The color of Iranian reform

by Fred

In his autobiography talking about choices customers had for his model T cars Henry Ford wrote: “"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black."

And that seems to be the motto of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, its propagandists, earnest supports and the usual Islamists/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies. Put in Ford’s concept of choice, the Iranian people are entitled to any variation of the Islamist Rapist rule, i.e. “reform” as long as it is IRR.

After eight years of “reform within the Constitution” a la charlatan Khatami, and the new Prince of reform, the former two terms IRR Prime Minister promising to take Iranians back to the “golden era of Imam”, the same era during which under his watch thousands of Iranian prisoners were massacred, one thing is certain.

The question of having the inalienable right to choose who rules over them has been settled for the Iranians. If it makes the lovelies, the populist demagogues and the millenarians which Iran and Iranians are blessed in abundance happy, they can have their desired "reform" so long as it is the Islamist Rapist Republic.


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جماعت وقیح


آیا جماعتی وقیح‌تر، ضدّ ایرانی‌تر و دروغگوتر از اسلامگرا‌های
خط امامی، چه اصول گرا و چه اصلاح‌طلب، هم وجود دارد؟ شما‌ها اگر طرفدار "جمهوری اسلامی نه یک کلمه بیشتر نه یک کلمه کمتر" هستید در بلاد کفر و سرزمین "شیطان بزرگ" چه غلطی می‌کنید؟ Mola, Moosirvapiaz و دیگر عربده‌کشان اسلامیست,‌ دروغ، ریا و مفت‌خوری تا کی‌؟


So, now you admit to being a multiple ID user?

by Onlyiran on

So, FINALLY, you admit that were lying when you said you didn't have multiple ID's and that "J.S" is the EXACTLY THE SAME username you have EVER used on IC?  Here it is again:

  "I only have one user name. It is exactly the same user name as 3 years ago"

Dude, even two comments below you were claiming that you're not a multiple ID user.  See, I knew you from day one when you started stalking me.  You lied (just as Rosie said) and you got caught.  Now, you're trying to divert attention by calling me (and others) Israelis, blah, blah, blah... (BTW, that trick has been used on IC for a while now.  It just doesn't work anymore.  You may want to come up with a new one). 

So, why did you add yet another username?  Is "J.S." your "disposable" username?  You know, the one that you attack people and use profanity with?  And on what planet are "J.S" and "Jasjoon" the "same exact" username?  Just because they both have J & S in them?  You know what word also has J & S in it? "Jews!!" LOL!!! 

GOD, what a liar!!!!!  Now, how can we believe ANYTHING else that you say? 

And as far as stalking, I wouldn't know (or care) if you existed until you jumped into conversations that I was having with others and started to chase me from blog to blog.  BTW, this whole "chase me from blog to blog" was what I said about you in a comment that was deleted--along with yours, because you used profanity--on the other thread that you were chasing me on.  So, be a bit original and come up with your own material instead of stealing it from others.  And here is the thread.  Your comments on the other thread calling me all kinds of things when I wasn't even addressing you, were deleted. People can see for themselves instead of taking your lying word for it:


dars-e farsi ro ham bezar baray-e ammat keh to arabestaan zendegi mikoneh.   

Speaking of Farsi lessons: it's "kolfat" not "kholfat."  They say "kholfat" in South Lebanon, not in Farsi. 

PS- Your EX wife was Jewish and so is your son?  Did she take your son away from you and made him "Jewish?"  Is that what this is all about?  You're just angry at that breakup and blame it all on her Jewishness and you project that hate into everyone else by calling Iranians that you disagree with Israelis and Zionists?  Have you considered talking to a shrink?  This seems to be a big problem for you.


G. Rahmanian

You're Always On My Mind!

by G. Rahmanian on

It's impossible to let go of your thought, my dear.


Lets burn my black berry mins

by J.S. on




Same name unless you are not Iranian (which if you were you would be Only>I<ran) because you would know that joon is a cultural term attached to Iranian names. And, you would know that J in farsi, is a soft J hence known to native faris speakers as Já in farsi.

