are the same brutal elements of the regime that used to commit crime against people when they were in power. Moreover, people of Iran are not looking for a brushed-up Islamic government anymore; in fact they are fed up with any type of theocratic and ideological government, and seeking for a secular democratic government based on the principles of human rights.

Madam Secretary, Isn’t the guardian of democracy on our earth the most important responsibility of the world’s leaders and in particular of the United States’? If so, why U.S. have been silent against the brutality of the IRI regime and have done nothing to prevent the mass murder of Iranians. President Obama goes from one place on earth to another and delivers strong defenses of Islam and seeks broader engagement with Muslim world. Wouldn’t be more humanistic if he thinks humanitarian instead of ideological? If he cares about the welfare of human beings, then ideology of people would by default be taken care of, wouldn’t it? While we see that not only any efforts have been made to score and prevent the human rights violations of IRI but they have been overshadowed by the governments’ diplomatic initiatives on the threat posed by IRI’s suspect nuclear activities.

Madam Secretary, the 31-years criminal records of IRI is known to the world community, as you know IRI has been the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Its records, beyond violation of human rights and the genocide mass murder of Iranians inside the country, range from suicidal bombers to supporting terrorists, ties with al-Qaida, killing American soldiers by IRI-made IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan, deploying sleeper cells of agents across the world, who are activated on call from Tehran, throwing threats to its neighboring countries irresponsibly, and the list goes on and on.  As the democracy advocate on earth, U.S. along with the Western Powers should keep the IRI regime responsible for its violation of human rights inside the country and its terrorist acts across the globe, should declare the illegitimacy of the regime, impose sever political sanction on the government and all its leaders, should prevent the travel of every IRI member through the aerial, land and water borders, and impose an ultimatum on the government surrender. Upon the fall of the regime have the United Nation send an international group of supervision for a public referendum and establishing a provisional government and arresting all the members of the government for the domestic and/or international trial. This is the only peaceful way of keeping the democracy alive in the world. On behalf of genuine IraniansMansur Rastani, PhD//


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Sargord Pirouz

Duk'torr: "heee-haaaaaaw,

by Sargord Pirouz on


"heee-haaaaaaw, heee-haw" (that's my donkey imitation) :)

Dr. Mansur Rastani

To all the Worms and Parasites of IRI

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

 Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, no worm and Parasite of IRI are allowed here! Any single member of IRI and all their lobbyists and mercenaries inside and outside Iran should just keep shut up all the way until the day when they all along with the whole system of IRI are thrown away into the garbage of History, which is not far to see.


Mansur Rastani, PhD



No Fear

I wonder..... ( must read and debate )

by No Fear on

Why when Ahmadinejad is in New York, Hillary immediately came out in support of the so called reformists in Iran?

Is it because they ( reformists ) are more democratic or they are easier to deal with over nuclear negotiations? What do you think?

Below is what Khatami had to say today in response to the news of Hillary's support of his peers and himself;

[(همین‌که) کسی طرفداری از دموکراسی و جامعه مدنی می‌کند؛ «چماق‌ها» بلند می‌شوند و می‌گویند اینها غرب‌زده‌اند. خطاب به آنها می‌گویم که: نه! «این شمائید که منحرفید» و اشکال دارید. اشکال در «بینش و برداشت فاشیستی و توتالیتاریستی از اسلام» است، در حالیکه «ما» بینش علوی از اسلام داریم و به آن افتخار می‌کنیم].

Khatami was so happy about Hillary's support that he continued;

[ما معتقدیم دین، درعرصه‌ی حیات اجتماعی و نحوه زندگی این جهانی ما هم نقش دارد. «نظام مطلوب در جامعه» نظامی‌ست که از «ارزش‌ها و فضیلت‌های دینی» برخوردار باشد].

This is the bunch that US wants to deal with. The nice and pretty reformists who will make every diasporan Iranian proud since the reformists are good at smiling and being invited to dinner parties while giving up Iran's legal rights in the nuclear negotiations, just like when Khatami was president.

But when a president is defending Iran's rights internationally, and reducing the religious influences in our country, we are quick to jump on the bandwagon and call him all sorts of names without thinking that he is defending our national interests.

Nothing is more important than Iran's national interests.

The above statement is above any law, personality, political group, freedoms, rights, religion, family, etc.

Am i the only person who feels this way?





You're a blessing Mr.MOOSIRvaPIAZ

by bushtheliberator on

  myths of Victimhood will always be popular,but

'' the Great Satan  did it " doesn't explain Iran's past, or help chart its future.

I'm the GWBushiest visitor here, but I find the good Doctor's foreign policy suggestions just a little too pushy.The problem with getting up in folks face,and threatening to go to war IS

you just might start a war !

Dr. Mansur Rastani

To all IRI and CIA mercenaries and also the few

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

 A quick glance at these commenters so far, except for a few, I am amazed by the number of paid mercenaries of IRI, and also CIA whose main jobs are nothing but to step in and make distraction, and of course they are everywhere, on the bloggers, facebooks, twitters, on the air of TVs and radios, during the protest demonstration, you name it.  

Their talks lack any logic and justification, exactly like those of Ahmadinejad. I am not going to waste my time to respond to those whom I call the parasites of the world societies.  To the few I would say they have to keep the bigger picture in mind and that IRI and CIA have both shaken hands to draw our country into a big war.

