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Learn the truth about the current Co2 Paranoia. You won't see this movie in school or in the media, for good reason: Man made global warming is nothing but a lie and propaganda! Global Warming is due to the sun's normal cycle.

The UN seems to want to hide the truth. How has the UN been corrupted, and who really is behind this corruption? What's the hidden agenda. The IPCC's conclusions are politically driven.

Watch this video. It's excellent. You won't regret it:




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Nothing, as long as it's fair...

by F4T (not verified) on

The problem seems to be that the powers that be want to deny the benefits of growth to the non-developed world. They manipulate science to keep the status quo in the world. All nations should have equal access to growth created by industrialization which requires increasing their carbon footprint.

I also feel it's a way to make the masses except a new tax: the carbon tax. Aother way of making us pay more.

But most importantly we must have honesty, real science and transparency. Instead we are lied to for some unspoken hidden agenda.



Very Interesting video, but somewhat one-sided.

by Anonymous! (not verified) on

Assuming these guys are right and global warning is not caused by humans, I would still have some questions for the: What is wrong by simply being less wasteful. Why should we keep using more and more of the Earth's resources? Why should economic growth be based on more consumption of finite resources?