Martial Law Declared in Congress!

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Representative Michael Burgess admits it was so. A three part interview, discussing this point. The public deserve to know.  He represents 820000 people and yet did not have access to the bill until it was time to pass it through congress. These tactics are used by governments when they want to force through a bill. "No hearing... no committee... no input..."

Smacks of the Homeland Security bill...

Is this democratic? 95% of Americans against it...

Part 0ne: "Martial Law" - Michael Burgess Congress Rep

Part Two: He admits he still hasn't read the whole bill! He asks: "Where is the accountability?" (for those who did things wrong.)

Part Three: The CEOs should be held accountable! You'd almost call it insider trading!! "High financial crimes have been committed."

Criminal hijacking of the Republic!


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At least the house of

by IRANdokht on

At least the house of representatives did not just put their stamp of approval on the bailout the first time.

The message that people sent to the White House, Wall St, and the congress was heard but how would it really effect the outcome? I wouldn't hold my breath!

It's the rich man's world and the corporations and the giant financial institutions rule ...

The senate approved the new version last night, apparently since they are not up for re-election they don't care what people want added to this bill before they allow $700 Billions given to the banks, they actually added some more items like tax cuts that raised the total bailout amount to $800B.

I personally was hoping for some bankruptcy measures for people who are losing their homes, but I think that's too much to ask!

Here's the list of the CEO's of some of these troubled banks and the amounts they received as compensations! 

Look what our tax money is helping pay for:

Stanley O'Neal     Total: $161 million
Company: Merrill Lynch

Charles Prince     Total: $105 million
Company: Citigroup

Angelo Mozilo     Total: $56 million
Company: Countrywide

Kerry Killinger     Total: $44 million
Company: Washington Mutual

Ken Thompson    Total: $42 million
Company: Wachovia

Alan Fishman      Total: $19 million
Company: Washington Mutual

Richard Syron      Total: $16 million
Company: Freddie Mac

James Cayne      Total: $13 million
Company: Bear Stearns

John Thain         Total: $9 million
Company: Merrill Lynch

Daniel Mudd       Total: $8 million
Company: Fannie Mae

and here's what our politicians are doing during this mess of a financial crisis (at least you can find humor in it if you try):



The panic in the tone of these politicians messages scared us all!
so many people are taking their money out of the banks and making matters worse because of this "panic" state that we're being fed day in and day out.

Then they take a day off to observe the Jewish holiday. 

What's happening to this country?





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Martial Law Explained

by Food for Thought on

What Nancy Pelosi declared as "Martial Law" in Congress is not the same as Martial Law that the Executive Branch can decree.
Here's the difference:

DOWNLOAD THE PDF FULL TEXT OF THE "RESCUE PACKAGE" aka The Economic Stabilization Act of 2008: