To Senator John Kerry


Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

8, 2, 2010


To Senator John Kerry,

In your recent interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” show, you urged President Barack Obama to resume his efforts to start a dialogue with Iran and getting advice about the way forward in Afghanistan.

Senator, in future do not use word Iran or Iranians as a substitute for Islamic government in Iran, the IRI. IRI is a criminal terrorist regime, which is not considered as a legitimate government by the people of Iran. IRI has basically usurped the country Iran (with the support of Western Powers and couple of millions of its own paid theocratic mercenaries) and has taken its people as hostage. The Iranians on the other hand are people with 3000 years of great history and culture called Persians who introduced to the world the principles of human rights offered by their predecessor King Cyrus the Great, whose emblem has been erected at the entrance of the United Nation.

Senator, you are a congressman of the most democratic country in the world, how can you negotiate with a regime that has been trampling all the basics of human rights in the country and suppressing every democratic challenges among its people using all the murdering equipment in its access and the paid mercenary ruffians and the professional butchers in its service.

A regime, which ensures it survival through coercive power and bloodshed and imposing fear and terror among public to the point that many Iranian citizens had to fly out of the country to get rid of the oppression only to go vagrant across the globe. The massive escape of the people didn’t stop the criminal IRI, the brutal regime ordered chain murdering of hundreds of its oppositions all over the world.

Such negotiation will betray the Neda’s blood and of tens of thousands other of Iranian brave young men and women who stood and shielded their chest against the Islamic regime’s bullets and fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights.

Senator, how can you recommend negotiation with and seeking advice from such regime, which the State Department called the "most active" state sponsor of terrorism in the world? You as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should have all the criminal records of the IRI terrorist acts in your access.

Have you forgotten the suicidal bombing of U.S. and French military barracks in Beirut in 1983 (299 dead); a string of Paris bombing in September 1986 (12 dead); attacks on the Israeli embassy and a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994 (125 dead); 1996 bombing attack in Dhahran (19 dead); and according to State Department and the CIA, 200 terrorist strikes across the globe during the last 3 decades (more than 1000 dead), in Israel and the Palestinian territories alone, hundreds of people have died in suicide bombings carried out by IRI-supported groups of Hamas and Hezbollah?

Or maybe I have to refresh your memory about the meddling of IRI in the neighboring countries and also about the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and in Afghanistan (60% of all casualties) by the IRI-made IEDs!

What kind of message do you want to convey to the residents of earth by seeking strategic advice from a regime that throws threats to its neighboring country every now and then?

Senator, in the history of United States there were men like Thomas Jefferson who as a political philosopher was a character of the enlightenment who advocated reason as the primary source for legitimacy and authority, a man whose name was used as the eponym of democracy. It is because of him and alike that today America stands as the democracy advocate on earth.

Senator, if opposite to your predecessors you neither believe in the democracy advocacy of America within the international communities, and hence do not support the Iranian people in their struggle toward establishing democracy and secularism in their country, nor care much about the American young heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan whose lives are shattered by the IRI-made IEDs, then I am asking you as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to at least make recommendation to the congress and U.S. administration to withdraw their support from IRI and let the Iranians themselves deal with the devilish regime of IRI.

On Behalf of Genuine Iranians

Mansur Rastani, PhD




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Maryam Hojjat

Thank you Dr. Rastani

by Maryam Hojjat on

Great points made to this man.  I am glad he was not elected for Presidency.

Dr. Mansur Rastani

To all last 3 commenters

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

Mansur Rastani, PhD


To benross, This is exactly my point, the Western Powers have been running these monkey business games for at least a decade, and yet they are nowhere close to any result. The reality is that they exactly know what they are doing, creating rift among oppositions, make them loose faith in their struggle toward reaching democracy and secularism, buying time and providing support for IRI. 

