Government Should Resign

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by Food for Thought

This government has been lying to the public for 8 years. Nothing they tell you is true. Good politicians would not accept this. Good people would not accept this.

Everything they do is against the people and against the spirit of the US Constitution.

Listen to this angry congress woman - Marcy Kaptur:


She says: "It sounds like insider trading to me!"

She's good. Not like the ones schemeing behind closed doors. Some more from her:


It's time to stand up and be counted.


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by IRANdokht on

Wasn't that the prediction in that movie?  the North American Union and then joining the south american union eventually becoming the global union...   

oh boy... then comes the ID chip for the slaves.

The argument you guys are talking about holds true for all people and their governments. I admire the Venezuelans who did not stand for the coup and got their guy back. I wish more people were as passionate about their heroes and would back them up. 

American Wife

Amazing woman...

by American Wife on

Food...  you're right.  If you don't do anything, you usually get what you deserve.

Food for Thought

Lou Dobbs would agree...

by Food for Thought on

Lou Dobbs, CNN anchor interviewed in March 2008 warns of what is coming and what the public need to do.

Listen to part 1 here:


I guess if people do nothing, they get what they deserve...

Never mind, we can have a North American Union with a new currency and even less power to the people.