Mansur Rastani, PhD




come on aziz jaan


" As you must know, this
regime have been imposed upon Iranians 31 years ago by the Western
Powers, headed by the U.S. administration of President Jimmy Carter, as
part of the implementation of their geopolitical policy agenda at the


Come on! are we supposed to take this seriously? let alone Sec. Clinton?  uncle napoleon syndrome much? 


there was nothing foreign about the revolution, which is why it failed miserably. the revolution brought to the surface  the worst instincts of iranians and we are living with the Frankenstein monster that we all created. 


Q - Colonel Sanders

by Simorgh5555 on

Hey, look everyone: Q has a picture of Colonel Sanders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fame as his avatar. Man, that sure is finger lickin' good that he has made an appearance on



by Cost-of-Progress on

OK, may be not all are paid maggots, I say that to be fair as the resident maggots here on IC MAY not be paid as  protested by them a few times already. They like us to believe that they support the murderous regime because they are brainless morons only!





The U.S. government has

by AMIR1973 on

The U.S. government has designated the IRI as the "most active state sponsor of terrorism" in the world. Therefore, it is only right that readers be made aware of the presence of a number of individuals posting on (including on this very blog) who reside in the U.S. and yet are "Groupies" of this anti-American, anti-Iranian terrorist regime. Regards.


Oh boy, one would hope a Dr. can be more logical and factual

by Bavafa on

Dr. Mansur Rastani, could you please provide some detail, preferably a logical and one that is supported by facts, that the referendum 31 years ago was fraudulent?

"and theocratic elements and to run a fraud referendum to adopt it as the constitution of the IRI"

Also, kindly, since you have cataloged all the wrong things US has done to Iranians, namely imposing a regime such as IRI for the last 31 years, could you please explain how can we trust and believe that they will do otherwise this time and would actually help the Iranian people?   I mean would you have a convicted sex offender baby sit your kids?

Lastly PLEASE, I believe it would read easier if you break each paragraph into two or more sentences.



Thank You

by afshinazad on

well said, OBAMA is no different than Carter and only carter took the NOBEL Prize because of our King and if it wasn't for him no peace would been between Egypt and Israel. OBAMA has no DASHAKH


Dear Secretary Clinton or US Congressional staff,

by Q on

Please note that not even 2 paragraphs into his rant, Mr. Rastani is claiming the US Government has "imposed" the Islamic Republic on Iran:

As you must know, this regime have been imposed upon Iranians 31 years ago by the Western Powers, headed by the U.S. administration of President Jimmy Carter, as part of the implementation of their geopolitical policy agenda at the time.

By now you must be more than familiar with crazy conspiracy theorists of all kinds. This is no different. Mr. Rastani belongs to a group of exiled Iranians who were the main beneficiary of the former Pahlavi dictatorship (for which there is REAL evidence of Western backing).

When removed from power, their only response has been to deny reality and create bizzare philosophies as to why their fortunes have been reversed. Any kind of evidence to the contrary is simply treated as another part of the ever-growing conspiracy.

After your experience with the likes of Ahmad Chalabi, I would assume the US establishment knows better than to thoughtlessly follow another seemingly Westernized Middle-Easterner claiming to speak on behalf of millions of people but who in reality is thoroughly out of touch with their own people.

The American people have had enough of foreign adventurism, especially those based on wishful fantasies of highly biased self-serving individuals looking for tax-payer money to help them accomplish their political goals.

The political and economical risk of paying the slightest attention to people like Mr. Rastani is considerable and I hope it informs you correctly.


Qumars B., Los Angeles, CA

Maryam Hojjat

Bravo, Indeed, Thanks Dr. Rastani

by Maryam Hojjat on

on behalf of all True IRANIANS/ Persians.



by Simorgh5555 on

Obama is too ambivalent on the issue of Iran. He will talk tough on the Islamic Republic when the occasion calls for it so that he can reassure a skeptical Jewish electorate but deep down I think he does not show enough interest in the human rights situation of Iran.

Up to now I have admired Obama and given him the benefit of the doubt. Granted the Bush administration made a terrible error with Iraq but this should not stop him from dealing more robustly with Ahmadinejad. Iraq has been annexed all but in name by the Islamic Terrorist republic which is also funding and supplying terror militants in Iraq. This is a perfect justifcation for targeted strikes against the Basijis and the Sepah. He should seriously consider this option before he withdraws the troops before 2011.  

If Obama had attacked Sepah and key militart targets during the turmoil of June 2009 then Iranians could have reclaimed the capital. 

If Obama does not take the terrorists occupying in Iran more seriously then the Democrats should consider replacing him with Clinton. 

Sargord Pirouz

Pandering to that lap dog of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Pandering to that lap dog of the Israel Lobby, are we? Typical.


Well said, and I do believe

by Cost-of-Progress on

that for the most part, this was a takeover of the islamists in Iran, aided by the west hoping that the "new" regime of the mullahs will be obedient to their western masters (the inglisi haa). Well, that didn't work so well now, did it?

What puzzels me, and I also ask my American friends, is what happened to all the regime changes and replacing one unfriendly puppet with a friendly one? I am not advoacting such move, but what's happening in the west that they allow the murderous regime of the unelected clergy to continue to molest them in unspeakable ways? Who REALLY wants these people to stay in power? Who's benefiting from their remaining in power?

We all know it is NOT the people of Iran, granted  a few (paid) maggots roam the streets with their sticks and bottons, but they're not the ones holding the cards...Who is? 







by mahmoudg on

well said, Dr. Rastani, although i still think the people of Iran brought these criminals and the Islamic Rapist Republic upon themselves and the West did not have a grand design for Iran.  as they saying "khodam kardam ke laanat bar khodam bad"  let us look inside to ourseleves for doing what we did.