US Covert Operations in Iran

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In recent months, according to the Iranian media, there has been a surge in violence in Iran; it is impossible at this early stage, however, to credit JSOC or C.I.A. activities, or to assess their impact on the Iranian leadership. The Iranian press reports are being carefully monitored by retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner, who has taught strategy at the National War College and now conducts war games centered on Iran for the federal government, think tanks, and universities. The Iranian press “is very open in describing the killings going on inside the country,” Gardiner said. It is, he said, “a controlled press, which makes it more important that it publishes these things. We begin to see inside the government.” He added, “Hardly a day goes by now we don’t see a clash somewhere. There were three or four incidents over a recent weekend, and the Iranians are even naming the Revolutionary Guard officers who have been killed.”

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Your considered opinions, on this issue, are much appreciated.


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programmer craig

Your considered opinions,

by programmer craig on

Your considered opinions, on this issue, are much appreciated.

OK, OK... my *considered* opinion... :)

I doubt this is actually happening, and I'm doubting it based solely on the source of the information. But, if it is happening, and American troops are enterring Iran and looking for Iranians to kidnap for questioning (which I don't support) then I'm glad they are at least looking for IRGC officers to do it to. Because, isn't that exactly the kind of thing they  are involved in themselves, both inside Iran and in other countries? So, karmic justice, I say. All is well in the world when people meet the same cruel end they have visited upon others. That's the way it is supposed to's a shame it doesn't happen more ofetn. People might think twice, if it did. Or maybe they wouldn't, but at least they'd go through life looking over their shoulder.




programmer craig

Nah. Never happen. Don't

by programmer craig on

Nah. Never happen. Don't worry, be happy. Nuclear bombs for everyone.  That's what makes the world go round. The US never attacked anyone. The IRI never attacked anyone either. We're all friends around here, right? And we're all peace lovers and anti-war activists?


400 million dollars, I wonder how much MKO received?

by mamad tala (not verified) on

It's not just the Bush and Co who are pushing a war against Iran. The leaders of Democratic pary approved the fund. I found another link about this subject. It's an interview on a radio program called Democracy Now, here is the link:


The threat is real

by Observer (not verified) on

The threat of Bush attacking Iran is real. Here is a good interview with Simon Hirsh conducted yesterday by Terry Gross the host of Fresh Air on public radio.