New concepts and Facts

by frazaghi

Dear Friends


Due to recent futile attemps by arabs to forge the name of the " Persian forever gulf" and also due to the other attemps that they have made to mention " Ave sina" and " Zakaria" as arab scientists and lastly they tried to claim to be inverntor of " chess" game , then I would like to name these guys as " PIRATES OF CULTURES".

This is mostly due to this fact that they do NOT have any cultural background and have nothing to be proud of , so they appeal to this dirty tricks and it has always been like this that they play with our minds and try to irritate us. It is our responsibilty  not to fall for these tricks and keep it cool , as it makes them really upset , because they can NOT achieve their goal and believe me , it really infuriates them. LONG LIVE IRAN AND PERSIANS


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Very True

by masoudA on

They think anything can be stolen -  In their efforts to steal culture - they think they can put an "al" in front of anything and arabify it.  The problem is that for the most parts they get away with it.   The put an "al" in front of Jabr and make it algebra - also make Kharazmi in al-khwarazmi - and become inventors of mathematical science........ too bad the world let's them get away with it.