Income Tax is Voluntary by Law

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Do you think there's a law that requires you to pay income taxes? You probably do, but if you watch this interview, you will see some strong evidence that indicates otherwise.

Former politician and film maker Aaron Russo ("Trading Places" and "The Rose") set out on a mission to see if there really is a law that requires Americans to pay an income tax. The process of discovery proves that there is no law and that the I.R.S. is a fraudulant agency collecting money to pay the Internation Banking Cartel that owns the Federal Reserve bank (private bank that is no more federal than Federal Express). In fact, the FED is illegal and unconstitutional.

This segment from Russo's movie "America: Freedom to Fascism" is really the highlight of the film because it catches the former I.R.S. commissioner, Sheldon Cohen, telling lies.

You should can watch the whole movie for free at: //


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