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U.S. foreign policy is not geared towards curbing the tide of Islamic fundamentalism. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The significant development of "radical Islam", in the wake of the Cold War in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East is consistent with Washington’s hidden agenda. The latter consists in sustaining rather than combating international terrorism, with a view to destabilizing national societies and preventing the articulation of genuine secular social movements directed against the American Empire.

Washington continues to support — through CIA covert operations — the development of Islamic fundamentalism, throughout the Middle East, in the former Soviet Union as well in China and India.

Throughout the developing world, the growth of sectarian, fundamentalist and other such organizations tends to serve U.S. interests. These various organizations and armed insurgents have been developed, particularly in countries where state institutions have collapsed under the brunt of the IMF-sponsored economic reforms.

These fundamentalist organizations contribute by destroying and displacing secular institutions.

Islamic fundamentalism creates social and ethnic divisions. It undermines the capacity of people to organize against the American Empire. These organizations or movements, such as the Taliban, often foment "opposition to Uncle Sam" in a way which does not constitute any real threat to America’s broader geopolitical and economic interests.

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Bravo XerXer (Re: Mr. Wake Up)

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

You have put the issue on hand brief and very intelligently. Lets hope, "Wake Up" will really wake up..



Mr. Wake Up

by XerXes (not verified) on

It's not as simple as you think. The West today is not against Iran because Iran doesn't have freedom, it's against Iran because Iran acts independent in regard to the US Government dominance. Islam like nationalism can be used for good or bad (mostly bad) but it's not the source. We could be secular and be stuck in a bad scenario.


Re: Wake Up

by Observer (not verified) on

See? Back to the Mosad brainwashed propaganda again. We should ignore the imperialist and fight Islam. Moron, don't you get it? The CIA will not allow you to fight Islam. Mosad will not allow you to get rid of fundamentalists. They need them there to keep that country weak. Otherwise they have to pay a lot more for the currently cheap gas. Don't you get it?


They have been using Judaism against Israelis

by Wondering (not verified) on

Jewish fundamentalism is a great oppressive tool at the hands of imperialists. Present Israel is the best example. To free ourselves from chain of imperialists, we first must free ourselves from chain of Jewish fundamentalism in Israel.

Jewish fundamentalism will never allow Israelis to become a free nation. Jewish fundamentalism will never allow Israelis to accept human rights.

Do you believe Jewish fundamentalists in Israel allow Israelis enjoy freedom of press? Wake Up

Backwards religious ideas such as "jewish state" or "a state that doesn't allow any other religion" or "promise-land (supposedly promised by an invisible man in the sky) are holding Israel hostage.


They have been using Islam against Iranians.

by Wake Up (not verified) on

Islam is a great oppressive tool at the hands of imperialists. Present Iran is the best example. To free ourselves from chain of imperialists, we first must free ourselves from chain of Islam in Iran.

Islam will never allow Iranians to become a free nation. Islam will never allow Iranians to accept human rights.

Do you believe Islamists in Iran allow Iranians enjoy freedom of press? Wake Up


good points but ....

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

You have very good points. However, I think perhaps consistent with your view is that "as long as they fight and kill each other there, they are not here to kill us". Decoding this statement is as follows: If they have democracy and self-governing nationalism, then we cannot sell them weapons, we cannot plunder their national resources under various guises, we cannot pit them against one another (as today in Iraq), and generally "we cannot control them". All they want is control. Blood sucking zionists want control of the ME as proxy to US, and you figure the rest.


One point of clarification

by Wondering (not verified) on

Sometimes the use of the word "US" or "US government" can be confusing to people. Because such destructive foreign policy is clearly not advantageous to the American people. So people wonder why the "US" would do these things. I think it is important to realize that those who commit these crimes are not interested even in the American people or the country. They act more like mercenaries - for money and control. So even US and Israel or any other country is just a tool for them. For example they allowed at least 70,000 Americans to be killed in Vietnam only to achieve their manipulative/imperialistic goals. They lied to the American people as well as the world. So don't get confused as to why the US government would do something that is not in reality beneficial to America.


Finally somebody with some

by Wondering (not verified) on

Finally somebody with some intelligence to realize who is behind all this instead of senseless cries of "Islamo-Fascist" or "evil mullahs" and such irrelevant nonsense. The mullahs are as much a victim as the rest of us. Their hands may be involved now but if we ignore the real hand behind all this and only concentrate on a bunch of mullahs who happen to be easy to manipulate, we will not achieve anything worthwhile - we just keep changing the puppet. It is time that we realized that getting rid of mullahs would be as easy as drinking a glass of water if it wasn't for the CIA heavily supporting them. Time to open our eyes. Ahmadinejad is just stupid enough to take issue with Israel and Israel is stupid enough to believe that that is the real issue, not realizing that hey have also been used by the imperialists at the higher level of the food chain. Otherwise Jewish people have been living Iran for years and Iranians even protected them against persecution. Let's not forget that.


It is becoming obvious

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Christianity, Judaism and Islam have lived together for more than a 1000 years, nothing has changed in the religion, what has changed is a bunch fanatics (who call themselves neocons, they are neither, remember moral majority), they are on a crusade, in this genocide they have murdered 1 million
Iraqis (so far). They lie (remember WMD in Iraq), now
bomb in Iran. The accuracy of their claims is not
important to the imperialist (neo-imperialism), they have the guns and strategy, its just a convenience that Ahmadinejad is not too sharp (thats not the point and it would not have made any difference).