To comrade, by my definition a genuine Iranian refers to any Iranian who

1)      Wants to send the total package of IRI (all the radical, moderate, reformer, etc, elements of the IRI) into the garbage of history2)       seeking  a secular and democratic government based on the principles of human rights  What I wrote to Senator Kerry was nothing more than a verification of the above 2-item mandate, which is within the vision of any genuine Iranian (a Persian).  I don’t care about the rest since I don’t consider them Persian. I do not consider myself a politician, if I think something is right I just say it frankly to the person without any turn and twist. Politicians don’t know any language but the language of fabrication and deception.  Onlyiran,  go to my weblog you will find bunch of information about the IRI lobbyists like Tria Parsi and Hooshang AmirAhmadi, etc.  Don’t worry, the era for them is coming to an end soon.  Those (like Q) who believe we have to go through baby step to get to democracy, they are all dead wrong. After the fall of IRI, Mir Hossein Musavi  and alike will be put on public trial for their murders. 



Fair point Q, but by the same token

by Onlyiran on

who elected the fresh off the boat Swedish implant Trita Parsi and "NIAC" which you admire to be the spokesperson for the Iranian American community?   


An Unelected Representative

by comrade on

Despite my fundamental disagreements and differences with the first commenter on your blog, I have to agree with his point that you are not in a position to represent yourself as a spokesperson for genuine Iranians (as you call them), or for that matter, any Iranians. 

The format and substance of a letter to a politician has to be politically correct, otherwise no matter how good your intentions it will fail to deliver the spirit of the message. 

Every Day We Get A Little Bit Closer!



I don't think Obama

by benross on

I don't think Obama administration will put aside the negotiation option. It's not even advisable to do so. But the strategic option is no longer empowering the regime. The negotiation -if any- will only be for a tactical gain. The bargaining chip of IRI on Afghanistan and Iraq affairs will more efficiently be controlled and reduced by sanctions rather than negotiation. It is interesting that the first reaction of U.S government following Ahmadinejad call for a face to face debate was to announce some additional sanctions, even before his call, predictably, being rejected. I didn't see John Kerry interview but such strategic option for negotiation comes with lifting the sanctions and I don't think what he is fed by the likes of Dabashi and his left wing friends have any grounds in U.S policy.

Dr. Mansur Rastani

To Q

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

Mansur Rastani, PhD


Our problem is the continuous support of Western Powers for this murderer and inhuman Islamic regime of IRI from the date of its imposed establishment, 31 year ago, by the Anglo-Americans upon the people of Iran. They have provided IRI with all the basics of how-know survival kits to let them stay in power and run the country and in exchange the criminal mullahs have provided them the liberty to plunder our country.  During the last 3 decades, If only if the Western Powers withdrew their support from IRI, the people of Iran could have thrown this garbagy IRI into the trash can of history 1000 times. The fact is the world is run by a few oil and corporate cartels and as long as they are the main controlling hand behind the governments, this is the faith of the 3rd –world nation countries. But it is promising to know that the time has changed and our young men and women have found their Persian identity one more time and will eventually win the war against both the foreign domination and the domestic fanatics and soon will flush the IRI and all its radical and moderate elements down the toilet.  



Dear Senator Kerry,

by Q on

Unfortunately for his ego, nobody elected Dr. Mansur Rastani to speak on behalf of any Iranians, let alone "genuine ones."

After having fallen for the fairy tales of a few corrupt Iraqi exiles and paying such tragic costs in terms of lives, treasure and international good will, America should be very careful whose "genuine" words to accept next.

The future of Iran, including any possible change in government must be up to the Iranian people and not be tainted by foreign government support in whatever disguise it may come. As a US Senator, you are responsible for what is best for America and it's interests, and for voicing it's values, but not "rescuing" Iranians or solving the problems of Iran.

The fact is, peace is in the interest of all parties in the current dispute. President Obama rejected the kind of failed militant Bush policies that are responsible for most of the problems America faces today. You and President Obama received a lot of support for your peaceful stance which was the primary motivator for Democratic election victories in 2006 and 2008. Stepping away from those promises will only cost you real support in terms of your own disallusioned peace-seeking voter base.

Do what is best for Amrica and let Iranians take care of their own.