Account from three years ago. It is registered. you have stalked me and LIED AND LIES AND LIED. There were people here 3 years ago. You have no idea that in Jesus´s name you are talking about. You are a complete idiot


PS - My ex wife is jewish and so is my oldest son! We did not force views up his butt unlike you people!

 Ka-booooom? lol do your homework son! Try posting with knowledge in place of ignorance!


Making noise and using profanity and accusations will not

by Onlyiran on

help you.  Here's what you said:

 "I only have one user name. It is exactly the same user name as 3 years ago"


And then you said, as you quoted yourself, that you RE-registered.  RE-registered means that you were "registered" before.  When and how were you "registered" when the site did not require registration at the time you claim to have been here before?

And you are correct about Rosie "saying it all", as you copied in the comment above.  In the same comment that you were affirming and praising, she said this about you:

  Now, I don't know about JS, how anyone could be so dense as to lie about how long they've been here when it's so easy to find out,....

She said you were dense and a liar...

She said it all indeed!!!!  :-))) 

PS- I have a little fact for you that will make your antisemitic little head explode: Rosie is Jewish....wooooooooooow!!!

There goes your head: KA-BOOOOM!!!! 



by J.S. on

Lets first look at my 2 line response which is actually in the link you posted:

by J.S. on Sun Jan 16, 2011 01:44 PM PST

I reregistered. Been back for a month.

Onlyiran. Rosie pretty much said it all.


Then lets define stalker:

2. To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement. << which is exactly what you are doing to me. You showen up and followed me to this thread. Well Fred pays you so better put it in a context of a paid kholfat! Third lets take your verbal diareeeha apart:  

past three years you were lying? Did not state I have been present for last three years, stated I been gone IC has been in registered user only mode for more than a year.  Are you saying that you haven't commented here under any other usernames for that period until 5 weeks ago? You are saying I have and you have other user names lets see them  So, you were lying when you said that you have been here for the past three years? you can not read english because you were raised by cows in the israeli deser Because if I get you correctly, you have been gone for more than a year, but you know surprisingly a lot about everyone here on IC. show me where I wrote I been gone for a year In fact, I think that I've only been here since it was register-only mode, which means the period that you were supposedly gone.  But you came right out and started to stalk me and a few others right off the bat when you "re-registered," as if you had an ax to grind already!! I am not the one following you around, you are the one up my arse. feel free to explain to the stalkee how the stalker is the stalkee...

For any other points concerning this point reread the 2 lines above. I know you IDF clowns are busy raping, molesting, murdering, so I understand if you do not understand any of the above.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH of course you did not address any of my points and just past to this crap so I will repost the points:

Perhaps you can explain to me for yoo boys there how they can hear my accent and see me through the net.

Ohhhh even better explain to me how Henry Ford, the only american to be cited by Hitler in his guide of extermination fit the Iranian profile as written in the OP by your dear leader Fred.

You prob can not answer so hey its all good. See you on the next thread.

 Can you identify with Brett Favre? You don´t know what to do or say:







P.s. Off to the gym for late night cardio. Have fun in sunny Israel. Good night clown.


نخیر مثه اینکه قسمت نیست برم ایرون


 داشتم میرفتم کوله بارمو ببندم که فردا برگردیم ایرون ولی قسمت نبود. انشا‌الله هفته دیگه شایدم یه هفته و هزار سال دیگه. ما که سی‌ سال صبر کردیم هزار سال دیگه‌ام روش.



Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

sra-eel will not allow any country in the region to become more powerful. They undermine any effort on the part of Iranians to bring about improvements in Iran, while crying wolf about hwo bad it is in Iran. Isra-eel is behind most attrocities ANYWHERE in the middle East. 

Isra-eel is the CANCER! 


مرضیه الطرفین


عرض نکردم، به آزادی ایران و ایرانی که میرسد حضرات همیشه دل نگران غزه وسط ماجرا را چسبیدن را ورد میکنند.

