DUMBs & Aliens - can you handle this?

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DUMBS = Deep Underground Military Bases (aka Black Projects)

Do they exist? This man claims there are 131 in the US - all interconnected! What are they for? How much do they cost? How are they paid for? He claims he killed 2 aliens... How he lost his fingers... He explains about the different races of aliens!

And how could any of this affect the US constitution? Is it connected to the New World Order? What is the agenda?

Listen then decide: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b5Ea3dgK3c&feature... (71 minutes)

This story is very shocking indeed. Philip Schneider was a engineer who worked for the US government and in the last few years of his life revealed many secrets about what has being covered up. As a result he was murdered for this in 1996. Here is the lecture that got him murdered, recorded 6 months before his death. very interesting.

Or was he just making it all up? Shall we just ignore such people? I think we should think about such possibilities...

It's up to you. Comments?

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by amirkabear4u on

At last a different subject for a change.

I always wondered why alien living forms concerns Americans so much? Do they wonder they will not be safe? But then even without aliens Americans are not safe anyway thanks to their extra ordinary international politics!!

You said,"And how could any of this affect the US constitution?" why should anything new effect US constitution? It seems anything that is good for at least some nations like us, is not good for US. If Americans continuely argue about democracy and their own freedom why is it they do not like to allow freedom for aliens. Lets face it if Americans allow themselves to go anywhere they want, then why can't aliens go to US?