Iran 2 – Iraq 1

Iran 2 – Iraq 1
by Faramarz

Iran beats Iraq 2-1 and advances to West Asian Cup Final on Sunday.

Iran was the better team, but the defense gave away an easy goal again. They need to tighten up if they want to look respectable against Brazil.

There were a lot of fouls, trash talk and hair pulling by the Iraqis and the small crowd was cheering them. One of the Iraqi defenders was red carded.

The feelings between the Arab Street and the Iranians are definitely mutual!

The final will be against the winner of Yemen – Kuwait match (later on today) on Sunday morning.


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mash Ghanbar

Iran vs Kuwait

by mash Ghanbar on

So when do we need to wake up tomorrow to watch the match? Any ideas... pretty please:)


Sports should be used to build bridges between nations.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

So I disagree with some anti arab sentiments expressed here. The way I look at it, the saudi woman stripped of all her civil rights, is the natural ally of the Iranian woman awaiting execution by stoning for adultry. It does not take a genious to work out which entities are benefiting from these artificial divisions between the people based on their creed, eligion or national boundaries.

BTW, a great game, enjoyed it a lot. Although I did not understand it at the technical deep level pof red wine.


An undeniable victory for Iran

by Midwesty on

whose team is amongst a few in Asia benefiting both from the native coaches and players.

Iraq, the defender of last Asian cup championship, a team whose pockets are filled with American money and their hearts filled with hatred towards Iranians has lost to Iran in another Iran hating pan-Arabian country.

To me, this is a clear victory.

mash Ghanbar

I look back

by mash Ghanbar on

At the omman game and every single time i think that the second goal was so preventable. I doubt if the ball's speed was that high,, for him, the last defender to not be able to just slide down and knock it outta the way. I hope in his mind he feels that he did the right thing:)


جناب ردواین


تحلیل خوبی از بازی داشتید. ممنون.  فرامرز جان ممنون از بلاگ.

فکر می کنم فینال مقابل کویت باشد.  بازیهای تمرینی خوبی است به شرطی که این بُردها مغرورشان نکند. بازی های اصلی در جام ملّتها در حدود سه ماه دیگر است.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

with some delay in reply

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

غضنفر: بابا یکی‌ یه توپ به اینا بدین که اینگد عذاب نکشن دیگه!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Hope we get somewhere this time. Thanks Faramarz and Red Wine!


Your blog photo reminds me of the movie Offside! 4 stars.

by Anonymouse on

Offside  by Jafar Panahi who last year (or was it this year?) was sent to prison for allegedly making a movie about the 2009 elections and the crackdown that followed. 

Everything is sacred

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

-با این همه بازیکن تکنیکی‌،که اکثریت به ۴-۴-۲ قدیمی‌ عادت کرده اند.. شیوه آرنج اروپایی تیم ملی‌ عجیب و غریب است !

-تیم ملی‌ در ضدّ حمله آن چنان قوی نیست،به خصوص که آقای قطبی تیم را ترسو بار آورده است و این برای بازیکنان ایرانی هضمش سخت و طرحش پر اشکال،باید تیم بیشتر هجومی بازی کند وقتی‌ که در نیمه نهایی یک گٔل زده است و تیم جلو قوی است.

-تعویض‌ها بد نبود،سانتر‌ها سهمگین بودند و آفساید گیری جالب بود،شیوه یار گیری هم تقریبا بی‌ اشکال بود.

-خط دفاع بیش از حد اندازه وابسته به سنتر‌ها هستند و این خطر ناک است وقتی‌ که جلوی ژاپن و ویا کره بخواهند بازی کنند !

-وضع مفسران تلویزیون ایران خیلی‌ بد و حرفه یی نیست !

از شما به خاطر بلاگ متشکریم.