شاید هم مردان، زنان و کودکان ایرانی که به طور روزمره مورد تجاوز روحی و جسمی وحوش اسلامیستی قرار میگیرند قاچ زین را چسبیدن و مرضیه الطرفین بودن را به ریسک کردن برای رهایی ترجیح میدهند. لابد حضرات اتم خواه برای نظام پر برکت از مکنونات قلبی قربانیان نظام پر برکت آگاهند که ایندست فرمایشات را میکنند.

آنهایی هم که وجوه مشترک بین نظام پر برکت خودی و غیر خودی و سیستم نژاد پرست سرنگون شدۀ آفریقای جنوبی را  پس از اینهمه سال درک نکرده اند، زور نزنند که اینکاره نیستند و به قول یک رند مهربان از مرحله پرت تشریف دارند.  


"caught in Hizbullah territory"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 "molested"? Hizbullah territory? "estaghforollah"! She was a  willing partner and it was if I recall correctly outside the regents park mosque in your beloved london,  Akhi! Mind you by the time she was finished with, she  prayed five times towards havana and replaced hassan nassrullahs pic on her bedside with Che's and developed a keen appetite for pork sausages!

Talking of the fat boy nassrullah, is he still hiding in his North Tehran palace?

As for your claim for being a "hairy Armani" Akhi:

KhodeTTi (on both accounts)!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


سرنگونی نظام های مشابه مانند آفریقای جنوبی


از تحلیل های آبکی خسته شدیم. نظام "پر برکت" کجا و نظام آفریقای جنوبی کجا. ما آخر نفهمیدیم کجای این دو نظام با هم شباهت دارند. و چه زود و آسان فراموش میکنن نئوکونها ی تونی بلر پسند بلایی که سره عراق در آمد. ۱۳ سال تحریم و بدبختی برای عراق و بعد  هم جنگ.    


تساهل المقاصد(؟!!)



اما شتاب حضرتعالی هم، مقصد را نزدیکتر نمیکند که: خیر الامور اوسطها.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



تجاهل العارف


بالاخره ما نفهمیدیم چیکار باید کرد

دیگه تجاهل العارف میفرمایید.

به زبان سلیس نظام پر برکت پسند میفرمایند هیچ کاری نباید کرد، به عبارت دیگر، از انجام دادن هر عملی که احتمال سرنگونی نظام پر برکت در آن مستتر است و در سرنگونی نظام های مشابه مانند آفریقای جنوبی کار کرد داشته باید به هر قیمتی منجمله تداوم تجاوز جنسی و مالی و آوردن  بار دیگر بلای جنگ بر سر مردم ایران که شده اکیداً اجتناب کرد.

 فعلاً درد و کمبود مردم هسته ای شدن است، پس از آن کار ها درست میشوند.

گر صبر کنی از نظام پر برکت حلوای دموکراسی بیرون خواهد آمد، حدوداً یک هزار سال دیگر، انشالله.  


J.S....yawn.. We have seen

by vildemose on

J.S....yawn.. We have seen too many of you on this site already.... How's Hassan Nassarallah doing???



by J.S. on

Roozbeh jan: once again, good catch...she pronounces gh as K. hahah

Actually he was hearing the accent of another poster 2 nights ago. Today I am talking to him, and I guess as well as you through my posts.

Hey was the special olympic really that well attended this year! Did you both win?

Would you like for me to teach you as well as any of your other friends how to use the search button?


Roozbeh jan: once again,

by vildemose on

Roozbeh jan: once again, good catch...she pronounces gh as K. hahah

The defenders of the nightmare  butcher regime who are willing to throw Iran and Iranians under the bus in hopes of getting more welfare money from the IRI seem to be all of Arabic descent....


