Thanks to some wonderful people Bibi the Afghan girl is getting her nose back

Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

You probably remember Bibi, the Afghan woman from my prior video "Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia is Bad for all Societies" whose nose and ears were cut off by her husband while held down by her brother under the Taliban's authoritarian. Thanks to some wonderful people she has come to U.S. for nose and ear surgery. The reconstructive surgery is a long process and will take 8 months however for now she uses prosthetic nose.

It is the sharia that teaches husbands to abuse their wives to make them worthless like trampling a beautiful flower.
The video of Bibi in U.S. is on youtube, to watch the clip click on the following link:


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Dear Dr Rastani

by divaneh on

I think you have just repeated what I said. I am possibly one of the most staunch opponents of religion and any other doctrine that stop people from using the grey matter and give them the authority for cruelty. I however made a note in the interest of fairness that not every cruel action has its rout in Islam. For sure Sharia is to be blamed for enforcing this old barbaric tradition.

This is an interesting phenomenon that Islam has been mixed with local traditions in each area and other cruelty have been added to the Islamic cruelty. Unfortunately Islam seems to discard traditions that spread love and happiness. Shia Iran is another case of Islam mixed with local traditions. 

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Dr. Mansur Rastani

To Mr. or Mrs. Divaneh:

by Dr. Mansur Rastani on

 Dear Mr. or Mrs. Divaneh,

The story of Bibi has everything to do with Sharia and Islam. Bibi was forced to marry a fanatic Muslim against her will. Because her husband abuses her and forces her to live in the stable, she ran away.  Her husband takes his case to the local Sharia court, where the mullah in charge gives the sharia verdict that the husband must cut her wife’s nose and ears. The husband then carries out the sharia sentence with the help of his brother. As you see the Sharia (law of Islam) is very responsible for this inhuman act. You may need to review the 3 videos of mine entitled “Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia is Bad for All Societies”, and see for yourself how cruel is Sharia, which is a religion for the  ignorance and primitive Arab’s era and cannot be implemented at the age of cyberspace.


Mansur Rastani, PhD




Taliban stoned a woman 3 wks ago - no news, but a fuzzy video

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When Islam gets mixed with local traditions

by divaneh on

This may be carried out as Sharia but this is not Islamic. There is a story in "Kalile and Demone" in which a man who suspects that his wife has an affair cuts her nose. The well known book precedes Islam and is a proof that this cruel tradition existed prior to Islam.

Sharia has its own problems and in this case could be blamed for enforcing local traditions that are not part of Islam.