Top Secret America

Dr. Mansur Rastani
by Dr. Mansur Rastani

As the response to 911, hundreds of Federal Departments and agencies operating on 1300 secret facilities around the country as the 4th branch of Government of United States. These facilities have been built coast to coast, hidden within some of the America's most familiar cities and neighborhoods. 850,000 Americans with top secret clearance are working at these facilities, while contracted the services of nearly 2000 companies.

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"Looks like a lot of people come to this site to unload"

by Bavafa on

Amen to that!!!

"Looks like a lot of people come to this site to unload......take a chill pill folks."

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Yeah, I agree that

by Cost-of-Progress on

this can't be top secret if you and I know about it.
BUT, I do have to say something about the guys' comments below.

What's your problem?
Raoul...Do you only come here to bash Iranians?
Bahmani, are you flawless? Why post here day and night if you believe "what's the point" as noted in you bio?

Looks like a lot of people come to this site to unload......take a chill pill folks.





Top Secret

by Raoul1955 on

And you know about them?  LOL
What is the purpose on placing a 'Dr.' in front of your name?  It looks a bit silly, unless you are a physician and had to perform medical exams on folks working/residing in all these 'Top Secret' installations.


Wow! Someone watched NPR today...

by bahmani on

BFD. It's not news if someone else already reported it.

Also, I hope you are a medical doctor, or a university staffer with a PhD who does not teach (that would be Professor). Anything else, and it is not proper to use Dr. You can use PhD, but you have to put that at the end of your name.

Also, having a PhD, does not may you necessarily smart. It means you liked going to school. A lot.