Rooozbeh you caught me

by J.S. on

I am really not a hairy armini-iroooni! I am the ´south lebanon´ sweet young girl you molested when you were in hzibubullah (sic) territory... Don´t worry you don´t have to explain why you were in hzibubullah (sic)

And you keep winning the special olympics. ;)


I wanna debunk the blog!

by J.S. on

As mien fuuuuhhhherrr said:

 ¨ For a change, try debunking the content of the blog. ¨

I don´t support nazies or thier ideas nor do I quote the heros of the nazies however you can do as you wish...

So going back to the original content of the blog you wrote:

¨ Put in Ford’s concept of choice¨

Ford was the only American mentioned in Hitler's "Mein Kampf": "Every year makes them [the Jews] more and more the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions; only a single great man, Ford, to their fury, still maintains full independence. "



Tell us great Fred about Ol´Henry and his consept of choice!???!?!?




Why so defensive and abusive "J.S"?!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 In your case, your style of writing and accent  reminded me of a sweet young lady I knew with same  accent many years ago and she was from south lebanon, and a devout supporter of hzibubullah, to start with! But she was better tempered than you seem to be.

If you dont want to tell, that's OK with me, it'll be our little secret!

And I'm off for my daily jog before I end up upsetting more of you lovely Islamist folks!!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by J.S. on

Did you pull the same exact line 2 nights ago with another poster on another blog?

Lets see:


by Roozbeh_Gilani on Fri Jan 21, 2011 03:11 PM PST

Sweet accent! Is it south lebanon or Gazan? LOL

(the emphasise on "t" gave the game away, go ask your hamdlers for a lesson in advanced farsi ,"akhi") LOL 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


To which an another person posted:

Roozbeh Gilani / vildemose

by norooz on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:17 PM PST

Actually, the extra "t" that Mula Nasriddin used is correct. It is to emphasize the word "Khodeti". It is like when you say "Borro"  VS "Boro".  In other words by saying Khodetti or Borro, one is really saying "Khar khodeti".   Instead of using the word "Khar"  an extra "t" or "r" is used.  One must really be an Iranian and know Farsi very good to understand these details. They are not in text books. They must be in your blood.  These details tell me where a commentator is from.  

To which I posted:


Arguing about what you sound like when you post is like winning the special olympics. Even if you win you are still ******.




Or as your fuuuuuehhhher said:

¨....Attacking me... try debunking the content of the blog




Want to explain your support of racist people?


Thanks and much love




Oh and if you actually were smart enough to hit the old search button you would have known the exact area of Tehran I grew up in and my ethnic background.

Now go back and defend your racists...


بالاخره ما نفهمیدیم چیکار باید کرد


خیلی‌ ممنون از اینکه رفقا حرفای همدیگه رو واسه مخلصتون ترجمه کردین ولی یا من خیلی خنگم (که تعجبی نداره) یا هنوز نگفتین راه چاره چیه. میگما چطوره اینکار کنیم: هممون پاشیم بریم ایرون از داخل دخل طرفو بیاریم.از خارج که سی‌ ساله هیچ غلطی نکردیم (ببخشین منظورم خودمه) بلکه از داخل یه کاری بکنیم. اگه شما قول بدین میاین من همین امروز چمدونما میبندم که فردا اول همه برم تو طیاره. قبوله؟ اگه قبوله بزنید قدش. جمال هرچی‌ آدم با معرفته.


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

FredCo, representative

of the Rapist

government of Israel on this Iranian website is criticising Mr Khatami and his policies (the previous president of Iran) 

But Khatami was no Rapist like your Israeli president who was convicted as a serial Rapist,

Khatami was not charged and convicted for taking bribe like your other president before him

Khatami does not have a warrant for his arrest like your generals charged with War Crimes who are afraid to leave Israel.

Stop lecturing us about politics, your government's policy is the policy of Death, Rape, Destruction and land grab.

You wont succeed Not even if your organization send 10 different people to write these 2 a day anti Iranians propaganda here.

People of Middle East are waking up and taking control of their destiny, look at Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yaman. It wont be only Iran any more who's going to stand up to you and your government's genocidal policy.

