Caught red-handed

by Fred

After an extensive investigation, on the back of the Burgas butchery in Bulgaria on July 18th, the Dehli Police has just concluded the February 13 bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat in the Indian capital was carried out by “members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a branch of the nation's military.”

Twice within the past two weeks, I’ve expressed my increasing worry over the repercussion of the uptake in the overseas terrorist attacks against foreign targets by the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR). See here and here.

Unless all efforts are channeled into overthrowing the unreformable IRR; not being able to buy the latest electronic gadget, that some are hollering about, will be the least important of issues lurking around the bend.

Backbreaking airtight sanction plus air/naval quarantine could still make the dreaded war unnecessary.

Must faster Pleeease!


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First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Killing is not kosher.......but their attempt at the Zionist diplomats was somewhat, somehow in sync with their natural right to get somewhere close to even for the assassinations of our nukists.........the Bulgarian bus massacre was not IRI's job; you know it.... we know it too.........

But I agree with you, Apple® sucks!