Start creating new teams on those countries websites if you haven't done by now. 

Don't forget Iranians are an ancient wise civilization you are not.


sweet accent "JS"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

South lebanese or Gazan? 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."




Here is how the "sane world" reacted to Saddam. 

Invisible War: How Thirteen Years of US-Imposed Economic Sanctions Devastated Iraq Before the 2003 Invasion


And then



Here is how the sane world reacted to North Korea:

Sixty Years of Failed North Korea Sanction


Here is how the sane world reacted to Cuba:


Five Decades of an Admittedly Failed Cuba Policy

and that is to just name a few... 

to make my point clear I can argue the opposite of what you are trying to say. it looks like that some folks are more concerned about quick short term fixes without regard for their imediate to long term effects rather than sustainable long term resolutions.


hamesheh injooreh

by J.S. on

as aval shorroh meconeh dar mored yek chez. Va bebeen agaresh yeck jaheh degast.

Yeck kaseh keh dar mored Ford sobat meconeh vaghan doroost hast?


Iranian Deads of Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow

by Faramarz on

It looks like that some folks are more concerned about the possibility of some Iranians dying in the future than those who are being killed by the Regime right now; One execution per 8 hour so far this year.

They talk about the Regime as if they are talking about the weather!

"I hate the cold weather like everybody else, but what can we do? It might get colder tomorrow!"

And who has been killing the most Muslims in the world?

The other god-fearing, peace-loving devout Muslims!

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

"Which assembly line are you from?"

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

I still think we need to let Mullahs et al have at least one nuke! Preferably via guaranteed delivery on the day of Ashura in Qom! The beauty of nukes is that it will melt them all after impact without any grotesque images of mutilated body parts, etc. Do you get the picture!?


آخه خجالتم خوب چیزیه.



And to the islamist mozdoor with "hammer and sickle":


(note the Double "T", is just for you "rafighe gholabbi"!!!)


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


آقا جان نسخه ای


آقا جان نسخه ای که حضرات راست و نئوکان  و اسرائل پرست و ایرانی ستیزان هار و دو آتشه و سفسطه گران عوامفریب برای ایران و ایرانی می پیچند یه
پروسه چند دهی ای است. یه چیزایی تو مایه خودش خشک میشه می افته.

اگر ایران و ایرانی از چنگ وحوش اسلامیستی تجاوزگر جنسی از یک طرف و جنگ طلبان و تحریم طلبان  نون به نرخه روز خور خارج نشین  در رفته باشند، درهزار سال آتی ایرانی آزاد را خواهند دید.


آنهاییکه  هم که میگویند پس چرا آفریقای جنوبی و نه ایران، پاسخ خور را خود میدهند وقتی ایران اسلامی شده را پروسه هزاره ای میدانند و فکر میکنن در یک شبانه روز میتوان ریشه ی فقر و بدبختی ایران رو بکنند.  آفریقای جنوبی جمهوری اسلامی نیست و نسخه ی آفریقای جنوبی هم نه تنها پادزهر نیست بلکه زهریست  که بائس بقا ی  عمره مملکته بدبخت اسلامی ما و جامعه ی خرافاتی ما میشود. 


اگر قبول نداری باید صبر کنی و ببینی.







آقا جان نسخه ای که حضرات چپول و یهود ستیزان هار و اسلامیست دو آتشه و سفسطه گران عوامفریب برای ایران و ایرانی می پیچند یه پروسه هزاره ای است. یه چیزایی تو مایه خودش خشک میشه می افته.

 اگر ایران و ایرانی از چنگ وحوش اسلامیستی تجاوزگر جنسی در رفته باشند، درهزار سال آتی ایرانی آزاد را خواهند دید.

اگر قبول نداری باید صبر کنی و ببینی.

  آنهاییکه  هم که میگویند پس چرا آفریقای جنوبی و نه ایران، آنها مزدورند و جنگ طلب و ابله.